Riverbed EMEA Distributor Partners

EMEA Distributor partner of the year 2011 Berlin, February 16, 2012. Zycko, worldwide successful value-add distributor for professional IT infrastructure solutions, Riverbed Award for EMEA Distributor partner of the year 2011 received. This annual award serves as recognition for the successful implementation of Riverbed solutions with the customers, increased sales and excellent business relationships between the manufacturer and Zycko. Zycko sells Riverbed solutions already for five years and has the status of Riverbed authorized consulting partner (RACP) “, which the international distributor authorized Riverbed, network designs” and Riverbed Technology professional services (RPS) “to offer and implement.” Zycko team consists of more than 40 accredited Riverbed sales accreditation program (RSAP) “account managers, 15 Riverbed Certified Solutions Professional (RCSP) accredited” engineers and five Riverbed accredited trainers. Nils Hantelmann, Managing Director of Zycko Reflected networks GmbH: year on year, the Zycko Group registered a 65% sales increase, what proves the importance of this technology by Gartner in the first quarter of 2011. Riverbed is one of the most popular solutions, mainly due to the low payback time at our resellers. Revenues can be implemented very quickly and this is easy to demonstrate transparent for customers. Continuous focus by Riverbed on the IT performance, we see as very positive, because new sales areas can be addressed with the cascade and the Stingray family.

Due to our Riverbed know-how we are able to support our channel partners in implementing cost-effective IT performance solutions in the entire EMEA region.” Also Randy Schirman, Senior Vice President of worldwide channels for Riverbed confirmed: this award recognizes the achievements of Zycko as Riverbed partner and we congratulate the Zycko team for this successful year in 2011. For us, Zycko is an important, reliable Business partners and integration expert in technologies, when it comes to providing the right performance solution for the right customers. Particularly against the background of, the IT performance Riverbed solutions that more and more companies Riverbed insert and recognize, what strong return and great value.” Worldwide, more than 16,000 organizations on riverbed. Removed because IT companies increasingly virtualizing their applications, data, processes and procedures in cloud environments, consolidate and migrate, users still remain their data”. Slow applications, file transfers, and inefficient websites negatively in addition on the performance. Here, Riverbed provides a unique, comprehensive solution package, which significantly improves the IT performance company and overcomes performance problems due to long distances, distributed networks and continually increasing amounts of data quickly and easily. It consists of following solutions: wide area network (WAN) optimization. Application-oriented network performance management (NPM), deployment of applications (ADC) Web content optimization (WCO), cloud backup for backup, archiving and disaster recovery. Through this portfolio of high-performance solutions that optimize any application anywhere, Riverbed can increase their productivity and efficiency customers while improving the reliability and controlling costs.

Diamond Comic Distributors

In addition to the already existing rights to DC Comics, Mattel the rights to produce toys based on future DC Comics movies and cartoon series projects which are still developed and produced in the life of the agreement receives characters, cartoon series and cinema films. Mattel is a long-standing and valuable partner for the DC Comics creative team”, stresses Diane Nelson, President of DC entertainment. We are looking forward with Mattel and Warner Bros. Consumer products continue to work together, to bring new DC Comics super hero toys for our fans all over the globe to live.’ Mattel supports the universe of DC Comics characters with its entire brand product range, to the hot wheels, Matchbox Barbie, Mattel games and Fisher-price belong. The DC Super Friends products including Imaginext, shake ‘n Go GeoTrax and HeroWorld product lines have helped that the DC Comics characters presents a steadily growing audience be.

The new little-people products are the popularity of the heroes even further increase DC comic. Mattel will continue so his talented sculptor, designer, and developer, to develop products for children, collectors and pop culture fans. Mattel DC Comics has designed marketing with their enormous expertise concerning children-oriented superhero departments in the toy stores for the first time in the universe of DC Comics characters to introduce a new generation of children. 2012 is Mattel with the support of Diamond Comic Distributors as partners with the DC Comics 6 inch action figures range its presence in the market continue. “We are thrilled that we have our long partnership with Warner Bros.” “Consumer products can continue and support the franchise development of extensive DC Comics product range”, says Tim Kilpin, Deputy Managing Director of Mattel. Excellent stories and we tell the DC Comics these famous characters through innovative product design to life look forward to awaken.” In his 10-year relationship with Warner Bros.

