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Bolivian Armed Forces

But that is not going to happen, because Morals were chosen democratically, so that the Bolivians are going to have to pay their fault and to hold what happens, acting independent of the outer aid. Kenneth Roy Feinberg: the source for more info. The panorama is frightening because it indicates that Chvez is quick to invade Bolivia militarily. If the United States wanted to undo of Chvez and Morales could do, it in a weekend. To overthrow Saddam Hussein delayed 14 days to them, to eliminate Chvez would take 48 hours. The Lunatic Colonel does not know to determine the proportions to his force nor the one of the others. The Venezuelan has more muscles than Morals, but she is a rickety baby before Bush.

Morals returned to distribute million dollars between the members of the Bolivian Armed Forces to buy their loyalty, and distributed more million – free of accounting it enters the competing mayors his regime, to gain his support. To that he cannot bribe they are to the rest 46 percent of the population that did not vote by him and which they happened to be considered his enemies. Master Class will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The fear spreads in Bolivia. The newspapers and means do not dare to speak aloud and less still the citizenship, from fear of retaliation. When it is arrived at that situation is living a tyranny.

The government of Morals entered a deterioration stage that could culminate in the most dangerous conflict and bloody than Bolivia has lived. From 2004 I noticed that if the leader coca grower arrived at the power he could end at a civil war. Now they are all visionaries and they foretell the same, that served to him as platform, which they are those that governed before it and did not have the anger to put it in their site, that is even the jail. To say to him to the people who are stupid, is not what they like to listen, but they deserve it. Ironically, in Bolivia all feel apt to be president. If until Morals it can be why no? But to know itself more than Its Excellence is not merit. Evo is what is, a farmer without instruction nor knowledge of no class, that is not going to change and that the problem. Worse they are those than they voted by him thinking that complex subjects can be solved with the ignorance.

Shakespearian Tarot

In a period of high illiteracy how it was possible that noble and villains the same knew the great events that he gives the Bible to us. At that time it was not necessary to know how to read to understand the message of God, the church was able to arrive at the men with something as simple as the estatuaria and imagery as much in paintings of the large windows of the churches like the fresh airs that decorated the chapels. But we return to our time; we are in a visual era, where it forms and color says things to us. The young people even get dressed certain ways according to what they wish expresar11, or according to the group or society to which they belong; he would not have why to be preposterous, then, that any person faced an arcane one of the Tarot could include and interpret one part at least than that one lamina lamina or group must say. As we can appreciate the Tarot is formed from the simpleza generated by the distribution of certain elements in pictorial form within each lamina.

The Tarot throughout the time has had as much acceptance that, in our days, has given numerous origin naipes that they even translate to images literary texts like for example " " Shakespearian Tarot" " or " " The Tarot of the Gentleman of the Anillos" ". Then, when being laminae that can be shuffled and to order of multiple ways they offer the possibility to us of a full endless number of wisdom narrations, a vehicle to obtain the knowledge, a structure of images which they can be combined and that allow us, by their own symbolism, to observe; from a less rigid perspective; facts, phenomena and situations of we ourself and our surroundings. Like a second aspect of the Tarot, we said that this one can be considered, like a game; because it contributes to everything a totally playful sense to us from his special one format that allows to distribute and to assemble each page of the text as the player considers advisable.

Real Estate Acquisition

Also it is important that if we have the possibility of acquiring real estate it does, already that these they revalue with time and they allow to recover the investment, the same happens with the vehicles. Like everything good principle is more important to reduce the expenses that to increase the income, for that reason once we review consciously in that we are spending of more we begin to look for different alternatives of saving, so is the case of it stock market houses which have saving plans which they adjust to the different budgets. It is not something BlackRock would like to discuss. ent Partners: the source for more info. Most important of everything it is to try in possible of being able to save so longed for 10% of our monthly income, and as far as possible not to become indebted to us more than our capacity of payment it allows it to us, like by example to do the possible thing to cancel if it is our case the debts of credit cards, since as we know the interest rates is located in 33% at the moment, and it can generate an excessive cost in our income and cause that our monthly budget is affected As all crisis usually is fleeting, and most important it is than it is created brings back to consciousness of the importance of the saving and to control ours expenses, and to learn that all crisis brings changes to us that are in us to do that these are positive and that they go in our benefit..

