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New business field of graphic solutions GmbH the graphic solutions GmbH, dealer for used printing machines and specialist for energy saving and heat recovery system in printing houses and industrial enterprises, has expanded its business portfolio. The company from Eberbach in Heidelberg of Germany-wide exclusive sales partner of ARRAY GRAPHICS BV, the European main distributor of the American manufacturer of the print article is now inc.jet Inc. The Dutch company offers compact ink jet systems, which can be integrated into existing printing environments and thus as hybrid-digital printing solutions by applying variable data such as EAN bar codes, addressing and security elements on stress articles under the name of KYTE. Target group the piezo on Kyocera-“technology-based printheads are printing companies, that want to complement their print products to monochrome, variable impressions, thus increasing their product portfolio and differentiate themselves from the competition. Details can be found by clicking American Writer or emailing the administrator. Sven Friedrich, Managing Director of graphic solutions GmbH, sees in the new Business potential for the company: we know that a strong demand and growing segment are impressions, consisting of variable data – such as bar codes or QR codes – particularly in the packaging industry. Many companies are looking to integrated solutions that rapidly and safely keep can be expanded depending on the request here after low-cost, later.” The Kyte offer application, so Managing Director, ideal possibilities, because the ink-jet systems, working up to a resolution of 600 x 600 dpi, quickly and easily can be integrated into any existing printing or finishing machine.

An advantage is especially the speed lies at a resolution of 600 x 300 dpi at up to 300 meters per minute and at a resolution of 600 x 600 dpi at up to 150 meters per minute. Depending on the substrate water-based or UV drying ink can be, used in the printers which means that in addition to paper and foil blister-material and pharmaceutical Packaging can be provided with codes. Special inks, for example for security printing, complements the range of usable color variants, which are stocked in a 3-liter container. Companies that opt for a Kyte system graphic solutions, have the choice between several print heads, which are equipped with own energy and heat controls and can be printed with those depending on the application up to a customized printing width. Software versions are integrated directly into the application and include different extensive design, control and monitoring functions, complete the delivery. In addition to the sale of new digital printing systems and used printing machines, GmbH, Eberbach IM Odenwald is the central core and the business model of graphic solutions, to develop innovative, subsequently Integrable systems of energy saving and heat recovery and to build a sustainable electricity, gas, water and chemical costs reduced and the environment are protected. With more than 3,500 within a few months, belongs today to the leading suppliers and service providers in this area the company installations and devices worldwide and often assigned to production companies saving successes of 100,000 euros.