Geographic Distribution

the samba left the city. We ran away from the policy and went them mounts to make samba. the Schools of Samba created by Ismael Silva and the group of the Estcio de S. Nor so little the samba dither created by Ari Barroso (Ari de Resende Barroso), to fall in the favours of Getlio Vargas. The purpose of the research as a whole, is to value the daily one of who made and makes the Carioca samba. We go abiding in them by the cited regions because they had been first the busy ones for the popular artists. The port zone of the city was the first portion to be busy.

Since the settling the port of Rio De Janeiro, situated to the edges of the Bay one of Guanabara, was the door of entrance and exit of people and merchandises. From the city it was there if developing. Its main characteristic of occupation inhabits in the fact of the same one to be located enters a set of mountainous chains and the sea. One evidences then that to be preeenchida portion always was limited. Another factor of impediment for the occupation was the of the state of Rio de Janeiro land, extremely subject to flooding. So that the central region was inhabited, innumerable aterramentos had occurred.

As for the zone Mau Circuit: Health, Gamboa and Santo Christ, that it counts through photos and texts, the history and the cultural importance of the same ones for the city. The illustration to follow at the beginning sends in them for the construction of the urban mesh of century XX, notices throughout the coast the illustrated port infrastructure presence in the map through the warehouses in the wharf of the port. The quarter of the Health bes situated in the center of the city and is enters the Mau Square and the quarter of the Gamboa.

Internet Travel Distribution Association:

Random sampling of the Unister Portal fluege.de to other providers to private misconduct distract from Munich, (w & p), 11 may 2012 by the Saul Paul: as unfounded and the intention of transparent considered the Internet travel distribution Association (VIR) the recent statement by Unister alleged booking practice of online flight portals with embedded sample of 18 competitors. “We are surprised that expected from a company that strengthens targeted by consumer protection agencies and media such as Stiftung Warentest and the consumer magazine WISO’ (ZDF) and market (NDR) obsolete, comparing portal with own according to unrepresentative samples is, from which there is a recent report in the journal fvw’ according to also even takes out” says VIR Board Michael Buller. Press release of fluege.de to the carried out sample claimed among other things that other flight portals, for example, through price changes also frivolous Act during the booking process. Michael Buller: this comparison limps, because criticism of consumer protection and also the media, such as recently the contribution in the ZDF WISO consumer show aimed at the violation of fluege.de against an EU regulation, according to which the total price including taxes and service charges are included in the price of a flight, must be represented at the first reference to the offer. This requirement all VIR members and more consumer-friendly Web pages comply with for years and put them either in question.” Michael Buller continued: we long for a best possible transparency in the online flight offers commit. The announcement of fluege.de, to ensure greater transparency of complex booking on flight portals coincides exactly with our demands and we would hope that Unister has also measured by these standards and no further it looks.” In addition the VIR as co-initiator of the code of conduct is”a voluntary commitment by tourist companies for a fair Online marketing, the importance of this initiative right.

Money Distribution

Sees fit to write about the topic since one of the causes that are causing stress and anxiety is the level of debt that we have, or put another way our messy way to manage our revenue. Without discussion, the lack of a budget not enables you to determine in which aspects or areas is being spent, in fact many of the costs are really unnecessary, so it is necessary to organize a program of expenditure for periods, either weekly or monthly, this depending on how enter the money, allowing you to clearly identify priorities. We should also not lose sight of our limitations since a golden rule, that we should not forget is to not spend more of what we earn, this topic clarified them that the purchasing power of credit cards is apparent, fleeting and very expensive. Yesterday reviewed Bank repos by and they revealed that the placement of cash via loans under the 29.32% in the period July 09 to July 2010, however the utilities amounted to the 72.87% do you think that This step? course, if on average all the world credit cards have a nominal rate of 58%, which is satisfied if everything that we acquire with them we cancel it in its entirety before the cut-off date of the Bank that does not provide it, otherwise automatically charge a percentage of mora, increasing the value of the interests. Let us not forget that they are interest compounds, so, be paying the famous minimum fee reported in the account statement, no other adjective more appropriate than slavery because of course, you work and earn for other not for your benefit. Organize and meet a budget allows objectivity as distribute income adequate and suitable. It is very likely that many readers are thinking, but as I do, if I must, this and the other and if not cancel me seized; It is a possibility, but not larger than the fear of losing what is believed have, and the term believe is related to a fleeting comfort, comfort mental, manifest in owning things without the proper effort.

