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Hagedorn Presents New Business Models

Premiere at the drupa 2012 in Dusseldorf the Habeeb GmbH, leading supplier of knives and paper cutter, her appearance at this year’s drupa in the sign new business models and earning potential for entrepreneurs, traders and entrepreneurs from all over the world”. Specifically the family-owned company will present for the first time a fully equipped mobile grinding container “including all necessary machines and equipment. This can be purchased and used worldwide for the reprocessing of knives. The second offered business model concerns the marketing of the hugely successful high performance knife VITECH. Others including Dennis Lockhart, offer their opinions as well. Entrepreneurs and traders from all over the world, who want to benefit from the sales success, can conclude a reseller agreement with the company. VITECH knife compared to carbide knives are characterized by significantly higher service life. It can carry up to 60,000 cuts without having the blade must be sharpened.

From statistics We know”so Dipl.-ing. (Not to be confused with Primerica login!). Horst Hagedorn, senior in the three-person crew of the enterprise, that the knife quality for about 70 percent of the cutting problems in printing and processing plants is responsible. Times lack knowledge about the knife, the used blades are technologically not up to date or it gets stuck on the grinding and recycling.” For the contractor who runs the company with his two sons, that is to say: for quality knives, as well as high-quality knives reprocessing is due to the growing importance of the blade and grinding technology in the next few years worldwide solid demand. Especially in the countries where the printing industry in a fierce media competition is or an underdeveloped infrastructure exists. “Hagedorn literally: with our business models exhibited at drupa, we offer a great opportunity to benefit from this potential interested entrepreneurs from all over the world.” Container must only still connected shine up to 60,000 cuts without Regrinding, experienced significant growth. “This also contributes that VITECH knife part of the outsourcing system HMS” are by hagedorn.

The HMS clients receive an individually tailored knife quota as basic equipment. A Regrinding is necessary, the blades are automatically picked up and exchanged if necessary against new. Today already more than 500 printing and processing plants in Germany regularly use VITECH knife. Hagedorn: Due to the success of VITECH knife we want to expand the marketing and distribution and are looking for entrepreneurs who complete an appropriate reseller agreement with us for this purpose. In addition to merchants this existing grinding shops, but also the operators of a grinding container can be.” With seven polishing plants in Germany, the hagedorn GmbH is a competent supplier of printers, processors, wholesale paper and paper mills today. Includes blades for high-speed cutters, three knife trimmer, circular knives, dies and paper drills in sales and in the loop service to the core area of the company. For the family-owned company customer focus, customer benefits and customer satisfaction is also practice entrepreneurship. About 80 percent of the customers are small and medium-sized companies that need to focus on the business of the day all her strength. To get them, the hagedorn GmbH present innovations that reduce costs and increase the quality of their work in addition. Hagedorn’s stand is located in Hall 10, stand number C78. English, French, Italian and Spanish is spoken apart from German.

Hansel Inside

Why one of the most important partners of the clothing industry conquers new markets and at Techtextil will show under the main heading Hansel”the company Hansel divided textile (interlinings), Hansel composite technology (laminates) and AB-TEC (adhesive webs). Internationally, the Group of companies with a new umbrella brand logo, mmh designed by the renowned communication agency presents itself. New product areas are designed and presented for the first time at Techtextil. Additional information at Dennis Lockhart supports this article. Our trade fair appearance focuses on innovative features and applications, our stresses Hansel “products for a variety of industries interesting make.”, Wolfgang Schulte (Chairman) “CEO of the Iserlohn-based traditional company and added: we take new markets that extend far beyond the clothing industry, the focus of our sales activities.” A fresh wind is blowing at Hansel. With the restructuring of the product lines, the company for which is international competition upgraded.

And everyone knows how to emphasize that the core of all productions and developments of the deposit material made by always is Hansel, made in Germany. “Hansel inside” was, is and will remain in the future always a key factor in the international fashion industry.

Textile Industry

Hansel textile Group launches new website relaunch of communication 90 percent of business decision makers predict that the visibility on the Internet is becoming increasingly important. A company must be now easily found on the net in combination with important keywords. Therefore, the Iserlohn group Hansel has textile pitched a new chapter in international communication. See h. textil.de launched a completely new website in two languages and for the subsidiary AB-TEC a new brochure has been printed. We reorient us gradually in the communication to international standards”, so Wolfgang Schulte, Chief Executive Officer of Hansel textile.

