Understanding Education

With this it characterized the education in all its aspects, as a process in each individual can learn and teach in elapsing of its history that is lived and transformed for the same. It defined the social context of utmost relevance for the life of educating, therefore it is from same the educative process that the same can contribute for the understanding of the society where lives or through the oppression for the conditional habits and values for the same one. The education also is a phenomenon where the culture is predominant for the advance in its development in the educative process, knowing that without the culture it does not have education, therefore the same one is born from the cultural necessities of the involved ones. The conscience of the world to its redor and of its rights before the world is acquired during the educative process and its history of life. The history of the education allows to understand as the educative process happened all identifying to the problems and qualities of each time to be surpassed or transformed. When the adult the pupil lived and continues living such history and the professor is incapable to erase it, the professor is not the only detainer of knowing the human being is not one tabulates flat as he would say some authors, but one to be that lives, therefore possesss previous knowledge that can be used in its proper learning. As already it was displayed beyond a historical process, the education also is cultural, according to author the education is a result of culture of the individuals that it belongs.

However it allows the current transformation of definitive cultures. Without forgetting that the education that we search goes to depend on the governing that fit we to choose. The individual has that to exactly know itself and the ways that the society defines and distributes the education so that they can gain in fact with more quality and amount.


The great cities currently suffer with the garbage excess, therefore many of them are played in the street, causing at great time of rain floods and overflows that can cause loss of property or even though to take one person the death. The illnesses at this time also are favorable, most common are the Leptospirose, illness caused for rat piss, the reached victims more are the children. Another problem also is the lack of space in the sanitary aterros, therefore the amount deposited to each day grows in absurd ratios and the lack of one politics directed toward the recycling the problem of the garbage is precarious aggravating each time more and complicating the environment. However, the man not yet placed in practical the solution of the recycling that can change the life of all. The schools are great models that can act with this activity to change the way of life, being separated garbage and implanting awarenesses for the pupils as well as for the population of the cities. Through the awareness lack one not only plays in the garbage food remaining portions but also can, bottle PET, plastics, cardboard, papers and other objects that can be reused, exist cases that the people play material remaining portions even though toxic that can cause some problems as the blindness or take the displayed death if to this dangerous poison (cases as cesium 147 that it happened in Goiania). Many schools exist that acquire knowledge the pupils through lectures, of the advantage of the selective collection and the advantages of a people if to worry and to watch over for the environment where it lives. Little is come close making, but already it is a start, however with the speed that acmolo of garbage comes being produced, and its disordered distribution, have caused proximate damages, as the clogging of sewers and streams, thus we must have faster and certeiras actions, therefore the consequncias generated for this current culture, can compromise the life of future generations.

Different Types

For example, a pupil mentioned that ' ' In the soccer, when kick is in the high one, I sing in it, is goal in ngulo' '. An interesting activity was to take the pupils to perceive that the diverse types of turns carried through for our bodies are related with the angles. Later, one asked the pupils to it: What they are angles? How to discover the measure of each one of them? Figure 1: Classification of Angles From this question, the answers given on the meaning of the word angle had been argued so that the pupils refined the knowledge who already possuam on or so that they learned this concept if not yet had acquired the domain necessary to work with the angle definition. To reach this objective, a matrix I contend diverse geometric figures was distributed for the pupils so that they could compare the measures of the angles of each figure. Through the accomplishment of this activity, the pupils had also been able to also perceive that the size of the segments of the straight lines does not intervene with the measure of one determined angle.

According to Moment In this stage, the straight angle was used as unit of measure. Some acute, obtusos angles, rectums and evennesses had been drawn in the picture and, after that, we ask: How much it measures each one of these angles? The principle, the placed objective was esteem which angles was lesser, bigger or equal to the straight angle. Figure 2: Different Types of Angles Complementing this activity, had a quarrel on the application of the concept of angle in the daily one, as, for example, the inclination, the opening, the direction and the rotation. The last activity of the day was the called trick of Angular Goat-Blind person. This activity was carried through in the patio of the school and had as objective main that the pupils demonstrated in the practical o content that they had learned in the classroom.

