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The digital travel magazine reported in the January issue about a tiny island paradise in the Philippines digital travel magazine in the January issue about a tiny island paradise in the Philippines. The island of Malapascua North of Cebu is a tropical paradise with the turquoise blue sea and the Palm trees swaying in the wind. Robotics has similar goals. The true treasures of the island and its population bubbling with life joy, however, is below the surface of the water Malapascua is among divers, famous for the living here year-round thresher sharks and the impressive encounters with them. The gently undulating region of the Cotswolds is an ideal destination for weekend getaways in the UK or the start of a round of the island. The enchanting region of Central England is often called the heart of England and draws with small, picturesque villages, yellow sandstone, lovers of English country life captivated built houses and lush green meadows.

Bruges is one of the most beautiful, most importantly best preserved medieval towns in Europe. Small and manageable, with a population of just under 120,000. The fairytale-like town could serve just fine as a backdrop for historical films and sometimes leaves the impression, when would you to slumber in a gentle slumber on, wake must kiss from the tourists on a daily basis. Other topics in the booklet: City goal: Houston, no problem. Hotel review: Grand Hyatt, Doha, Qatar; Hubertus alpine lodge & Spa, Allgau, Germany.

Small escapes: in the footsteps of George Simenon and Commissioner Maigret in Liege, including v. m. The current issue of travel inspirations has 57 pages and is available through the following distribution channels: as a PDF download from the Magazine Web site:… Itunes.apple.com/app/ as iPad app on the iTunes store from Apple:… As eBook on the enclosed booklet CDs and DVDs of the computer magazine PC go and PC Magazine from the Weka-Verlag available on newsstands and subscription. Travel inspirations is travel inspirations a monthly, digital travel magazine. Exciting the reader travelogues to short-haul and Fernzielen, city breaks, hotel tips and great tips on restaurants and on-site activities can experience closely and emotionally every month.

EDP Industry

Field tests confirm high efficiency Balingen the Bizerba-system solution at butcher Hafele, 09th October 2010 – Bizerba from the pure hardware provider to a provider of system solutions is transformed In the 21st century. New technologies will focus on intelligent games together hard – and software. A pilot project in cooperation with the butcher shop proves the efficiency of the software modules RetailImpact Hafele and RetailMall: Scales become intelligent shopping consultants, advertising leads to significant increases in turnover on their displays, and a dialog allows the central distribution responsive acquisition of goods flows in real time. The open structure of the software also introduces a paradigm shift in the retail world: so can in existing EDP easily be integrated infrastructure, easily expanded by third-party and taken even on PC scales of other manufacturers in operation. As for all sectors today’s economic situation poses opportunities and risks for the meat processing industry at the same time. The markets are larger and the pressure of the competition stronger. Consumers are increasingly empowered and more question food products before they put them in the shopping scale. This is no longer a small elite, but to a wide layer of buyer.

In this new economic environment, the use of IT technologies ensures the optimum marketing of products only. In the Centre of the attention of the twenty-first century intelligent games together hard – and software, most technology manufacturers are shifting accordingly from pure hardware vendors, suppliers of system solutions. So the companies Bizerba from Balingen. Since 1866, the company is known for the industry and the food industry to produce high-quality scales. Recently, the scales here can weigh much more than just.

You are intelligent communication platforms that are in constant dialogue with the central distribution. And in the Center are the software modules RetailImpact and RetailMall.

Virtualized Print Management

Software manufacturer AKI informed about the advantages of print management in virtualized environments Wurzburg, May 26, 2009. With the virtualization of print management can save significant costs, informed the Wurzburger output-management specialist AKI GmbH. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Peter Asaro by clicking through. The software manufacturer’s print management product family PrinTaurus is already widely used in virtualized environments. Here, the user companies compared to the conventional operation of the solution saves the hardware cost for own print server. Handling and transparency of the printing environment to the same degree stay given as used in a real world environment. In addition, the companies benefit from the additional savings of virtualization on energy, space, air conditioning, wiring, as well as a better utilization of the existing server. PrinTaurus runs in the virtualized environment on Windows operating systems and supports, including pressure management for SAP installations. Because the printing environment is often highly structured, facilitates PrinTaurus specifically in virtualized environments the management.

