Can We all Learn Online

At the present time is filled with all sorts of ooiao simple suggestions on how to pay (and not only ooiao in the West, the topic revolves much longer). Accurate statistics, I do not know, but probably about 90% of sites are created to earnings. The market conditions are and the Internet. Also, there is competition, as there is supply and demand. Virtually any information on the Internet is money. And just like in real life and online someone can see them, understand laws of motion and send the money cash flow in your pocket, and someone just walks around and around and sees only entertainment on the Internet side. Many users do not even realize that by clicking on a ssylochku, closing intrusive banner, just going on someone's site it is for someone to make money. So why not grab yourself a slice of this huge pie? I'm sure many have tried to make the Internet a bunch of revised sites that have tried many "hot" deals, and eventually only burnt on them, throwing, and came to the same profound conviction that the Internet does not make much money.

Who tried to open my real life matter? And how? It turned out? Profit instantly flowed a river without any effort on your part? Or are you in for months or even years, raised their business, invest in it, their time, effort, and only if it has profitable? Internet – a mirror image of our real life. Someone working for himself, someone's uncle. Someone creates and raises, helping others, while others destroy, cheat, cheat. Someone plowed over a penny, while others mows the loot, not applying to this apparent effort. Just like in real life! And how? The desire to earn has been lost? We as a self evaluate, to decide what can we do? And what can we do? And can we all! The main thing is to believe and want, well, show persistence of course. As in my opinion, the best option for earning on the Internet – your website. His site allows you to earn auto-pilot. Without your participation.

The only thing required of you – this is to create it. What? You do not Programmer? Not a web designer? You do not know how to make websites? It's hard and heavy? A walk You know how? Are you born and immediately began to walk? A read and write you know? Also, probably born with this gift? No! You learn all this turns out to be? Wow … And how easy was that? How many times did you fall on the fifth point, before rose to our feet? How much time, effort and paper you have spent, before learning to read and write? Do not forget, the Internet – a reflection of real life (Or continue, a kind, alternative). One of the highlights, for me anyway, is that the network can start earning without investing huge resources into it. You can certainly buy an existing business, but, as in real life, everything costs a lot of ready money, and you can buy good quality benefit for little cost and create your own empire of money. The choice is yours.


Concepts definitions had been linked, and when necessary it was distinguished the contradictions of the same ones. The territory is not only the result of the overlapping of a set of natural systems and a set of systems of things created for the man. The territory is the soil and more the population, that is, an identity, the fact and the feeling to belong what it belongs in them. (SAINTS, M., 2000, P. 96) the territory is understood of different forms, in the same way that border keeps an ambiguity: leading to think about objective forms of delimitation and control of the space from the most varied criteria (politicians, administrative, cultural, economic, etc) it hides a subjective character extremely, a time that its rigidity or same flexibility depends on the action politics of the diverse social agents had delimited who it they recognize and it as such in definitive historical circumstances. The border, in if analyzing throughout history, intended to draw an image of rock precision: the walls are its symbol, with all its concretude. However, although the intransponibilidade image, the walls are only camouflage, therefore the lived space is ampler and complex of what the limits and borders can determine.

(HISSA, 2006, p.40). However different forms of mobilities, in different space scales, take in them to eliminate borders, when the search for bigger access, being it, in the territorial society or the society of net. We read (2008, p.98) in the sample of a well simple form three types of mobilities, that facilitate to the understanding and its relations between itself: informacional virtual mobility/, space physical mobility/, that sos the transports, the locomotion and imaginary cognitiva mobility/, that sos the thoughts, religion and dreams. Thus, mobility socially is constructed, intersubjetivamente distributed, individually lived, from the story that if makes before between interlocutors, during and after the experience.

Charles Dickens

An enterprising one knows that it must risk, is like the phrase " If you do not risk not ganas". 6) To be able to surpass " fracaso": they ten the capacity to surpass the errors. The mediocre women are not those that fail, but those that leave. And I want to share this phrase with you, " Each failure teaches to the man something that needed aprender" , it is of Charles Dickens, it is for that reason so important that you learn of each one of the situations that can be presented/displayed to you. 7) To be responsible: it fulfills commitments that already you have acquired, first tropezn you do not want to leave everything, ten the anger and compromtete and so you decided to do. Patience, Perseverancia and Tolerancia to the frustration: and you are with qualities that any enterprising woman has and works in them, the things not always leave as you would want, and much less to the first attempt, these three together qualities cause that you obtain the impossible thing. 9) Initiative: this is the action capacity, ten the initiative to learn, to do, to know, you are not let stop by fear, by frustrations, djalas back.

" From now until 20 years we will be sorrier than we did not do to which we did mal" phrase said by Mark Twain. 10) It invests in same you: It invests in everything what it lets you grow like person, which you makes rich is not the money but your abilities. Same Suprate, you are not satisfied to the person who you are. These are 10 qualities that an enterprising woman has, works in them, aplcalas to your life and obtains what more you want. It would enchant to know to me your opinion, I invite to you to share this article with friendly or relatives who can be seen beneficiaries with the information. Visit: Original author and source of the article.


THE FORCE The Force applied by the woman seems minimum, testimony of the authentic inner vigor that it owns. The animal represents the forces of the outer atmosphere that threaten the woman and serve as reminder as which there is to have well-taken care of with the words and the actions of the others. The circumstance that it is analyzing is full of alternating situations that express the dualisms of the existence, as much in the matter as in the spirit, creating every time a greater weight. Right: The letter of the force knows a clearly divinatory meaning, its appearance in our picture of exhibition speaks to us of strength, value, announces determination, resolution before some challenge, the proposal of a change will have to be accepted, if this arranged to accept resolutely and gives some that another risk, perhaps with difficulty but finally was reached the propose goal. Peculiarly the force is a feminine organization, in this case also represents the virilidad, good predisposition before the continued efforts that will bear their fruits, the love dominated to hatred. Key words: Justice, harmony, fairness, integrity, rule of conduct, sign intention, action to judge, moderation in all the things. Indepenencia of spirit.

In order to maintain the balance certain things must be sacrificed. It can be related to legal, jucios subjects, marriages, divorces, etc. Invested: We observe meanness, dedication by the small details, an obsession that does not lead nowhere, indications of the appearance of a disease, lack of confidence in one same one, will let ourselves win by the temptation. Key words: Fanaticism, injustice, severity in the judgment, abuse, false accusations. Insecurity.

Legal mazes. Insecurity. Lack of an appropriate balance. Interpretations: In concrete it: The truth will come to the light and justice will become. Equitable repayment. In work: Movement of papers, new contracts and legal judgment. In money: Sufficient, but nonexcessive. In friendship: The close friends judge our acts more and they include/understand to us, but he costs to them to express his feelings. In family: appearances indicate harmony, the reality shows well-being, the feelings are austere but chords to the norms that the society imposes. In health: To take care of the arms and the balance. In love: Intention to return to the order, either separating of a worn away relation or formalizing a new one. Divorce or legal marriage.