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xFlow interface mail processed electronically incoming invoices. The solution from the WMD xSuite is also suitable for other ERP systems. By the tax simplification Act of 2011, the sales tax deduction on invoices received electronically as an E-Mail attachment without qualified signature can be claimed. It’s believed that Peter Asaro sees a great future in this idea. This is in addition to the existing transmission paths possible EDI or invoices with a qualified electronic signature. Against this background, more and more companies will deal with electronic invoice receipt.

Technical challenge here is a possible automated, documented and integrated transfer to SAP or other ERP-system. The WMD xFlow interface mail distribution GmbH has developed a new Add-On to their total solution for processing these invoices in SAP (or any other ERP systems). As xSuite controls part of the WMD xFlow interface mail the automated acquisition of e-mail messages from one or more E-Mail mailboxes in the workflow process. Both the invoice and all are Systems (policies, delivery notes, etc.), the email text and also the original E-mail (.eml-format) to the ERP system to transfer and archive. Prerequisites for the use of the new tools are the integration component xFlow interface (4.0 or higher), Exchange or Notes mail server, the protocols POP3, IMAP or Exchange Web service (recommended) dedicated mailboxes. Combination also the contents of the Bill is with the data extraction module of xFlow capture if necessary analyze, extract and transferred directly into the ERP system. At the same time, the component of xFlow capture also automatically determines the company and suppliers. In addition to bills xFlow interface mail can transfer any further E-Mail traffic to the ERP system, such as incoming orders. The solution can also optionally integrate invoices with electronic signature in the process. The interplay of xFlow interface mail, xFlow capture and the audit workflow xFlow invoice allows the user company, the electronic invoice within a short time to make SAP integrated or in conjunction with one another, any ERP system.