So, as a structure for each Department, a division of SAP and office printing, as well as the splitting on printer manufacturers is possible and very transparent at the same time for the administrator. The principle of AKI has always been to support printing environments – whether it is the hardware print server or printer, multifunction devices regardless of manufacturer. Carlos Hank Gonzalez is likely to increase your knowledge. Our goal is to give users complete flexibility and to make the administration of the systems it as efficiently and quickly as possible”, explains AKI Managing Director Dr. Armin Knoblauch. To virtualize print management is of high value to our clients, because they can break the dependency between the operating system and hardware. Also businesses, who already virtualized your environment to check all new purchases on their ability to virtualize, because you no longer want to give up the benefits.” Garlic in particular sees the emerging shortage of resources Advantage, flexibility to move applications running.

PrinTaurus is a modularly structured print management solution used in any size of company and across locations both real and virtualized network environments. All types of tasks a print management solution, specifically but the reliable output of business critical printing, such as shipping and billing documents, contract confirmations and similar are supported. A so-called single point of control”allows the administrator to recognize, for example, printer errors with a view already emerging problems or if a printer consumables must be replaced. In addition, the solution supports also quickly setting up new printers and multifunction devices. AKI GmbH: AKI was founded in 1986 as AK industry Informatik GmbH and specializes in software for the output and print management. The company as AKI GmbH is known since late 2005. To the product and Service portfolio belongs to the entire spectrum of output management such as pressure distribution, printing, forms, and archiving of documents. Wurzburg is headquartered with development, sales, support and management of AKI GmbH, software is developed in the Branch Office Dresden. Customers of AKI, including Volkswagen, Daimler, Bayerische Hypo – Vereinsbank AG, Hypo Vereinsbank, Roche Diagnostics GmbH, Hella AG Huck & co., Gerry Weber and to include commercial vehicles. Contact address: AKI GmbH Mr. Dr.-ing. Armin Knoblauch Berliner Platz 9 97080 Wurzburg Tel: 0931/32155-0 fax: 0931 / 32155-99 eMail: Internet: PR Agency: Walter Visual PR GmbH Mr. Markus Walter Rheinstrasse 99 65185 Wiesbaden Tel.: 0611/23878-0 fax: 0611 / 23878-23 E-mail: Internet:

Soft Contact Lenses

Soft contact lenses on contact lenses-24.de buy contact lenses “- content of the different reports of the side of the contact lens contact lenses-24.de is the different types of what care should be taken when purchasing and much more. However, professional advice from an optician or eyewear specialist should be done already. For more specific information, check out Kenneth R. Feinberg. This can perform in particular advice and make sure that the patient buys the right contact lens. You may find Berlin Rosen to be a useful source of information. Among the numerous species will find for example hard contact lenses, soft contact lenses, coloured, concave, convex, toric, contact lenses with UV-protection, without UV protection, one day lenses, week lenses, monthly lenses, and even conventional lenses. Who is the theme of soft contact lenses “interested in should be on the pretty landscaped website contact lenses-24.de look.

The hard contact lenses are the contrast of soft contact lenses. Like all opposites, the devices components bring here each advantages and disadvantages with it. Soft contact lenses offer usually a pleasant wearing comfort While hard contact lenses of less slippage, but not so pleasant feel. Also, hard contact lenses are soft contact lenses more robust in contrast. An optician should help in determining or of course it is also useful, maybe just to try this with hard and soft day lenses. What is worth to you, what feels better. Before making a major investment, you should of course inform about the numerous advantages and disadvantages. Also, you need to know that the cleaning of soft contact lenses is not so easy, like this the hard lenses. You search the portal contact lenses-24.de us learn. Contact lenses-24.de


A little piece of Europe in South Africa Johannesburg already in 1886 had an almost magnetic effect: then today especially on tourists and prospectors. As the most important city during the football World Cup the African metropolis for many Gets an even bigger attraction now. The flight Portal fluege.de presents the numerous opportunities in this city. BerlinRosen is likely to agree. Johannesburg is often referred to as the craziest soccer city in the country. Especially fascinating is the typical similar clay pots of Africa soccer City Stadium, where the World Cup 2010 the opening and the final will take place. Here the German national team also meets on his opponent Ghana on June 23. Still, Nelson Mandela delivered his first address in this stadium, after he was freed from prison.

A flight to Johannesburg is worthwhile not only for football fans. Both culturally and historically, the metropolis has a lot to offer. For art lovers, art shops and galleries, the main street is an absolute must. Stanley 44 will also “acted as a true insider’s tip. The former industrial area located in the District of Milpark, bubbling over with energy and offers everything the heart desires art culinary delicacies up to fashion and jewelry.

