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Interesting for the sector’s wholesalers and distributors in Spain dedicated to the distribution of gifts for memories of guests, events, weddings, communions and especially to companies that develop their activities in the sector of the patchcord (fixed price), since the Kondiferencia company launched a new platform for sale with fixed prices and with VAT included. The new company is called Tienda-regalos – original and is located in the town of Totana in the province of Murcia, on the internet can locate it in. And its main activity is the distribution nationwide including Baleares and Canary Islands all products Islands that matters are many and innovators. One of the main characteristics of the company is that in your shop online sample distribution prices to wholesalers without any prerequisite in contrast to other companies of the same sector that to be able to display their products or their prices should be a long and hard journey through forms, these companies still not have realised that we are in a new stage, in which consumers and the public in general what they want is to press a button and be able to see and buy what they want. Within the Group wedding kon idea, s.l. represented by its brand main that is are developing tools that the public demands today, it is as simple as searching, see and buy. Shop online kondiferencia can buy all sorts of people exercising or not activity within the Group and business, is the online store for individuals, businesses and wholesalers. After several years of experience have given us account that is best online store for sale for each type of activity so people don’t have to scratch your head often asking a myriad of absurd questions. After the success achieved at the launch of the now they are developing an application for shops, I have no more to congratulate the organizers of this group of companies to innovate within their sector.