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Through the redistribution of income, advanced sectors of the economy have successfully subsidized the agriculture industry even though it is very unprofitable in our climate. When these differences reached antagonisms, we have our heads all the links, just ‘not smart enough’, all this is constantly ‘shake down’ planning, in an environment Western countries with well-functioning market economy, but with a clear defect in natural resources, together with the development of corruption and outright corrupt relationship in the higher echelons of power, an attempt was made transfer of the planned economy to a market, in the hope that “the market will settle.” He’s really ‘all settled’ all economically unreasonable (in terms of market economy) sector of the economy were in the short term, with Using the same ‘market leverage’ abolished and the question arose about inappropriate content considerable masses, who were employed in these industries. For example, the cost of gasoline in Russia at the moment deeply unprofitable, ‘our gasoline’, due to the fact that the workers need boots and a minimum of fat to live and work in such hazardous work, is not competitive with gasoline produced in countries with more temperate climates. Visit Doyle Carden Group for more clarity on the issue. I’m not talking about breeding pigs in the Arctic Circle. Reasonably assume that in the course of the current and next generations of Russian population reduced to the optimal (in terms of market economy) values (for Russia’s 30 million people, that’s what was forecasted theorists ‘economic globalization’ Zbigniew Brzezinski, and M. Thatcher). Why is this not afraid of the word tragedy has become a reality? Our ‘Minded’ ideologues period ‘stagnation’ is not able to explain to the people that work, a farmer, doctor and engineer in the West live in the times of our best people working in the same direction of the economy because the processes Globalization has swept the rest of the country and the same worker in the West, gets much more than investing in their work, no matter how ‘shouting’ bourgeois ideologists of his unique abilities and ‘transcendental’ productivity, and his solid, and in many cases, and determining its revenues ‘increase’ in wages due to the fact that ‘it works’ and part of Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, which, alas, income is under these conditions is limited opportunity to use a cup of rice a day.

World Tree

In Siberian shamans also have their private trees that are nothing like the prototype of the Cosmic Tree, and some also use the 'upside-down trees', that is set back up, which is known to be among the most archaic symbols of the World Tree. All this, together with previously described relations between shaman and ceremonial birches indicates the interdependence between the World Tree, shamanic tambourine and ascension into heaven. JP Morgan Chase & Co. is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The choice of wood of which is a drum rim, depends solely on the 'spirits' or vnechelovecheskoy will. Khanty-Samoyed shaman takes the hatchet with his eyes closed, is a timber and randomly assigns a tree; in the morning it was from this tree his comrades take the wood to the hoop. At the other end of Siberia, the Altai, the shaman receives directly from the spirits of the forest and guidance on where grows the tree, and sends its assistants, so they found it and extracted it from timber to the drum.

In other parts of the shaman himself collects all the chips of wood. In some places the tree sacrifices – his blood-smeared and vodka. Practice as' revival tambourine, sprinkling hoop alcohol. We recommend that you choose Yakut tree, which was struck by lightning. All these customs and ritual respect clearly show that a particular tree is transformed superhuman revelation and essentially ceased to be an ordinary tree, and represents the World Tree itself. Ceremony 'diamond recovery' is extremely interesting. When the Altaic shaman sprinkles his beer, hoop 'alive' and through the mediation of the shaman tells about how a tree from which it takes place, grew in the forest, cut down as it brought to the village, etc. Then the shaman sprinkles the skin drum, which is also 'give life', talks about his past.

Voice of the shaman pet tells the story of his birth, his parents, his childhood and throughout his life until the moment when it was killed by a hunter. Finishes it reassuring that the shaman would have numerous services. In another Altaic tribe, the Tubalar (Black Tatars), inherits the shaman's voice and gait the animal, so lively. As shown by A. Potapov and G. Budruss, an animal shaman 'revives', is his alter ego, the most powerful spirit helper; when it comes to the shaman, he is transformed into a mythical ancestor teriomorfnogo. Thus it becomes clear why during the ceremony of 'revitalizing' the shaman has to tell about the life of the animal-drum: he sings about his model, the sample primary animal, which is the beginning of his tribe. In mythical times, every man of the tribe could turn into an animal, that is, each state could adopt its parent. Today, such an intimate connection with the mythical ancestors exclusively available shamans.