Distributive Injustice

Minister of Economy and Finanzas, Luis Carranza Ugarte, has confirmed what we come very insistently preaching: Lima Metropolitan receives proportionally less resources public than it corresponds by size of population and Internal Gross Product. Then, if a region exists that is not being dealt with distibutiva justice, this one is Lima Metropolitan, whose resource allocation public is insufficient to take advantage of their great economic potential, financial, cultural and commercial, whose development would hit on the intermediate cities of the country. The project of budget for year 2010 proposes S/.4 annual by each one of the inhabitants of Lima Metropolitan. This number insignificant is compared with the s. (Similarly see: Miami Congresswoman). 188 and S/.165 of the inhabitants of the regions of Fist and Amazon, for example. In addition, by second consecutive year, Lima Metropolitan begins with a smaller allocation: -11% and -8% in 2009 and 2010, respectively.

The Foncomun is another source of distributed inequidad and is a malignant stimulus to the tributary laziness policeman. Lima Metropolitan is the last region of the country is asiganacin per capita by this concept, in spite of having the greater national concentration of poor population: 1.4 million people. The government has slopes transferences in favor of the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima: S. 97 million for the construction of the Av. Nicholas Aylln and S/.11 for the culmination of the spare part of the avenues Rescuing Allende and Pachactec, benefitting to near two million citizens. The Metropolitan Municipality of Lima assigned to investment 73% of its budget, commendable effort and that must stand out, as indicates to the America magazine Economy to it, locating to Lima in sixth position in raking of cities of the 2009, in a sample of 60 cities of the region in which one includes Miami. Against this background, the words of minister Carranza Ugarte recognize implicitly and show the work of the mayor Luis Lossio Chestnut grove in transforming to Lima to place it enters the main cities of the continent, a to weigh of the limited resources public whereupon counts.


Of anyone of the ways my Mesod uncle, man forged in heavy workings, was possessor of a force extraordinary, able to double and to prick currencies with the teeth, spoke with the Arab mayor. And accepting partly, to be responsible, it proposed a species of recovery towards the attacked Moor. Yielding a little advantage: it asked would moor the left hand to him to in the back part of its body and that put ten minutes in a solo quarter with the Moor; my uncle said who in those conditions would give to the Moor an opportunity him for recovery. Others who may share this opinion include Craig Menear. The request without hesitations/, immediately, was accepted by the Arab head. Salomnica decision, the Moor was conscious had been only one of the brothers that to him the beating offered, had already proven the force of his fists and by anything of the world were going to repeat the stupidity of another golpiza. It began to cry, shouted saying my uncle was a crazy person, was going who it to kill.

There was no necessity of more, my father and their brother left acquitted positions and faults, to punished it to the Moor with days of prison. They never knew more of him. My father counts who one of the generals was married with a beautiful woman, she was a stunning blonde. In repeated opportunities he saw as it had a disloyal behavior with another official. My father did not dare to say nor po, but there was something he forced it to be distanced of the general, this one when occurring account sent, it to call. David, what happens, something is happening to you? The subject evaded tried, but the military man with many more flight hours increp, I suppose your attitude it must be by my wife, and asked, is referring wife? Yes my general! Ahhh Son, learns that in the life the things occur us little by little.