The Place

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Prestige Lift

Elevator cars, elevator scissors, Navy excavator of tires, desmontador of balancing wheels and &quot is the products star of Prestige Lift" between many others that we took distributing more ago than 10 years in different countries worldwide. It is by this, that Prestige Lift makes your available the following informative article at the time of buying an elevator for car and factory or machine of wheels 1. That it is an elevator of cars? We understand like elevator of cars, all that one machinery in charge to facilitate the action able to raise or to lift all type of vehicles for its later access to the zones inferiors. 2. Types of elevator Within all the types of elevators of the cars, most common are: Elevator of car two Elevating columns of car four Elevating columns scissors 3. Basic uses applied to the vehicles.

Each type of vehicle elevator, fulfills a different requirement according to the manipulation that is wanted to use in the car. No type of elevator is better than another one, if no, the activity is known clearly main that we are going to need. It is by this, that the greater user as far as sales of elevators is mainly mechanics, and these are made for uses in repair shops and automotion. 4. I want to buy an elevator for cars? That elevating one adjusts better to his activity? Mainly, we must consider several factors at the time of looking for announcements of elevators.

It does not concern costs. These are included/understood in three groups: – Group A: Elevators for factories of general mechanics (all the pieces and parts of a vehicle. – Group B: Elevating factories of for maintenance services and fast inspection – Group C: – Elevating for factories to align directions and works in these. 5. Elevator according to group: Elevator of 2 columns Group A: Elevator of 2 Elevating columns of cars (2 Columns) or also call elevating Bridge two columns These is the main elevator of cars that we can find in all the mechanical factories expanded by everybody, by the maximum yield and accessibility that offers at the time of repairing or serving complete.

Municipal School Prof Aribaldina

Beyond working in classroom, Aribaldina still was secretary and agent of health. Pertaining to school performance of the Municipal School Prof Aribaldina de Lima Brito, counts on Association of Parents and Masters having as presidency, advice and directors associates composed for parents and masters, being that its implantation this in progress one due to school is in process of formation of its functional picture. Ambient characteristics the relief is marked by a colinosa topography, where they predominate the plateau, characterized for raised and plain lands; the source, characterized for moderately inclined lands; the sand bank, marked for lands of low altitude, situated throughout igaraps of firm land. The types of ground follow the topography of the land. In the plateau, latossolo yellow of argillaceous texture predominates. In the source, the predominant ground are the podzlico of arenaceous texture and the quartzous sands. In the sand bank podzol hidromrfico of arenaceous texture predominates. The adjacent vegetation is characterized by the diversity of representative forests of the Amaznia and that they are extended for the colinoso relief.

The plateau bush is characterized by a multiestratificada vegetation, with trees of great transport. The source bush is marked by a transistion vegetation, where if they in such a way find species of campinarana how much of plateau, it presents a great biomass. The campinarana is characterized by a medium biomass, rickety trees and high density of epfitas. The sand bank bush places itself on ground made marshy, in its landscape dominates the palms arbreas. In abandoned lands they predominate secondary vegetation known as capoeiras, characterized for the predominance of trees of small transport, ruderais shrubs and grass. The local wild fauna is characterized by the presence of the macrofauna, represented for diverse birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and, the composed microfauna for insects, arachnids, clams, etc. With regard to the hydrography, the area is bathed by the basin of the Puraquequara. Part of its courses d? water is born in the Forest Reserve Ducke, presenting clean, black or clear water.

For east, it drains the Ipiranga narrow river, that is affluent of the narrow river of the Puraquequara. This is affluent direct of the river Amazon. The predominant climate is Equatorial Hot-Humid, with an annual average temperature around 26 C. the distribution of rains is sufficiently homogeneous during the year, presenting a superior pluviomtrica height 2 000 mm. the relative humidity of air is always superior 80%. As the Managing Plan of Manaus, the Colony Chico Mendes bes situated in the Area of Transistion, that is, in the band of the municipal territory that skirtes the limits of the Urban Area, including the Reserve Forest Adolpho Ducke. In the community, the following uses are developed: residential of low density (construction of building of up to three floors), agriculturist, services, commerce and leisure.