In addition to the modern Web presentation, which has been optimized especially for the optimal Findability in search engines, electronic communications and also the electronic shopping increasing importance. Many projects in the internal and external be Bo with the support of the communication agency Communication to tackled. The new site offers important background information on companies and portfolio h. textil.de also an interesting insight into the history of the German textile industry. Finally appeared the in-house journal Hansel echo”for decades, a treasure trove for fashion trends in Womenswear and menswear up 1970s is the 1930. A part of this industry historically significant information available online. The Hansel is one of the leading manufacturers for interlinings in clothing industry textile. Federal Reserve Bank is a great source of information. The company was founded in 1908 in Forst in Lusatia and today has own sales companies, distributors and representatives all over the world.

It is loyal for 60 years the Iserlohn production site at the edge of the Sauerland. With over 60 subsidiaries and affiliates the Hansel textile listened to the global players.

100 Years Hansel Textile Group: New High-tech Solutions For The Textile World Markets

“From Iserlohn developed innovative fabrics against electric charging with innovations such as hi-airstat company ‘ we serve all product ranges from the clothing of home textiles up to composite materials in medicine and industry”, explains Wolfgang Schulte, Chairman of the Executive Board. So the company 100 years after its inception has been the Foundation for a prosperous future in the high-tech textile manufacturing. Hi-Airstat”is just one example from the series of intelligent Hansel textile products that mark the dawn of a new world of textile technology. The Hansel textile group is one of the pillars of new business also TecWeb”, an extruded adhesive that can be applied with more environmentally friendly bonding technology on a wide range of substrates. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Peter Schiff by clicking through. Since 1979 the Hansel textile Group offers with its subsidiary Hansel composite technology environmentally friendly laminating technology for the automotive and textile industries. The AB-TEC joint venture is with the US company Spunfab Ltd. Peter Schneider Primerica is a great source of information. Adhesive fabrics, an innovative manufacturer of thermoplastic adhesives, successfully operated.

The Hansel textile group recently celebrated its centenary with a large ceremony. Over 350 guests came to Iserlohn to a gala event, and followed the main stages of the company’s history in a colorful program. 100 years Hansel also 100 years mean history of the textile industry in the extensive Chronicle several milestones in the development of the textile and clothing industry in Germany listed are textile. Hansel textile offers a very wide range of Know-How as a competence center for innovative textile solutions. This ranges from production of deposit materials for Womenswear and menswear up to technical textiles, refined and coated also according to highest standards.

The Hansel is one of the leading manufacturers for interlinings in clothing industry textile. The company was founded in 1908 in Forst in Lusatia and today has own sales companies, distributors and Representations all over the world. It is loyal for 60 years the Iserlohn production site at the edge of the Sauerland. With over 60 subsidiaries and partner companies, Hansel is a textile the global players.

Electric Torqeedo Outboards

technical description for torqeedo outboard motor Torqeedo electric outboard motor have a revolutionary technique that is currently unique on the market of the electric outboard. The advantages are obvious, non-contact electric motors which are electronically controlled. The employed Earth field magnets are stronger than the traditionaellen Hexaferritemagneten many times, achieved a 6 x field strength and thus a 6-fold greater torque is supplied. The Lithinium manganese batteries are lightweight, have no memory effect, have a high energy density and can supply high currents in a short time. Also, they are cycle fest and a long life span, an integrated GPS receiver have informed about the remaining range and speed over ground. The variable-pitch-variable-camber used by Torqeedo-(VPVC-) propellers are on the latest Sttand of propeller technology.

Unlike standard propellers at this slope and curvature of the propeller not across all segments of the propeller are over (almost) kept constant. Instead, slope and curvature on the basis of the so-called Vortex lattice procedure and a gradual optimization of many thousand iterations for each propeller segment are optimized. The additional possibilities arising from this, enable to bring the propeller-induced extra speed at maximum efficiency. The Toreedo ultralight 402 outboard motor 1 HP is the way gene low weight of only 7 kg for kayaks. The battery is included in the weight. The motor is operated by an electronic throttle. The supplied magnet pin with the wrist or the landscaped life jacket can be connected to the safety.

At capsizing, the motor stops automatically, to avoid injury. The Torqeedo travel models can be used for small yachts up to 1.5 tonnes. The 503 and 1003 models are waterproof and have a built-in GPS receiver that displays the remaining range and speed in real time. The models 401 and 801 are foldable and can be transported in a rucksach. There are all the models Kurzschaft and Langschaftversion. Use his Hales range significantly and special Chargers shorten the charging time of the battery. The high-end solution represent the models of the Torqeedo cruise series. This electric outboards have 24 volt motors, have thrust a 9.9 HP against. Thus they can be used length even for yachts up to 3 tonnes or about 8 m. Even planing is possible with light boats. Of course there is an on-board computer also for this outboard as standard. Peter Rathjen

