HUDSON, new YORK (Marketwire January 20, 2010) Taconic, one of the world leading providers of laboratory rodents, announced that it entered into an agreement for marketing and distribution of exclusive models of rats knockout produced by Transposagen Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. The agreement expands the diverse line of models that Taconic provides researchers and complements models custom and ready to use, including a broad deposit of knockout mice. Under the agreement, Taconic acquires worldwide rights to distribute a selection of models of rats Knockout TKO Tm of Transposagen, developed using mobile DNA technologies. The rats deposit currently includes approximately 100 models; Transposagen expressed his plans for expansion to 30,000 lines, finally providing a knockout every gene in the genome of the rat. The addition of tank rats knockout of Transposagen to the portfolio of leading Taconic transgenic models sector strengthens even more our ability to offer a wide range of sophisticated tools for the pharmaceutical and biomedical, research scientists said Kevin Leak, senior Vice President of Taconic customer relations.

As a global leader in the generation, characterization and distribution of laboratory research models, we are very excited to offer more options for many scientists who resort to Taconic as their preferred source of transgenic models, custom models and support services. Greater access to knockout rat models is vital to the success of drug discovery. For certain studies on mice rats, are preferred because their physiology is more similar to the human beings and their larger size makes imaging, sampling blood and surgery easier. However, the knockouts of rats have traditionally been difficult to develop, since the Rat Genome is not so amenable to genetic manipulation as the genome of mouse. To facilitate access to the researchers of Transposagen knockout rat models, Taconic modernized process for scientists and helps to advance your drug discovery. The models of rat Knockout TKO Tm of Transposagen complement the portfolio of a vast range of products of Taconic, offering researchers greater options in the selection of the most relevant model.

Mining Zone

The mining area belongs to the case of the monoclinic structure. the monoclinic structure is composed of the Strata and Carboniferous strata. the mining zone exists in the contact zone, the Central Ordovician Majiagou group composites the ore body, the rock and the contact zone is basically same, surrounding rock with the contact zone is bending and bending, individual lots miter Wai now edge, the contact zone, and fracture of composite ore-controlling. The output form of the ore body is usually a short distance within the surrounding rock was synchronized fold in the form of a supine step, sawtooth or anticline. Faults can be divided into two groups according to ie, NNE-NE, NW NNW direction two groups, mostly normal fault mineralization after breaking away from the little that the body integrity.

The magmatic rocks within the mining area hot mountain is diorite pyroxene biotite, diopside Petrochemical the diorite dykes of quartz monzonite, diorite porphyry and lamprophyre and diorite. The diorite is the footwall of the orebody. From the horizontal or vertical, wall rock alteration from long distance to near the ore body in turn is a large group of rocks, no alteration or minor alteration of the surrounding rock formed by thermal alteration crystalline limestone magnetite body contact metasomatic mafic the formation of a variety of skarn magnetite body rock door mafic of alkali metasomatites the normal composition of magmatic rocks. Hydrothermal alteration for added to the above rock wall rock alteration. During the beneficiation of such ore to pay attention to the magnetic separator in mineral processing equipment and the choice of the flotation machine.

Magnetite, the main ore body is about 2000m, from east to west, the change trend is from NNE to NE, tendency by SEE gradient it and dip is 400 to 900, mainly steeply inclined along the tendency to intermittent extension is 500 600 m. The average thickness is about 12 m, the eastern ore body is thick, complex form, which was now edge of the veinlenticular, lenticular, often branching and serrated western occurrence is more stable press-like ore body. The ore minerals were relatively simple, in which metallic minerals are magnetite, followed by mainly pyrite, chalcopyrite, bornite, chalcocite, digenite, hematite. A small amount of copper, malachite and pyrrhotite and network trace amounts of sulfur and copper and cobalt mine, the door and then copper, the door and then gold. Gangue minerals as serpentine, calcite; followed by the mica, chlorite, and small amounts of diopside, tremolite, etc.. Ore structure to its shaped grain-like structure is well developed, followed is the door-shaped half-shaped granular structure giving an account of the residual structure and fragmentation of the structure.