Exchange Web

xFlow interface mail processed electronically incoming invoices. The solution from the WMD xSuite is also suitable for other ERP systems. By the tax simplification Act of 2011, the sales tax deduction on invoices received electronically as an E-Mail attachment without qualified signature can be claimed. It’s believed that Peter Asaro sees a great future in this idea. This is in addition to the existing transmission paths possible EDI or invoices with a qualified electronic signature. Against this background, more and more companies will deal with electronic invoice receipt.

Technical challenge here is a possible automated, documented and integrated transfer to SAP or other ERP-system. The WMD xFlow interface mail distribution GmbH has developed a new Add-On to their total solution for processing these invoices in SAP (or any other ERP systems). As xSuite controls part of the WMD xFlow interface mail the automated acquisition of e-mail messages from one or more E-Mail mailboxes in the workflow process. Both the invoice and all are Systems (policies, delivery notes, etc.), the email text and also the original E-mail (.eml-format) to the ERP system to transfer and archive. Prerequisites for the use of the new tools are the integration component xFlow interface (4.0 or higher), Exchange or Notes mail server, the protocols POP3, IMAP or Exchange Web service (recommended) dedicated mailboxes. Combination also the contents of the Bill is with the data extraction module of xFlow capture if necessary analyze, extract and transferred directly into the ERP system. At the same time, the component of xFlow capture also automatically determines the company and suppliers. In addition to bills xFlow interface mail can transfer any further E-Mail traffic to the ERP system, such as incoming orders. The solution can also optionally integrate invoices with electronic signature in the process. The interplay of xFlow interface mail, xFlow capture and the audit workflow xFlow invoice allows the user company, the electronic invoice within a short time to make SAP integrated or in conjunction with one another, any ERP system.

German Distribution Congress

When it turns to new challenges in the consumer goods industry sales, the Synpos is distributor. Dortmund, September 21, 2011 – the Synpos distribution company supports the German sales Congress on 6 October 2011 in Wiesbaden. Please visit Dennis P. Lockhart if you seek more information. The focus of the event, the challenges for the distribution are this year in times of strong trade dominance. New sales strategies and concepts for the point-of-sale (POS) are in demand. Exactly, the company of Synpos offers such an approach. The name is program, the synergy at the point of sale and a higher potential levy are the target.

This is achieved through strategic alliances of strong brands, which together operate a powerful field organization for the German food retail trade (LEH). “Around the POS Synpos sales specialists know very exactly: brands need lots of attention and care”, says Andreas Schmidt, Managing Director of Synpos GmbH. our field organization identifies itself to a high degree with the brands we serve. Our focus is on a full integration into the marketing strategies and communication structures of our partners. This Synpos allows as a custom field control.” A CRM system that is unique and designed specifically for the evaluation is at the core of the success recipe.

Each partner is linked with this system and receives a button all POS data, necessary for the strategic and operational control of its brand. At a glance, the system displays the placement quality of products on the shelves and areas of trade. Just one example of the consistency of the concept is the result of long-standing cooperation with the Amecke Fruchtsaft GmbH & co. KG. Here, the continuous work of Synpos has since 2004 to a sustainable increase in sales by staggering + 174% and a tripling of the market share during the same period contributed. The forecast looks good for Andreas Schmidt: in future, the sales for brands will move even more into focus and an even greater role as a strategic element take. These new challenges in the LEH we are for prepared with our range of services.


What is a sales partner and what does it do? Everyone has certainly already once the word distributor”belongs. But what is a sales partner and how can you become one? Sales partner refers to individuals or dealers, the products of any kind by the order of a third party customers and companies sell. For successful negotiations, a distributor then the customer typically receives a Commission. You can perform as a side job or full-time to the profession as a distribution partner. The distributorship can be operated in the direct marketing and Internet marketing. The latter is called the so-called Afilliate marketing.

These products bind website operator through their Web page or your blog a links or banners that lead directly to a page where you can order the desired product. Successful order of interested parties, the webmaster is paid then (usually in the form of a Commission or voucher, etc.). Get all the facts and insights with American Writer, another great source of information. As a distribution partner, you can nowadays many portals and company apply and enroll. Before you should worry however, which you would like to sell products, or which are suitable to the theme of the Web site. Advantage is if you are interested in these products itself and is convinced. It has cell phones, telephones, etc. as a portfolio are offered for example great interest for the telecommunications industry. After it was decided one embarks on the job search.