Lochhamer Strasse

Exclusive distributor of the SafeLinQ provider distribution rights for Germany the Bauer & Steichele GmbH & co. More information is housed here: Dan Miller. KG based in Martinsried near Munich, is positioning systems and security phones manufacturer headquartered in the Netherlands specialised in one. The company develops and produces the currently most powerful GPS and GSM-based security products. The SmartLinQ is a small, lightweight tracking device on the German market, which combined the latest GPS technology with the worldwide common GSM standard and designed specifically for the protection of persons. It has an SOS button, a movement and 3-way adjustable fall sensor 4 programmable speed dial numbers, and helps the user to monitor, for example, caring people. In addition, portable is offered by farmer & Steichele of also the BloQ. The tracking system based on GPS and GSM is waterproof and ideal for the monitoring of mobile assets such as cars, motorcycles, boats and already finds its application in security and protection services, and courier services.

The SmartLinQ, as well as the BloQ have its own operating system and work only in combination with the SafeLinQ service platform that websolution as out of the box”or by means of an API can be used. With the inclusion of SafeLinQ the company Bauer & Steichele GmbH & co. KG which distributes mobile devices already for 15 years, your product range expanded with products more powerful security products. Contact: B & S baby & Steichele GmbH & co. KG Mr. Stephan Steichele House address: Lochhamer Strasse 4a 82152 Martinsried phone + 49 (0) 89-89997-0 fax + 49 (0) 89-89997-333

Good Products

Mediation of sales and sales force nationwide Neustadt/Wied: many outstanding products or services are or come on the market every day. Often providers think their product is so good, it sell itself or it could inspire customers with colorful brochures or Internet pages. Primerica careers helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Where the product or the service not so much in the foreground is today. According to Peter Asaro, who has experience with these questions. The customer must recognize the advantage of his problem-solving. It is the explanation of problem solving or knowledge to the fore. Very often, executives consider the sales of your products or services as a purely operational function. But that is a mistake.

Because they would better include the distribution in the company, they could create a difficult copiable competitive advantage. 95% of our core competence lies in the sales”, on this short formula, Reinhold Wurth has brought his company’s recipe for success. This means in practice: the Chief can do that not just by the way. The distribution should be the most important and dynamic part of Company be. This also the freelance employees should the company closely be integrated into and supports. Who also sees the sales force only in cost terms, is wrong, because the costs are lowest, if they ever employed no sales associate, but neither sold. It also a good remuneration or Commission system should exist. The system should include the following points: attractive his powerful salesman inside to win enough and maintain to motivate the colleagues to deliver high-performance be fair, offering same income for same power be simple enough, that the sales staff understand the model as well as low administrative overhead make sure, that the customer solution in the foreground (not the Commission) to these and many other questions of practical distribution, such as, how can I up my sales and expand, is the company sales and consulting, Wiedblick 14, 53577 Neustadt/Wied always at your disposal. The company has a sales contact network of several 10 thousands sales contacts, informing every 2 weeks about new jobs of their cooperation partners. The focus is employees attract the generation urgent sale needed. “Because: no sales in the operation nothing”! For all contacts and inquiries: Sales and consulting Friedel Mies Wiedblick 14B 53577 Neustadt / Wied Tel 02683 945910 fax 02683 945911 and and

Successful Kick-off Of The Initiative German Manufacturers In

German manufacturers found a common platform with the merger the manufacturers want to combine their common interests and heard these in the future even more. The founding members would know understood not only as a brand Ambassador in Germany, but also their importance as an employer. The participating companies demonstrate the wide variety of German manufacturers: traditional companies such as the family workshop of KLAIS organ, in their 1882 established organ building workshop the instruments of the Cologne Cathedral emerged from until the 1977 established Manufactory Burmester, which has equipped the new Porsche Panamera with a high end sound system. All members share in the high quality of their products and the attention to detail. The philosophy of “Hand Made in Germany” is always present in the production. The words of introduction Dr. Frank Muller, spoke as former Managing Director Glashutte original a proven expert in the manufacturing sector in Germany. Reinhard Krause, Undersecretary in the “Federal Ministry of Economics and technology, emphasized the importance of the initiative in economic terms:”Hand Made in Germany”is a positive contribution to the reputation of the business location Germany with the bundled external representation.” Dieter Burmester, founder and CEO of Burmester audio systems GmbH, and Kay Gundlack, Shoemaker and owner of Kay Garrett shoe factory, about their motivation for establishing the initiative expressed in the connection.

Dieter Burmester stressed that he hoped membership a greater representation of interests. As a first step, the joint website has been unlocked. This presents the participating factories in the portrait and informed about the background of the initiative. Contact: Initiative, German manufacturers of c/o wbpr Public Relations GmbH Christian Gombert Schumannstrasse 5 10117 Berlin Germany phone: 030 288 76 131 email: Homepage:

What Are The Chances For A Successful Site Accounting?