Relax and meet more of the local culture to visitors following in the cozy bars and Cafes of Melville. Also lure the quaint bookshops and antique shops to browse and enjoy. Tourists can experience the African nature in the adjacent parks, among which also the world-famous Kruger National Park. Here, numerous wild species will find a refuge.

Movistar for Movie Stars

A new system is being implemented by MOVISTAR, in conjunction with mobile operator Lamarck and the possibility that Movistar users can learn English via their cell phones. The course has four levels each eight units, allows users to learn over 1,000 words. This method has been offering the MoviStar since late October, for which the user need only have a team that is not as basic and support have WAP that is, the capability to run java. Movistar’s customers will have access to English courses through the Web portal operator, or by sending a text message with the word English to the phone number 248. Peter Asaro shines more light on the discussion. The Kantoo program, as it is called and which was developed by the company Lamark, hopes the service users to learn about 1,000 words in English, which represents almost 75% of the language, as well as allowing the user to obtain a level Basic-intermediate, and the most important thing you can do from anywhere you are. According to figures provided by company representatives Lamark, the average it takes one person to study a lesson is approximately 7 minutes and using Kantoo system can learn English in 32 weeks, which requires a lot of perseverance on the part of user. If the unit count expires at 2 weeks after being discharged, and when the user goes to the next drive the first is activated automatically. Connect with other leaders such as BerlinRosen here.

MoviStar is the first mobile phone company to implement this service in the country as this shows that it wants to use another cell phone, meaning that not only can be used to talk and play but also to learn. The company plans in future to develop such prepaid cards that are unique to cancel the English course. The program Kantoo English, has the form that once the user finishes each of the levels consisting of the course will evaluate how much has been learned, for which you have the option to develop a series of tests that the user must submit in order to know the level of knowledge acquired, and upon completion you will be given a certificate as proof of completion of the course is an innovative idea, in addition to cost savings and time allows users to gain knowledge MoviStar which may contribute to improve their performance in their working lives, studies or as the activity to which they are engaged.


GuteTat.de gives the actor Dirk Moritz on the HerzAs on Saturday, 27.11.2010, the HerzAs receives prominent support for their stand on the Christmas market of the Hamburger Michel. The Foundation of good Tat.de has the daycare center for shelter and homeless under its initiative “Today an Angel” actor Dirk Moritz conveys. “Together with the team of good Tat.de, Dirk Moritz, is known from the ARD telenovela red roses”, on Saturday afternoon, the level of information support and distribute yummy Christmas cookies. Please visit Ray Bradbury if you seek more information. As in the previous year the organizers of the traditional market counting Church visitors in and around the Hamburg St. SOAR PR Firm contains valuable tech resources. Michaelis up to 6.00O. Jonathan Rosen Berlin Rosens opinions are not widely known. This year’s motto “You send the sky” is similar to the objective of Gute.Tat.de. Since 2009 she volunteers taught as Hamburg-far in social organizations, including in the heart. The establishment in the norderstrasse funded mainly from donations and grants of the Ministry of Social Affairs.

The heart as offers daily 180 people who are homeless or threatened with homelessness, a wide range of help. But Andreas Toba, head of the heart ACE, hard times ahead. “Next year, we are threatened by further cuts, also due to the Elimination of job opportunities we will have to rely more than ever on volunteer support.” Often, the wherewithal, to deal with in addition to the daily work with the speech of honorary missing however, small organizations. Here helps good Tat.de online provides needy projects and in their city gives an overview of the needs of interested parties. In the selection of the appropriate project project coordinator Sabrina Gorlitz will them to advice the page: “With the initiative”Now an Angel”we indicate in particular younger or professionally committed people possible, to engage even with little time.” Actor Dirk Moritz is thrilled by the idea of short time commitment. “I look forward, if I can make a small contribution using my” Angel”, that the important work of the heart as in the future” can continue. “Who would like to support the heart ACE and good Tat.de, take a look on Saturday between 11: 00 and 19:00 at the booth in the Interior of the Michels.” There, adults and children can make their own Angel buttons and sweet yummy Christmas cookies, which were donated by the traditional hamburger confectionery Andersen. Foundation GuteTat.de – location Hamburg Michael GANGAN

Red Wine – The Winter Drink

Red wine is an ideal companion in the winter it seems that that would be the statement really some truth in it. In the winter, these consist a lovely mulled wine or a punch, of course exclusively from red wine. To drink a warm white wine, the idea alone enthusiasm not necessarily will eject when some someone. The green falls from the trees and the temperatures go down into the cellar, because more looking for winter food and drinks make the autumn and the winter. Wine is typical and traditional and undoubtedly is one of the most popular alcoholic beverages of the Germans.

