Construction Of The Cottage – A Bit Expensive Stages

First, you must first calculate the cost of the foundation. To do this: A need to define ttip soil B, to determine the material for the construction of the house (brick, wood, etc). Well, in line with the above points choose the appropriate type of foundation. For example, a strip foundation is suitable for homes with large estimated mass of the walls, ie brick or stone. If the soil so-called floating, it is necessary to the erection of solid foundation.

His erect a whole area of the building in the form of a monolithic concrete slab or grating. The presence or absence of a ground floor also affects the construction costs. Then you need to decide on the type of overlaps. Naturally, the maximum terms of such qualities as strength, hardness, sound insulation and fire resistance, the overlap will be the most expensive. By the way, during construction of the cottage, price ceilings 15-20% of all costs. Very, very important, what you decide to make the cottage walls. Currently, construction technologies are sufficiently developed, so the choice of material for the walls is quite wide: from the traditional Brick and ending with modern foam blocks.

Therefore, at this stage depends on the imagination of the host building, as well as the capabilities of the contractor. Roof. There is an opportunity to make insulated roof – do. This allow you to increase the living space through the cottage attic floor. All of the above, in fact, only the calculation of the actual construction phase of the cottage, and yet still need to conduct communications: water supply, sewerage, electricity and so on. More information on each item to learn more about the consultants of the construction company, which already has turned out a considerable experience in the construction of houses