Up to 1921 the difficulties had gotten worse due the quality of the importations that were being made, therefore these were not increasing, until had given one diminished, but in compensation what it started to be mattered they had been products that were considered of luxury or for rich (with for example piano, silks, automobiles amongst others). another factor that helped to unbalance the trade balance was the valuation of the currencies of some countries in comparison the national currency 22. In short, with the beginning of the great war the importations and exportations of Brazil sufficiently had been shaken, at certain moments some products had had one it looks the good International and at other moments these same item had passed to be barred having made with that other areas of the sector of the economy if forced and if to develop to compensate the negation of another product, what it was good to compel the country to diversify a little its products so that is not the grace of an only line of products, thus taking off the economy of the vulnerability. 4.4 The questions of the coffee of So Paulo and the ships German At the beginning of the war, the state of So Paulo had some storaged bags of coffee in some ports, as Hamburg, Bremem, Anturpia and Trieste, as a pledge of loans made in the Europe. Just in case, all the coffee was vendido and the money was in a bank in Berlin, this was made by the German government to prevent that this money was to stop at the hands of the English, that were the creditors of Brazil. The Brazilian government obtained that Germany was responsible for the guard of the money, that would be returned the peace for So Paulo after, however the devolution of this money turned one problem, therefore in the Europe was being spread the idea of that this money would serve as war repairings.

The Nation

From there the politically correct language appeared. The basic rule of this language is never to use a word that humiliates, discriminates or jeers of algum' '. It will be that in the age Obama they go to invent ' ' Foot in the Presidncia' ' , to mention to the blacks and American mulatos of today? The social origin is another factor that generates had commentaries as ' ' inofensivos' ' , but cruel. The Nation that would have to be proud of its social mobility, is same that picha the proper President of mechanical torneiro, half-illiterate. With regard to the house servants, already I arrived to hear: – Mine ' ' criadagem' ' it does not enter for the social elevator! the complacncia with regard to the callings, insults, for humilhantes times, directed the homosexuals? The terms become wormy, bichona, frutinha, biba, ' ' viado' ' , maricona, boiola and a infinity of nicknames, despertam laugh.

Who is imported with the offensive potential? Woman is queen in day eight of March. When if atreve to face the transit, and dislikes the masculine code, hears frequent: – It only could be woman! Ei, owner Maria, its place is in the tank! Depending on the tone of the hair, demonstrations of disinformation or lack of intelligence, immediately are imputed to a certain feminine type: – It only could be blond! If the form to manage the proper money is to save very and to spend little: – It only could be Jewish! The same superficiality in approaching the characteristics of a people if applies the Arabs. Here, all they turn Turks. Who accumulates extra kilos is reason of chacota of the type: cork of well, polpeta, almndega, whale Taste very of the Biblical saying, legacy of the Christianity: ' ' The evil is not what it enters, but what it leaves the mouth of homem' '.

Americans Help

The skin heals is a preoccupation for many people, especially in this full modern world of irritating chemical polluting agents that encourage to the buds that damage the skin.A multimillionaire industry has arisen to offer to the people an amount of balsams, lotions and until pill prescription to help to fight skin problems and to spend its money, in order to find at least some type of lightening for its dilemmas of the skin. Whereas many great pharmaceutical companies choose to fight the fire with the fire when cooking something in the laboratory, others have raised the train of " natural" and they encourage to the liberation of the lines of hipoalergnicos soaps, creams and lotions derived from natural sources.One of the natural additives, that today are being added in all the disinfectants of hands, or in the soap of laundry is, ironically, something that already has been used during centuries.This substance is the plant of Aloe Side. Many Americans have a plant of Aloe Side in their house to help to calm the burns and stops to cure the cuts, using the succulent leaves like first aid.The plant of Aloe Side has one long history of being an ornamental plant that people prefer to maintain close, although really they are used or no, simply because their parents and grandparents had also it. What many do not know is that the curative properties of the Aloe Side have a potential beyond being a substitute of aid group and a kiss of a mother (although it is difficult to surpass that kiss).Besides the cuts, scrapings and burns, this miraculous plant also can help to control the acne, psoriasis, the freezing and blisters, as well as to help to maintain beautiful a skin healthful. The Aloe Side is strong an anti-bacterial one, anti-fungi, as well as it owns anti-viral properties. The Aloe Side contains great amounts of called sugar chain mucopolisacridos (or MSP, to be brief) that helps to fight against the microbial invasion.These polysaccharides are essential to help to heal the damaged cells.