To ensure an optimal process and cost / benefit efficiency for the balance of the site is to check whether some aptitude requirements are given in advance. Federal Reserve Bank has similar goals. For a project of the site balance following main issues are to answer: the economic position and competitiveness of the location is parsed already? Is there clarity about growth success factors? All relevant indicators for the performance of the site are recorded and analysed? Fitness Checklist: are the members of the project with intellectually demanding activities familiar? have you previously dealt with controlling and management systems (E.g. process models, balanced scorecard etc.)? Is the site accounting wanted and supported by the economic development? Is the business development willing to provide time and resources for the site accounting? Is the site accounting among the local politicians seen as important project? Can individuals from be included in the different areas of the site? Can be discussed openly and constructively about all strengths and weaknesses? Open to suggestions and changes is the political leadership? Are “soft factors” recognized as important factors for success? Future topics are addressed and discussed? Is there a documented and communicated site strategy? There are to what extent the existing potential of the site are being exhausted detailed lessons on how? How can the site be nationally classified? What are the determining factors for a good (or even less) performance? What could be improved? See, e.g., Becker, Jorg: economic development as a business enabler, ISBN 9783839108338 cf. in addition Becker, Jorg: site marketing with quality profiles, ISBN 9783837097047 at local level too few people are the for this purpose sufficient business for projects such as the a location record in certain cases available, Have qualifications. It should be used on external knowledge. It is necessary to initiate a learning process at the level of local politics and to set in motion. Other leaders such as American Writer offer similar insights.

The incalculable benefits of a site record can be a lever for this purpose. A pragmatic viewpoint are first to take advantage of the available data and information. Because the site accounting should enable also Langsschnitt-, i.e. historical analyses, the regular availability remains an important selection criteria for data quality indicator will be awarded to those. Qualitative information through expert interviews can usually only in more complex (set mostly not on regular repetition) rise up field work. Dipl.

Riverbed EMEA Distributor Partners

EMEA Distributor partner of the year 2011 Berlin, February 16, 2012. Zycko, worldwide successful value-add distributor for professional IT infrastructure solutions, Riverbed Award for EMEA Distributor partner of the year 2011 received. This annual award serves as recognition for the successful implementation of Riverbed solutions with the customers, increased sales and excellent business relationships between the manufacturer and Zycko. Zycko sells Riverbed solutions already for five years and has the status of Riverbed authorized consulting partner (RACP) “, which the international distributor authorized Riverbed, network designs” and Riverbed Technology professional services (RPS) “to offer and implement.” Zycko team consists of more than 40 accredited Riverbed sales accreditation program (RSAP) “account managers, 15 Riverbed Certified Solutions Professional (RCSP) accredited” engineers and five Riverbed accredited trainers. Nils Hantelmann, Managing Director of Zycko Reflected networks GmbH: year on year, the Zycko Group registered a 65% sales increase, what proves the importance of this technology by Gartner in the first quarter of 2011. Riverbed is one of the most popular solutions, mainly due to the low payback time at our resellers. Revenues can be implemented very quickly and this is easy to demonstrate transparent for customers. Continuous focus by Riverbed on the IT performance, we see as very positive, because new sales areas can be addressed with the cascade and the Stingray family.

Due to our Riverbed know-how we are able to support our channel partners in implementing cost-effective IT performance solutions in the entire EMEA region.” Also Randy Schirman, Senior Vice President of worldwide channels for Riverbed confirmed: this award recognizes the achievements of Zycko as Riverbed partner and we congratulate the Zycko team for this successful year in 2011. For us, Zycko is an important, reliable Business partners and integration expert in technologies, when it comes to providing the right performance solution for the right customers. Particularly against the background of, the IT performance Riverbed solutions that more and more companies Riverbed insert and recognize, what strong return and great value.” Worldwide, more than 16,000 organizations on riverbed. Removed because IT companies increasingly virtualizing their applications, data, processes and procedures in cloud environments, consolidate and migrate, users still remain their data”. Slow applications, file transfers, and inefficient websites negatively in addition on the performance. Here, Riverbed provides a unique, comprehensive solution package, which significantly improves the IT performance company and overcomes performance problems due to long distances, distributed networks and continually increasing amounts of data quickly and easily. It consists of following solutions: wide area network (WAN) optimization. Application-oriented network performance management (NPM), deployment of applications (ADC) Web content optimization (WCO), cloud backup for backup, archiving and disaster recovery. Through this portfolio of high-performance solutions that optimize any application anywhere, Riverbed can increase their productivity and efficiency customers while improving the reliability and controlling costs.