Fashion Week Madrid

O!Mygood, chain pioneered yogurt ice cream in Spain, has been present as a collaborator at the 56th edition of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid (MBFWM), the great gateway of Spanish fashion, which has put its finale on September 4. The flag had a stand at Cibelespacio, within the IFEMA trade fair site that hosted the event, which has come to distribute nearly 6,000 containers of frozen yogurt, being the bubbles of mango (original spheres filled with juice) the most demanded topping. People who flocked to its yogurt ice cream since the beginning of the ancient Pasarela Cibeles on June 30, include both visitors as participants of own fashion, designers, models among these passes the names of Modesto Lomba, founder of the Devota & Lomba firm and President of the Association of fashion creators of Spain (ACME)that he opted for the combination of handle with speculoos (a type of traditional Belgian cookie); Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, whose fashion line is He presented on the catwalk the 31st day, and who chose as a topping for frozen yogurt chunks of fresh pineapple with caramelized Sesame; the actress Rossy de Palma, who opted for the jelly beans; or the designer Francis Montesinos, who preferred to add caramel and choco golden syrup. It is not surprising that all they will have fond or yogurt!Mygood, which is prepared on the basis of a unique formula developed by its chef and a team of nutritionists. Says Ana peak, Manager of the Ensign, made daily in the same local caring for the most raw materials and 100% to yogurt, without any additive or artificial flavor, make his taste unequalled. In addition, it possesses a high content of probiotic, is low calorie, gluten-free and most importantly is deliciously irresistible. It is also the lightest among the big brands of the sector, being that fewer calories it contains (96,88 kcal per 100 grams of product). Different toppings are used to complete the frozen yogurt.

These are products and fruits of the highest quality. Fruits are selected, washed, cut, and kept at a proper temperature so they do not lose their properties. O!Mygood is very careful in the choice of these toppings trying to innovate constantly and being environmentally responsible. The Ensign offers more than 18 different flavors: fruit, like blueberries or cranberries; cereals, either nuts or muesli; good sweets, category that encompasses the sweetest products like biscuits, Oreo or brownie, etc. To this we must add the touch of the splash: syrup of maple, syrup of chocolate, tea matcha, lime zest and licorice powder making hundreds of possible combinations. O!Mygood is specialized in the marketing of frozen yogurt of first quality, accompanied by an innovative and exclusive proposal for toppings. O!Mygood is not an ice cream shop, it is not a cafeteria is much more; It is the meeting point for lovers of pleasure but also of how healthy and natural; and so is developing the chain by all Spain, through a franchise model that adds the consumer experience of an innovative, healthy and delicious product with a high profitability making it a really attractive model that arouses the interest of entrepreneurs.


Interesting for the sector’s wholesalers and distributors in Spain dedicated to the distribution of gifts for memories of guests, events, weddings, communions and especially to companies that develop their activities in the sector of the patchcord (fixed price), since the Kondiferencia company launched a new platform for sale with fixed prices and with VAT included. The new company is called Tienda-regalos – original and is located in the town of Totana in the province of Murcia, on the internet can locate it in. And its main activity is the distribution nationwide including Baleares and Canary Islands all products Islands that matters are many and innovators. One of the main characteristics of the company is that in your shop online sample distribution prices to wholesalers without any prerequisite in contrast to other companies of the same sector that to be able to display their products or their prices should be a long and hard journey through forms, these companies still not have realised that we are in a new stage, in which consumers and the public in general what they want is to press a button and be able to see and buy what they want. Within the Group wedding kon idea, s.l. represented by its brand main that is are developing tools that the public demands today, it is as simple as searching, see and buy. Shop online kondiferencia can buy all sorts of people exercising or not activity within the Group and business, is the online store for individuals, businesses and wholesalers. After several years of experience have given us account that is best online store for sale for each type of activity so people don’t have to scratch your head often asking a myriad of absurd questions. After the success achieved at the launch of the now they are developing an application for shops, I have no more to congratulate the organizers of this group of companies to innovate within their sector.