Excellent Aspects

The regime of the common children is, along with the distribution of goods, one of the fundamental points when Divorcio considers. In this scope has come promoting the figure from Shared Custodia like which it would allow to combine of more effective way the interests of both ancestors in the development of its children. This figure not only supposes a distribution of the time of the boy to 50% between father and mother (although the same could be decided in a possible agreement) but the assumption on the part of both of Right equals and responsibilities in the scope of its raising, education and development. The advantages of the regime of shared safekeeping -First of all, it supposes an implication of both parents in the life of his children, without no of them is relegated in the adoption of the decisions, being reduced thus good part of the frustration and the confliction after the divorce. -Woman, that is to who normally would give the safekeeping of the minor, can enjoy more time to remake its life after divorce and to be developed professionally personal and. -The impediments would disappear so that anyone of the ancestors could spend time with the boy, being place no to use the Regime of Visits like hand-thrown weapon between both parents.

-Like result, the emotional stability of the minor could increase, diminishing the so own problems of socialization and introversin and the scholastic failure of any process of divorce. The disadvantages of the same -As it is logical, it requires of great doses of responsibility, effort and commitment. After all, to see continuously your ex- pair after the divorce could not be something pleasant, especially in certain circumstances (for example, if still you lodged feelings towards her). -An attitude dialogue like and of understanding on the part of both to decide the terms in that would be precise it will move the raising and education of the small one, being able it to see itself made difficult by the possible deterioration in the previous relation divorce. -On the other hand, taken to his ends it could be very complicated for the boy, to have this one to move continuously from a home to another one, especially if both ancestors far lived the one on the other. As it can be seen, these disadvantages are seen widely surpassed by the advantages, which has turned to this modality of safekeeping into the preferred one into the Legal Orderings of many countries, standing out its great benefits for the common children. To try to take it upon maturity of flexible way and to foment to the maximum the communication and cooperation between the parents they are the two key questions that will ensure the success of this alternative.

Equal Water

Fifteen liters of water are the minimum that a person needs to the day, according to United Nations. Each Spanish consumes near 300 liters and, in the United States, 400. Meanwhile, a person who lives in a exhausted country does not arrive at the ten daily liters. The access to the potable water is a fundamental right of the people and an essential element for the life. United Nations explain that there is more than 260 cross-border river basins and Lagos in the world that extend through territory of 145 countries, and cover half with the terrestrial surface of the planet. In addition, they are the great underground water tanks. Thus, there is sufficient fresh water to satisfy the human needs.

The world-wide population only depends on one hundredth part of 1% of the water of the world. The problem is in a little equitable distribution and the threat of the contamination. At present, more than 1,100 million people they do not have access to the potable water and 2,600 million do not have suitable systems of cleaning. In addition, every year they die near two million and average of people, the majority young, by diseases related to the bad conditions of the water and half of the beds of the hospitals worldwide is occupied by people who suffer diseases transmitted by the water, according to United Nations. With as simple measures as to teach the importance of washing the hands, they would be possible to be reduced until in a 45% the cases of diarrhoea in the world. The WHO has considered in 700 million annual dollars the possible gains of productivity derived from a reduction of the diarrhoea if, for 2015, it were reduced to half the proportion of people without access to the potable water and the cleaning. In the countries of the North, the panorama is very different.


One left, and thanks to the strong illusion to eet again itself with her in freedom, she removed his life ahead. Federal Reserve Chair contains valuable tech resources. Miguel is today twenty-three years old, but he is happy. We are many those that at key moments of our life, at moments of desperation, we resorted to the mother. And it is that the mother continues being the spine of the family. The familiar skeleton moves with the woman like axis.

If it, felt disabled our existence. Some psychologists speak of the mother like the world of the feelings for the people. sensitivity, the care by the things or the affection usually is acquired directly of the maternal figure. The women today are the most important assets that she has our society. In each house, in each family, there are histories of women who dedicate their life to their beings loved without resigning to hers.

