The Place

And then I hate to you I love you but more than ever Than what I do? now? shout in silence (like other times), I die in the impotence to want ahorcarte with my tenderness, ahogarte with my kisses, acribillarte with my glances, those. And yet care, tooodo care, I still approach my palms chest bleeding and I look for the quadrature to him the triangle to be able to embonar it again, say, if there it were! , it would have to return to fit anyway seemed smaller, just a little bit smaller But I attribute it to I have distributed that it by this continent, yes, not only he has been yours, I have been giving small pieces to much people and, I hope there are them keeping, in some small box. The heart is as they say that it is the liver? that regenerates? yes it was the liver? yes it was the heart? Between the hands, wet, ah yes, it is that it was in the place mistaken V..