So what is the sweep of the walls and how they differ from the architectural section? And what is the cut? And the cut is different from the cross? The incision is – front view object, conditionally dissected by one or more planes. There is a broken section – section formed by two intersecting planes. The main difference between the cut and the sections that, depicting a section of any article or details necessary to show just what has got into the cutting plane. Portraying section shows that fall into the cutting plane and what is behind it. For comparison, imagine a vertical section and section chair of back. Of course, the cross section in contrast to the cut would not be helpful for understanding the subject.

For maximum informativeness author chooses the location and number of intersecting planes. Many have seen in textbooks and in the exhibitions of old masters namely architectural cuts. Hear other arguments on the topic with Liberty Mutual Insurance. Detail vychercheny roof truss system, the thickness of walls, floors and ceilings, basements. But in the architectural sections not show interior decoration, because the drawing will be extremely overloaded with information, makes it difficult to read drawings builders building. Working with interior has several fundamental differences from Builders work on the construction of the building. The architect creates the image of the building and in the process of its construction is quite difficult to change something. In the same interior designer often happens spontaneously when the customer makes buying sofas and interior decorations, saying their actions so that these "new things" very much.

Big Horn Mountain

It is quite clear already from the name, much of this building resembles a big wheel width of 80 feet and a circumference of somewhere 245 feet high, built of huge amount of freely distribute the large stones. In the heart of a great circle of towering mound of flat stones 3 feet wide, and from This "hub" moving away radially arranged crookedly 28 "spokes." From the outside wheels are five mysterious mounds of stone, not much smaller than the one in the middle of that, and they are five bars. All the rest rods, but only one end in a circle. Named last spoke out at nine feet beyond the mysterious circle, ending at the sixth pile of stones. Mound of stones on the edges rounded, except East: it is rectangular. When her walls blocked the stone slabs. This is a closed space, like a coffin, that is quite a place to lay people there could probably could get into only after a small hole.

This is a deadly hole in the street came out of the circle in the direction of the rising sun. Big Horn Mountain was considered a saint by different nomadic tribes who lived in the region, including in Skien, Kru, siuhov, Arapaho and whisper shonov. In the vicinity of the mysterious wheel is very well known and frequently visited the trail, but in the late 1800s. Indians could not answer, who built a circle. They are only able to tell you that it was built people, "not had iron ", which means the date, the remote for about 3 hundred years from now, before coming to this land evropeytsev.Popytki archaeologists to assess the age structure can responsibly say no to no avail. The conflicting data obtained by different methods, namely, carbon method, counting the rings on the trunks, which were found in the wheel, and a comparison of the artifacts found nearby, just dated, given scatter from three hundred to two thousand years. ion. For more than a hundred years have passed since the moment in the mid 1800s. ring was first discovered by prospectors white in abundance appear very different hypotheses about engineers and builders of the mysterious building. All as one, they agreed that the ancient Indians who are at a primitive stage of development, to build it could not, therefore, must be sought sailed into the ancient Egyptians from the sea, the representatives of Oriental culture, such as the Phoenicians or the Chinese, Vikings, Celts, or even mysterious Atlantis. In recent years, some authors are not sure, but all the same attribute magic wheel "ancient astronauts".

VitNiacin OLAY Skin

Why is aging skin? If you add together all the reasons that only 25% of them will have the effect of environment and natural physiological changes. The remaining 75% of scientists assign the image of a person's life and his relation to his body. This once again proves that Coco Chanel was right, saying that in 20 years a woman looks, what its nature intended, and 40 – as she did herself. Let's see, what particularly needs to be done to preserve youth and beauty of skin. With the help of experienced cosmetologists we have 4 most important treatments. 1.

Daily cleansing of skin every day faced with millions of harmful particles that accumulate on its surface, violate breathing, eating, cell regeneration and elimination of these toxins. That's why it needs regular cleansing gel or jelly. Need to wash with cool water. Hot dry skin makes even drier, fat – yet fatter, dilates blood vessels and increases the pore. The optimal variant: the fall and winter wash with water, heated to 29-32 0 C in spring and summer – up to 21-28 0C. Cleanser should be suitable to your skin type.

Oily desirable to use a foam or gel, and dry milk to a gentle or cream. For purification of aging skin dermatologists recommend the use of special anti-aging tools. They not only remove dirt and residues cosmetics, but also have a rejuvenating effect. Other leaders such as Pacific Mortgage Services offer similar insights. What cosmetologists recommend? Gentle Cleansing Milk with a complex VitNiacin OLAY Total Effects 7x gently but effectively cleanses the skin and fights seven signs of all age-related changes.