The Market

Another thing is that this study will have little effect in order to formulate the principles brendstroitelstva. Brand in the mind consumer! Each time the objective reality is changing, therefore changing, and consumer installations. In order to create a brand requires a certain long period of time (that in itself is necessary but not sufficient condition for the evolution of the brand and its transformation into a brand) and that the competence of the agency to develop a concept of the brand (only attribute of the possible future of the brand), which will include fonotip, trademark, product design, packaging design itp and communications strategy to the market, but it does not mean 'branding'. Brand – a set of attributes. Brand – a set of images, thoughts and all the symbolic information associated with a specific company, and (or) services.

A brand serves to create associations and expectations of the product. In order to avoid confusion in concepts (and in the applied sciences category are conditional), the essence of various phenomena to me simpler and more concise explanation in terms of abstract economic theory. So, very briefly. Product differentiation may be due to two factors: differences in consumer characteristics of goods that satisfy the different tastes and distinction of quality products that satisfy the same tastes. The first type is called – the horizontal differentiation, the second – vertical. On market coexist, both types of differentiation, however, the predominance of one or other of them shows a different effect on the development of competition and the position of firms. Choice of consumers in these markets run by various factors: the conditions of horizontal differentiation is determined by the choice of commitment to a particular brand (this brand is evolving into a brand most often).

In the vertical differentiation – income and effective demand for goods (the transition from brand to brand is possible, but requires considerable effort and not just financial). Hence, different goals and objectives of a particular type of advertising campaigns: for markets with vertical differentiation – advertising campaigns are the channel to provide consumers with information about a specific product in a particular place of purchase (other factors), for markets with horizontal differentiation – channel increase the commitment of the brand. Thus, for specific products or companies brand development, may become a target, but most product categories in the regional market, has zero possibility of a transition from trading brand in the brand. And it's not bad, not good, this is an objective reality. What makes this assertion is the advertiser? Clearly, in two different cases will be different communicative (what you say to the consumer) and the media strategies (how you communicate your message to the consumer) as a minimum, well, as the maximum – a model of management and development of the business. "Hanging out" is from side to side, as you know, to no good arguments. According to the Hamburg score, yet none of Ekaterinburg advertising agency can not boast of their involvement in the creation of brands. Yes, and examples of relatively successful launch of trade marks is not typed a few dozen in all our Yekaterinburg advertising department. Therefore, my position is: 'Less of opium for advertisers, more honest, in terms of favorite professions action.

ROSZEMKADASTRA Rosnedvizhimost

2. Cadastral valuation of land we have worked federal agency – and its Rosreestra FSUE rather than local assessors who know the local market. This led to the fact that the cadastral value of land is rarely corresponds to the market value. The author spent an independent private research relationships and the market value of land in an area of well-developed market of land nearest suburbs. From this study it follows that the individual site a well-developed market, the cadastral value is different by 12-15 times, as in bigger or the smaller side.

This is the result of years of work, employees ROSZEMKADASTRA Rosnedvizhimost-Rosreestra. There was great hope that the changes in legislation to correct this situation. However, this did not happen. Cadastral valuation of real estate, as before, will deal with the structure Rosreestra. Thus, the second condition is not satisfied. 3. As the main method in the methodology of land evaluation land officials adopted a method of comparing sales in the variant of correlation-regression analysis (CRA) price proposals. The same method will be used in cadastral valuation of real estate.

For this purpose a special software as open source software "black box". That is, the third condition is not satisfied. 4. In accordance with the regulations of the "quantitative and quality characteristics of properties required for T-bills, "evaluators should represent" the body of cadastral registration. " However, these data have "agency cadastre" in sufficient amounts to Currently, no, and when they become known. Do not even know how much we have all of the property.