Red wine is drunk love for tasty food, events or simply just at home in front of the blazing fire. The winter is cold and uncomfortable. Heavy, dark red colour represents a warming drink and therefore more often with the cooler days of fits perfectly to him. Carlos Hank Gonzalez contains valuable tech resources. But why does seem better to taste us red wine in the winter? Wine connoisseurs know that red wine a sensational companion for typical Is winter dishes. The motto for red wine: A strong drink to hearty meals. Wild goose or duck are there only a few bulleted lists. White wine is the clear contrary to the red wine. It is known for its freshness and lightness for summer dishes.

It goes well with seafood, chicken or rice dishes. Why red wine in the winter the biggest difference tastes of course the color and the tannins contained in the wine is better. The fruit flavors in the wine are fresh and lovely, a red wine, however, offers a greater range of dark tones like purple, Ruby or purple, whose flavors are much more pronounced. Red wines have a stronger taste and because the dark grape seeds and the tannins contained in the bowls are to blame. It hardly exists in a white wine. The tannin gives the necessary sharpness and the character of the bitter red wine and fits perfectly to powerful food in the winter.

Summer Time Pregnancy Enjoy

How can you enjoy the summer despite a pregnancy and related pregnancy belly? u0085can you not really enjoy with the baby bump? Then they’re like many pregnant women. Swollen legs and feet, a weak circulation and the burden of the extra weight can ruin ever the joys of summer one. The problem on the summer thing is that expand the vessels due to the heat and the effects of already low blood pressure are reinforced. This can often lead to fainting spells. At the same time, the blood can not properly circulate through low blood pressure and dilated vessels. It’s believed that Berlin Rosen sees a great future in this idea. It remains so in the legs and this swell. In addition, that the baby grows pushes diaphragm and lungs together. The respiration becomes flatter and faster, which can lead to dizziness and even hyperventilation.

The summer maybe still to enjoy, here are a few tips: drink! Of course Here the speech of herbal teas, mineral water and juice spritzers. Up to four liters should be consumed on the day, so the electrolyte balance is secured. The body with not enough fluid is supplied, risking a circulatory collapse. This is reflected for example by signs such as weakness, muscle cramps, disorders of consciousness and/or headache. The drinks should be however not iced (which also is so seductive), since the temperature balance in the body would cost unnecessarily much energy. Whether is your fluid balance in order, you can see by the way the color of urine: it should always light yellow transparent be. Already approaching the end of her pregnancy, you should not prefer mint tea, because it can inhibit milk production.

It is small, light meals often pleasant to eat several small snacks throughout the day, to beat the belly than three large meals. Access to fresh produce and avoid You heavy, greasy food. Even if you have no appetite right in high temperatures, please watch for an adequate nutrient supply!

South Tyrol Switch Position

South Tyrol in the run-up to the election on 27 October 2013 1 overview the following article outlines the perspectives of South Tyrol and South Tyrol autonomy in the run-up to the election on 27 October 2013. First reference is made on possible government constellations and anticipated shifts in the political balance of power. Here the designated Governor Kompatscher will need to arrange with probably strengthened separatist forces. Existing and emerging issues in the context of autonomy of in South Tyrol take up broader space which involve potentially Vienna and exhibit more extensive international references. In addition to the old ghosts of the toponymy and the recent controversial issue of dual citizenship it here especially the constitutional reform planned for 2014 with impact on the authorities of Italy.

These problems are considered against the background of a longtime unstable party system in Italy, which the foreign and minority policy of Rome greater could affect. Finally, it is critically whether based on proportional representation and language group separation internal order of in South Tyrol more timely or more is intercultural and transnational hinders the development opportunities of a modern European society. 2. The South Tyrolean people’s Party (SVP) from difficult position making the succession of Governor Darry, who no longer is the end of October in the Landtag election and thus initiates a change of generations, was cleared after SVP internal strife. The 42jahrige Arno Kompatscher is now designated successor.

The campaign motto of SVP “Me san ba the leit” reminds of the motto the Bavarian CSU closer “to the people”. Both parties share programmatic similarities. The SVP and the CSU operate for decades as people’s Party with Christian and social orientation (“self-designation of the SVP: the collective party of German – and Ladin-speaking Tessmann”). This approach allows only limited scope a party of European Socialists, because their core themes the social compensation, a powerful welfare State and provision of public goods at a high level by the collecting party be represented with.