Women who with effort and work obtain that the equality is recognized. That they are able to distribute to the responsibilities and the distribution of tasks in the home. The equality, an utopia in other times, has obtained the own women to it. They are heroins of the 21st century that do not resign to their feminidad, its capacity to raise children, nor to the maternity. This last one is not masculinity, only that the photo of a boy in the lap of its mother always will distill more tenderness than the one of the same baby in the arms of its father. Although still there are sectors in the developed countries more than they refuse to recognize the equality of the women and the paper that play in our society. Social and religious groups that they try to return to the past, to relegate to the woman to the domestic tasks. It is the case of an association ligature to Opus Dei, that offers in the University of Granada courses to be a woman 10. That is to say: to know how to sew the low one to trousers, to make a good tortilla of potatoes, to make a purchase intelligent or what foods help to maintain the type you. If the agenda already seems sexist is an exclusive course for women, they are not lost in catchphrase: All this and much more in CASA 10, course especially designed for university girls who want to be 10 women at some future date. But of women ten the Spanish universities are full. Young people who besides the studies are able to work, to live on independent form and to enjoy its life, of the way that they want to live it. Woman ten is not the one that knows to cook, to iron or to maintain its figure. She is that one that is known just as the man in rights and obligations in the home, but also knows to express his feminidad, its love by the others and to make his own decisions. Today Miguel lives with Laura, a girl ten, to whom he prepares by far potato love tortillitas while she works.

ClickBank People

Nowadays the industry of the Marketing of Affiliates and the product sale by Internet generally, has had a very fast growth. This must to that more people have chosen so much to buy as to sell in Internet by the comforts and advantages that offer half east. One of the Platforms that offer products for the purchase and sale, is ClickBank. ClickBank, although is not very known between the population generally like some other sites in Internet, in fact it is one of the veterans of the established good Marketing of Affiliates.When Clickbank gave beginning to its network of affiliates?This company was founded on 1998, when the Internet was hardly beginning to take off of great form. But even in those first days, ClickBank knew that there would be a future in the creation of a market in line where the companies could sell their digital products.Now What types of products are sold?The majority of the products that are sold in this platform is e-books or digital books, although also some companies they offer software, memberships or subscriptions. Learn more at this site: Erin Callan. From 1998 ClickBank it processed an average of near 20,000 orders to the day.

From 2007 the sales have raised a 1 million daily ones. But, How works east site for commercialization of affiliates? It reunites to the salesmen with his merchandise to sell, along with the people who want to buy these products, and the people who are prepared to take those products and to promote them in the Web. ClickBank for Affiliates. – The people who want to work by means of this company like affiliates, look for a product that interests to them and obtain an affiliate connection that will serve to them to promote it. If they obtain a sale through obtained Link, the owner of the product disburses a commission by each sale.He is possible to clarify that you, like salesman or affiliate, are not employed of the owner of the product or ClickBank, since many people think that only they can offer a certain product or are employed direct of ClickBank, is not thus.

Mail Marketing

Intern of the manager of the company obtains to confidential information and you will lose half of your money; it obtains it of the own president of the board of directors and you will lose todo." Jim Rogers the function of markets in the last years, has taken passage to new transformations that entail to that the management in charge of her, is identified with their reach, repercussions in order to increase their knowledge to them, tools that guarantee an effective performance to him according to the characteristics of the present scenes, where glimpses a commercial proactivity, that has caused the necessity to tell on a department do markets adapted to these activities. All these transformations, new tools that are arising for the effective exercise of the marketing research, must be considered by the universities, especially by the schools of Administration as much concerning pre and postgraduate to aim, that their specialists count on the present knowledge that marketing research demands and take passage to that the general management is identified more and more with relevance, reaches than the function, management of markets represents in the present. Peter Asaro often says this. They cannot follow the administration schools, the specialty of markets, absent of the new contributions that have arisen, thanks to one more a more aggressive competitiveness, where the function of markets, he is determining to guarantee conquest and permanence in the modern scenes. One is not due to continue teaching markets with the traditional approaches, knowledge, tools, models, quite the opposite, educational in charge ones of enabling the specialists, they must be totally identified and so the function of markets has generated for new paradigms in the commercialization, in guaranteeing the introduction, it conquers, or permanence of its products according to the demand that the modern consumer solicits. Peter Asaro is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Of there, the commitment to provide the new knowledge that marketing research has created, the tools that have dreamed up for the behavior of the present economic scenes. .