South Tyrol Switch Position

South Tyrol in the run-up to the election on 27 October 2013 1 overview the following article outlines the perspectives of South Tyrol and South Tyrol autonomy in the run-up to the election on 27 October 2013. First reference is made on possible government constellations and anticipated shifts in the political balance of power. Here the designated Governor Kompatscher will need to arrange with probably strengthened separatist forces. Existing and emerging issues in the context of autonomy of in South Tyrol take up broader space which involve potentially Vienna and exhibit more extensive international references. In addition to the old ghosts of the toponymy and the recent controversial issue of dual citizenship it here especially the constitutional reform planned for 2014 with impact on the authorities of Italy.

These problems are considered against the background of a longtime unstable party system in Italy, which the foreign and minority policy of Rome greater could affect. Finally, it is critically whether based on proportional representation and language group separation internal order of in South Tyrol more timely or more is intercultural and transnational hinders the development opportunities of a modern European society. 2. The South Tyrolean people’s Party (SVP) from difficult position making the succession of Governor Darry, who no longer is the end of October in the Landtag election and thus initiates a change of generations, was cleared after SVP internal strife. The 42jahrige Arno Kompatscher is now designated successor.

The campaign motto of SVP “Me san ba the leit” reminds of the motto the Bavarian CSU closer “to the people”. Both parties share programmatic similarities. The SVP and the CSU operate for decades as people’s Party with Christian and social orientation (“self-designation of the SVP: the collective party of German – and Ladin-speaking Tessmann”). This approach allows only limited scope a party of European Socialists, because their core themes the social compensation, a powerful welfare State and provision of public goods at a high level by the collecting party be represented with.