Financial Network

Recently, I was informed that the network was the site for earning way to attract users. I undertook to investigate this type of work on the Internet. In this article I will tell in brief about this resource. Recently, we were told about the emergence of a new type of income – the financial network. Little information from the website: How it works: You sign up, invite people into your referral link. For each activated user, we are paying 0.50 WMZ. Activation is necessary in order to withdraw money from the system.

When you register you with no one asks for money, you can attract partners without activated account! Financial Network – a whole new look earning money, based on attracting visitors to a site. The advantage of this system is that none of the service will not carry any financial loss, even with the huge number of registered users. In this project the amount of your earnings depends solely on your activity. We will pay you a certain amount of money raised for the user who activated their account project. At the same time investment is required. You can start to attract visitors to a site even when not activated your account.

The sum raised for the user is not reduced. Once you engage certain number of users, you can activate your account and withdraw the earned funds. It is also possible to activate your account by paying a certain sum of money which will return to you after bringing one or two users. Reactivating your account is not required – now you are only working for yourself! The advantages of this type of income: – We pay for 0.50 WMZ one raised the user; – There is no minimum amount for withdrawal – We have not charged the commission with the payment – We work with a payment system WebMoney Transfer. That is a site pays for the involvement of the user. This is what – it looks like a pyramid scheme but no fee! You 0.5 cu get for each involved person. ————————————————– —————————————— Now this kind of earnings we will check for fraud. Learn the ins and outs, as well as information about the availability of money earned. For In order to monitor the progress of research, or help him to go to our forum. ————————————————– ——————————————

Financial Crisis

The financial crisis will lead to global changes in the insurance market in 2009, ahead of the massive bankruptcy of small and medium-sized companies, increasing the number of cases of fraud and increase loss CTP. Standard & Poor's in early February 2009 year published a study which indicated that this year "insurance market is experiencing unprecedented pressure due to a probable recession in the Russian economy." S & P implies a reduction charges on different segments of the retail insurance to 40%. The agency suggests that "avtograzhdanki" in which, according to their data, accounting for 14% of the market is already profitable. At the end of December last year the volume of CTP sales, operating today edition of the Tax Code does not allow for proper treatment of the mutual obligations of insurers, resulting in the calculation of direct damages. In addition, no defined mechanism to protect the interests of insurers to properly perform its obligations to customers, the actions of companies that may evade the obligations to compensate damages under the direct damages (the mechanism of financial guarantees). In addition to the above there is currently no single method to assess damage and not fulfilled the requirements of the RF Government Resolution of 24 April 2003 year 238 "On organization of independent technical expertise vehicles" in terms of organization, methodical and informational support for an independent technical examination of vehicles, and also in terms of approval requirements, the expert technicians attestation expert technicians. "In connection with the circumstances believe that a transfer of administration of direct damages and simplified procedures for arranging an accident for at least two years. These changes should be introduced in the updated insurance market and a stable economic situation ", – thinks Vitali Knyaginichev. "So far it is unclear how medium-sized insurer will treat the accident as he was able to independently assess, fit it to 25 thousand rubles or not.