Friedrich Schulte

The damage to the investors of the two ship Fund expands in the HCI ship Fund III and VI works apparently nothing at all. Dividends remain out and now even the tax model bursts. The damage to the investors of the two ship Fund expands. Shortened life of two ships: the investors the fact that the tax conception of the funds is not properly learned In may 2012. If you have read about Peter Schiff already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The life of the ships Friedrich Schulte and Max Schulte provided for in the prospectus is not recognised by the tax authorities in the framework of the ongoing audit. Due to the changed law of the Bundesfinanzhof to tankers, the IRS does not recognise the prospected life.

After a lawsuit promises not enough success, you will need to engage on an extension of the amortization period on 14 years. For investors, this means a reduction of loss allocations from 2003 to roughly 6.5% and thus additional tax claims that are to pay interest on then – usually from 2004 – 6%. Increased amount of difference for the transition to the Tonnage taxation: In addition, there are also problems from the move to the tonnage tax. The declared by the shipping companies values are not accepted, making the difference (= difference between market – or going-concern value and book value) is affected. This difference, which is decisive for the tax burden on the sale of the vessel, should increase after the audit from 13% to 24%. However, it is the management benefit maintain that the financial management so-called based tonnage tax exemption on the 2008, who was so at the time unknown. There is intended to be a useful life of 25 years of calculation based. Thus water is mixed at least significantly wine of the tonnage tax in – alleged -. Still no distributions: With the current interim investors know also that they just in case not rely on distributions.

Electric Torqeedo Outboards

technical description for torqeedo outboard motor Torqeedo electric outboard motor have a revolutionary technique that is currently unique on the market of the electric outboard. The advantages are obvious, non-contact electric motors which are electronically controlled. The employed Earth field magnets are stronger than the traditionaellen Hexaferritemagneten many times, achieved a 6 x field strength and thus a 6-fold greater torque is supplied. The Lithinium manganese batteries are lightweight, have no memory effect, have a high energy density and can supply high currents in a short time. Also, they are cycle fest and a long life span, an integrated GPS receiver have informed about the remaining range and speed over ground. The variable-pitch-variable-camber used by Torqeedo-(VPVC-) propellers are on the latest Sttand of propeller technology.

Unlike standard propellers at this slope and curvature of the propeller not across all segments of the propeller are over (almost) kept constant. Instead, slope and curvature on the basis of the so-called Vortex lattice procedure and a gradual optimization of many thousand iterations for each propeller segment are optimized. The additional possibilities arising from this, enable to bring the propeller-induced extra speed at maximum efficiency. The Toreedo ultralight 402 outboard motor 1 HP is the way gene low weight of only 7 kg for kayaks. The battery is included in the weight. The motor is operated by an electronic throttle. The supplied magnet pin with the wrist or the landscaped life jacket can be connected to the safety.

At capsizing, the motor stops automatically, to avoid injury. The Torqeedo travel models can be used for small yachts up to 1.5 tonnes. The 503 and 1003 models are waterproof and have a built-in GPS receiver that displays the remaining range and speed in real time. The models 401 and 801 are foldable and can be transported in a rucksach. There are all the models Kurzschaft and Langschaftversion. Use his Hales range significantly and special Chargers shorten the charging time of the battery. The high-end solution represent the models of the Torqeedo cruise series. This electric outboards have 24 volt motors, have thrust a 9.9 HP against. Thus they can be used length even for yachts up to 3 tonnes or about 8 m. Even planing is possible with light boats. Of course there is an on-board computer also for this outboard as standard. Peter Rathjen

Wholesale Distributors

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