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English Cross

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Brazil Population

Good part of ribeirense population lives in next economic conditions the poverty. The illiteracy tax is sufficiently significant what it places the city with one of the lowest IDH (Index of Human Development) of Brazil. As for the population contingent, in middle of the decade of 50, the IBGE, the population of 450 inhabitants for Brook of the Plaza registered. You may want to visit Nicholas Carr to increase your knowledge. Already in 1996, after the emancipation, presented a population contingent of 13.786 inhabitants, having grown to a tax of 0,76 AA., in its first tax period 1991/1996. Currently, it is an eminently agricultural city, with only 25% of its population living in the municipal headquarters and the district of New Brasilia. Em1996, demographic adensidade of the city is of 11hab/km, given still inferior to the state and regional standards.

However, it is considered of great contribution for the growth of the tax of urbanization to the coming of people of other cities, these the search of new jobs is for the harvest of public coffee in the farms of the region, competitions, rendering of services ou/e job contracts. The etria structure of the population of the city presented a profile of a young population which had the biggest relative weight of the band de0 a19 years. As for the distribution of the population for sex, the demographic data of 2009 identified by the IBGE indicate a sensible predominance of the men in the city: 54.77%. However, it had a fall of the number of inhabitants, in accordance with the demographic census of 2010, Brook of the Plaza is a population of with 8.602 inhabitants in a territorial area (km ) of 1.271, 344 with demographic density (hab/Km ) 6,77. () Given of 1991 they show that 95.54% of the PEA of the city if concentrated in on activities to the farming one, to the vegetal extension and to it fishes.

Michael Nostradamus

Michael suggested that in order to get a persistent manifestation of the "earthly" love, it must be enhanced manifestations of the same love of great number of people – the collective manifestation of the "earthly" love. That's why the plan of Michael and the Queen of Heaven (God) after the incarnation of Michael Nostradamus in the image undergoes significant changes. But how Michael and the Queen of Heaven (Virgin) decided to put it into practice, we will consider later. In the meantime, dwell on the fact that on Earth there is a new famous Michael and the Queen of Heaven (Virgin), a means of destruction "Virus of Darkness" – the energy of the "earthly" love or energy of the "antivirus Light." As a result, there is an antivirus program that helps protect the consciousness of the universe from the invasion of her "virus of Darkness", and in the minds of new sounds expression – "I know only the best in you." After receiving a new vaccine against the virus of Darkness ", the Queen of Heaven (Lady) has developed a program for its implementation, but the events that took place in the future, largely prevented this. The fact is that plague "virus of Darkness" is not only intensely distributed around the world, but also, quite naturally, led to wars, that is to kill people, to all new and emerging human suffering. This, of course, on the one hand largely contributed to obtaining results in the fight against the virus of Darkness "because of the vaccine for fruitful mankind had to pass not only through real suffering, but through a very severe suffering.

Second World War

But back to the event in Portugal. The appearance in the skies of the Queen of Heaven (Mary) near the village of Fatima for the Nimrod could only mean one thing – a vaccine against the virus of Darkness "was found. Nimrod was well aware of what it threatening to those who advocate and is the distributor of "Virus of Darkness" and what retribution might expect it, because it went against the Overmind (God). Peter Schiff recognizes the significance of this. But Nimrod also understands that affect the arrival of light forces, he can not, and he had no choice but to continue to fight with Satan, who can first, before the arrival of light forces, to destroy Nimrod. Without waiting for the moment when Satan will gather enough strength to destroy Nimrod, Nimrod the first attack without declaring war on Satan. Thus begins the Second World War, the winner of which, after hard fighting again out Satan.

After the defeat of the power of Nimrod greatly weakened, and he at a time, relying on his loyal people in Rome, trying to control only the remnants scattered throughout the world the Catholic Church. On the complete defeat of Nimrod saves archangel Laodicea Church (USA), and that's why he does it, it becomes clear after reading what is written about him on. Satan is after the defeat of Nimrod is celebrating his latest victory, but suddenly faces a new challenge for myself. This creates a problem for Satan the angel of Laodicea Church (USA), whose interests are at the moment is the U.S.

The Entrepreneur

The company was located in the of the state of Rio de Janeiro city of Three Rivers and established in 1916. The entrepreneur created a team to develop its proper car sport. In 1977 he leaves the first archetype with some errors projects. But in 1978, the Saint Matilde SM 4-1 calls the attention in the Hall the automobile. The production of the esportivo of luxury jumped of 88 units for 150. In the decade of 1980 the company invests in sophistication and exclusiveness and in 1986 the company starts to produce 207 units. However, the crisis of the sector railroad worker, main market of the group, and successive working processes break the production rhythm, leading the company the agony.

She was not so bold as the Cougar, but it marked some presence in the market. MOTOR GURGEL: ' ' The automobile is not manufactured, purchase. Automobile technology is thing of multinacionais' '. This phrase was constantly said for the engineer August Joo of the Amaral Gurgel, the responsible one for the biggest national success in the automobile industry. When defying its professor in its final work of graduation in engineering, Gurgel since early fed the dream of proper construction of vehicles. Established in 1969, the first vehicle was one bugre with mechanics VW that later changedded into the Xavante model with chassis of plastic and steel (plasteel), in 1975 the Brazilian Army acquires great amount of these vehicles.

