That Position Is A Directory Of Internet Business

In computing a directory (aka folder) is a group data file, a space on the computer where information is saved and stored. The icon that distinguishes them is the famous loose-leaf folder open and that it was well known. However on the Internet a Web directory (also called positioning directory) is a database that contains the addresses of web pages, accompanied by a corresponding link, organized alphabetically, by category or by topic for easier search of information often happen that are used to search a directory of information and many confuse it with a search engine, but there is a real difference. The most characteristic difference between a search engine and a directory is that the latter does not have search engines, robot or spider, but are driven by people. The directories are building their databases according to non-automated searches (with robots) and notices that include in them who goes to a new page web. Web addresses are included in the directories added by a person, when someone wants to register a web page must indicate the category in which you want to include that page and have read and accepted the terms of use. The contents of these are reviewed and processed by people visiting the newly added address to verify that meet certain conditions and rules and conditional upon the review of an editor who finally decides to grant or not to discharge.

If you want your site to appear in one directory is imperative that you sign up manually, because it will not appear on the list. Usually the results of the search are listed alphabetically and by category. All directories have a very similar registration form to collect the data and how your registration is manual many confuse it with a classified ad site. Most are free but there are those that require a payment or those who demand a trade. It is important to repeat and stress that a directory is not a Search, therefore “not ready” websites and you can not get search results for keywords, as in a search, the information contained in a directory is organized by categories, subcategories and themes as I said before. I would say that within the most famous web directories are: Yahoo and DMOZ. But the list of these sites is not only very wide but very varied, I think it is better to log in to Google and put the next bit “directory listing” it will so many that you can not imagine. Good luck!!

Arctic Polar

In the favorable topography of the Region it seems to be .causing in scale local, for rains windward that are detachable rainier than of lee-side, in some places, the valley circulation and of mountain it seems admirable and all the events above cited, more deserve detailed comments, so that the causes of the climatic irregularity are evaluated more good northeastern. In a similar way, it cites AYOADE on the atmospheric circulation. The basic basic cause of the atmospheric, horizontal or vertical movement, is the disequilibrium in the liquid radiation, the humidity and the momentum between the decreases and the high latitudes and enters the surface of the Land and the atmosphere. Other factors that influence the atmospheric circulation are the topography, the oceanic distribution of the continental and oceanic surfaces and chains. (AYOADE, 2007.p. 72) THE ATMOSPHERIC NORMAL CIRCULATION OF THE NORTHEAST REGION To the extensive one of one line, almost parallel to the equator, the air masses of the two hemispheres if strike establishing the Intertropical Front. The increase in the set of air in the Intertropical Front produces a band of ordeiras called doldrum, zone of heavy showers and thunderstorms.

, Thus conditional for the general movement of the Sun in the ecliptic, the disposal of this front that varies with the stations of the year. Possessing in the hemisphere North the biggest continental area, it is on average hotter than the South hemisphere. Therefore the great cold air mass of this last one keeps the Intertropical Front, on average, above of the equator. In the summer north the mentioned front if comes across about 10 North, reaching its final position in September, when the Antarctic polar region this cold. In the south summer, it if it locates next to the equator, to reach its southern extreme position in March, needed now to the intense cooling of the Arctic Polar region.

Regional Agency

There are seven children in hospital, one of them in critical condition. They became ill after consuming ground beef steaks sold by Lidl. The chain removed all the merchandise of the establishments in the area. The Regional Agency for French health (ARS) said Thursday that has the certainty that the outbreak of e. coli in which seven children in the North of the country are hospitalized is not linked with the epidemic unleashed in Germany. The ARS sources pointed out that the source of infection registered in France is not the same as the of the of Germany, but pointed out that they are waiting for the results of the analysis to be able to offer more details. So far seven children have been hospitalized for symptoms linked to an infection of the bacterium e.

coli after consuming ground beef fillets purchased at a supermarket in the German chain Lidl. Juveniles have between 18 months and six years of age, and they said the Lille hospital supplies, the State of one of them is critical, but you have to be reasonably optimistic because they are going to apply all relevant treatments. Lidl removed meat chain Lidl, for his part, he indicated that, since the General direction of feeding reported them that intoxication, hypothetically linked to ground beef sold at their establishments, it was decided to remove all that merchandise distributed North of the line that goes from Bordeaux to Lyon. A representative of the company noted that this precautionary measure was taken on Wednesday night, regardless of the expiration date of the available meat, and will be maintained until the results of the analysis are known. For its part, the French Minister of agriculture, Bruno Le Maire, added this afternoon that France will draw all the conclusions of the ongoing investigations. We leave nothing aside nor random, we want to have all the indicators on the origin and the safeguards to prevent further pollution, as well as to draw all the conclusions about what happens, he said after a meeting in Paris with French farmers. Source of the news: France decouples the origin of its outbreak of e. coli from the epidemic in Germany