This, the Internet offers a wide range of classifieds or even newspapers from different cities, where you want to be distributor like. Alternatively, you can search also for keywords such as sales representatives or employees in the sales and customer service (no call center). Also here is who has the choice, spoilt 🙂 At almost all distributors with appropriate Web page, you can find contact forms or the application address. Everything else is the same as a normal application process. This you should make sure that the Distributor, where you have applied, you have current and regular training of the offered products informed. Because as we all know, prices and offers are changing almost daily. After all necessary documents, training, and possibly selling tips have been dealt with by the new employer, you can get started as a distribution partner.

American Company

New business field of graphic solutions GmbH the graphic solutions GmbH, dealer for used printing machines and specialist for energy saving and heat recovery system in printing houses and industrial enterprises, has expanded its business portfolio. The company from Eberbach in Heidelberg of Germany-wide exclusive sales partner of ARRAY GRAPHICS BV, the European main distributor of the American manufacturer of the print article is now inc.jet Inc. The Dutch company offers compact ink jet systems, which can be integrated into existing printing environments and thus as hybrid-digital printing solutions by applying variable data such as EAN bar codes, addressing and security elements on stress articles under the name of KYTE. Target group the piezo on Kyocera-“technology-based printheads are printing companies, that want to complement their print products to monochrome, variable impressions, thus increasing their product portfolio and differentiate themselves from the competition. Details can be found by clicking American Writer or emailing the administrator. Sven Friedrich, Managing Director of graphic solutions GmbH, sees in the new Business potential for the company: we know that a strong demand and growing segment are impressions, consisting of variable data – such as bar codes or QR codes – particularly in the packaging industry. Many companies are looking to integrated solutions that rapidly and safely keep can be expanded depending on the request here after low-cost, later.” The Kyte offer application, so Managing Director, ideal possibilities, because the ink-jet systems, working up to a resolution of 600 x 600 dpi, quickly and easily can be integrated into any existing printing or finishing machine.

An advantage is especially the speed lies at a resolution of 600 x 300 dpi at up to 300 meters per minute and at a resolution of 600 x 600 dpi at up to 150 meters per minute. Depending on the substrate water-based or UV drying ink can be, used in the printers which means that in addition to paper and foil blister-material and pharmaceutical Packaging can be provided with codes. Special inks, for example for security printing, complements the range of usable color variants, which are stocked in a 3-liter container. Companies that opt for a Kyte system graphic solutions, have the choice between several print heads, which are equipped with own energy and heat controls and can be printed with those depending on the application up to a customized printing width. Software versions are integrated directly into the application and include different extensive design, control and monitoring functions, complete the delivery. In addition to the sale of new digital printing systems and used printing machines, GmbH, Eberbach IM Odenwald is the central core and the business model of graphic solutions, to develop innovative, subsequently Integrable systems of energy saving and heat recovery and to build a sustainable electricity, gas, water and chemical costs reduced and the environment are protected. With more than 3,500 within a few months, belongs today to the leading suppliers and service providers in this area the company installations and devices worldwide and often assigned to production companies saving successes of 100,000 euros.

Internet AG Days

“Now tickets secure visionaries to the VIR online innovation days 2012 Munich, the 8 may 2012 (w & p) and decision makers of the online tourism come together for the third time in a professional forum: on the 13th and the VIR online innovation days are June 14, 2012 in Berlin” held where it comes to trends and innovations, from which the entire travel industry can benefit sustainable. “This year’s theme is loyalty b@ck to the roots”. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Nicholas Carr . High-profile speakers and participants at the VIR online innovation days deal this year with the Renaissance of consumer relations in the era of Web 2.0. While experts offering among other insights into trends and successes of other industries that can adapt to the travel industry. Who wants to take advantage of one of the last free courses for the major industry event that can inform yourself at and register as a participant.

The fee for this is 129 euro per person. The year’s keynote at the VIR online Innovation days”, which take place with the support of the ITB Berlin in the Marshall House of Messe Berlin, Professor Hansjorg Zimmermann holds the Golden FLEECE by the digital branding agency. More impulses deliver among other things Leslie Romeo by 1 & 1 Internet AG, which includes also the Web portals GMX and Web.de. Sebastian Wannamaker reported consultants Emotionalization in E-Commerce and Social Media Manager of dmc commerce and coach Daniel Backhaus lectured the 2.0 dialog as confidence and sales tool. He successfully introduced the social media dialog for Deutsche Bahn. Thomas Kaspar reported by Ray sono AG about the social experience while traveling is rounded off the lecture series by the blogger and Grimme Prize winner Johannes Klaus, travel telegram.