In the end of the special decade of 1970 already he was considered the exporting greater of vehicles, the exportations represented 25% of its invoicing. Already in decade of 1974 presented its project of electric car, the Itaipu, as reply the crisis of the oil. Had to the exportations for the Caribbean of the X-12 model, Volkswagen locked up the production of the VW181 of its Mexican branch office. The relation with the German multinational that always was friendly became scared.

Geographic Distribution

the samba left the city. We ran away from the policy and went them mounts to make samba. the Schools of Samba created by Ismael Silva and the group of the Estcio de S. Nor so little the samba dither created by Ari Barroso (Ari de Resende Barroso), to fall in the favours of Getlio Vargas. The purpose of the research as a whole, is to value the daily one of who made and makes the Carioca samba. We go abiding in them by the cited regions because they had been first the busy ones for the popular artists. The port zone of the city was the first portion to be busy.

Since the settling the port of Rio De Janeiro, situated to the edges of the Bay one of Guanabara, was the door of entrance and exit of people and merchandises. From the city it was there if developing. Its main characteristic of occupation inhabits in the fact of the same one to be located enters a set of mountainous chains and the sea. One evidences then that to be preeenchida portion always was limited. Another factor of impediment for the occupation was the of the state of Rio de Janeiro land, extremely subject to flooding. So that the central region was inhabited, innumerable aterramentos had occurred.

As for the zone Mau Circuit: Health, Gamboa and Santo Christ, that it counts through photos and texts, the history and the cultural importance of the same ones for the city. The illustration to follow at the beginning sends in them for the construction of the urban mesh of century XX, notices throughout the coast the illustrated port infrastructure presence in the map through the warehouses in the wharf of the port. The quarter of the Health bes situated in the center of the city and is enters the Mau Square and the quarter of the Gamboa.

European Union

a cast of questions around the effect generated for the loss of the credibility in the founding metanarrativas and the process of erosion and disintegration of inquestionadas categories until then, as the slight knowledge of identity and authorship … privileging the critical ways pointed by the revalorizao of history in the examination of the ideologies that structuralize the formations and the processes of construction discursivas of subjetividades. (HOLLANDA, 1991:8) Rosi Braidotti makes a critical ferrenha to the universal, fixed citizen for the identities of the European rule, still looks for with much shrewdness to give new approaches in the constitution of the citizen and, still ' ' () special attention is given to the task of the construction of a definition feminist and anti-racist of the European identity, in the context of the contested space of the European Union ' '. Rosi, in the alert one on certain practical of ' ' denegrir' ' the image of the one after-estruturalismo in the Europe since this search to desconstruir ' ' verdades' ' millenarian that they perpetuate uninjured, however questioned ' ' The relatively shady careers of the leaders after-estruturalistas, in its proper native countries, testify the fact of that the main chains of philosophy and social science in the Europe see after-estruturalismo with great suspicion. Butler and Scott (1992) had suggested that this can be related to the fact of that this philosophy evokes the fear of the loss of maestria and a species of cognitiva despossesso? therefore they find hostile receptions very ' ' , we see in this speech all a hostility what it is different, to everything what it questions the order imposed for the dominant speech and the homogeneity. Joan Scott analyzes the mechanism by which a collective identity is created and thus it acquires a history. The author if valley of psicanalticas slight knowledge of fancy, ' ' () argument that the feminism assumes a direction of allotment between women, making I appeal the scenes fancy, that make possible the transcendncia of the differences and history.


Up to 1921 the difficulties had gotten worse due the quality of the importations that were being made, therefore these were not increasing, until had given one diminished, but in compensation what it started to be mattered they had been products that were considered of luxury or for rich (with for example piano, silks, automobiles amongst others). another factor that helped to unbalance the trade balance was the valuation of the currencies of some countries in comparison the national currency 22. In short, with the beginning of the great war the importations and exportations of Brazil sufficiently had been shaken, at certain moments some products had had one it looks the good International and at other moments these same item had passed to be barred having made with that other areas of the sector of the economy if forced and if to develop to compensate the negation of another product, what it was good to compel the country to diversify a little its products so that is not the grace of an only line of products, thus taking off the economy of the vulnerability. 4.4 The questions of the coffee of So Paulo and the ships German At the beginning of the war, the state of So Paulo had some storaged bags of coffee in some ports, as Hamburg, Bremem, Anturpia and Trieste, as a pledge of loans made in the Europe. Just in case, all the coffee was vendido and the money was in a bank in Berlin, this was made by the German government to prevent that this money was to stop at the hands of the English, that were the creditors of Brazil. The Brazilian government obtained that Germany was responsible for the guard of the money, that would be returned the peace for So Paulo after, however the devolution of this money turned one problem, therefore in the Europe was being spread the idea of that this money would serve as war repairings.