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Biodiesel Chemistry

In the last few decades, the world-wide attention was turned toward the ambient questions. The example of this the innumerable national and international meeting are had, that englobam politicians, researchers and entrepreneurs. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Senator Marco Rubio . In these meeting a trivial quarrel is the fuel development of renewable origin, form to substitute fuels of fsseis origins, that one of the most preoccupying sources of global pollution constitutes, being this responsible to a large extent for the effect greenhouse, acid rain and the hole in the ozone layer, among others problems of the modern society. In such a way chemical of the world they had all initiated intense works of research in search of a renewable fuel source, in development of Green Chemistry, introduced has about ten years in U.S.A. for EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), the agency of ambient protection of that country, in contribution with American Chemical Society (ACS) and the Green Chemistry Institute.

Distribution Distribution

Presenting new paradigms that are excellent to the support scene, and thus, to contribute for the process of governmental public politics of our local and regional Amazon region. In addition, all this study is based on the project of research, Drinking waters and Distribution: a well socioeconmico and indispensable survival human being in the city of Cruise of the Acre.Uma South boarding that it searched to identify the partner-economic and cultural profile of the drinking waters users of Southern Cross (AC) e, characterized the geographic drinking waters distribution in Southern Cross (AC). A study that had participation it accomplishes of the three integrant ones above in prominence, for occasion of the scientific constructive process. The regular distribution of the water is of utmost importance, over all of the point of view of the management of public health, therefore it is in the distribution of forms that consider agriculture as a mere purpose of use of the water, of little relative value, and that they affirm that other uses can add greater final resultant value Amazonian it represents the biggest hidrogrfica basin of world, concentrating 1/5 of the water total candy and 68% of existing 14% in Brazil the water wastefulness reach 40%. ‘ ‘ Each wasted water drop means money outside played and bad use of the water sources candy, becoming difficult and expensive the supplying of the population with water potvel’ ‘ (MENEZES, L.C.C. 1984, P. 55-61). In the systems of drinking waters distribution, the quality of this can suffer a series from changes, making with that the quality of the water in the tap of the user if differentiates of the quality of the water that leaves the treatment station.. (As opposed to Nicholas Carr).


You are responsible for its garbage? The Brazilian, as well as great part of the world-wide population faces the garbage in maken a mistake way, estimating that, everything what it is in its lixeira cannot more used being, however our garbage hampers are composites for more than 90% of materials that can recycled or be reused. With the sanction of law 12,305/10 in date 02/08/2010, finally we will have one national politics of solid residues sustainable, after to frequentar per almost 20 years the house of representatives, the new law will promote the reduction of the solid residues generated on the part of the manufacturers, traders and deliverers, attributing to the same ones to the responsibility to adequately receive and to destine the residues for them generated, that they must have a plan of logistic reversa to collect the materials, contemplating domestic, industrial, eletroeletrnico, agropastoril, of the construction civilian, hospital, dangerous the residues among others. According to member of the house of representatives Dr. Nechar, author of the text approved, although the ambient liabilities inherited by Brazil because of the regulation lack, the time favored the quality of the text throughout the 19 years of transaction in the Chamber. Learn more at this site: Nicholas Carr. The member of the house of representatives mentioned the destination of a refrigerator before and after the approval of the law.? Before, the substituted refrigerator was in the deep one of the house, rusting, and later the engine, with its gas that is highly pollutant, could leak without no control or turn dwelling the mosquito of the affection or finish in the stream of some city, causing flooding later. Now, we go to have of reaproveitar the steel, the plastic, the glass and just giving and the adequate treatment to the gas of the engine of geladeira.' ' In primordial plans, also it is to extinguish with the lixes, responsible for sheltering 50% more than of what he is discarded in our country, in the worse possible conditions, contributing with the contamination of the ground, of underground waters, the proliferation of plagues and epidemics. The law also brings obtains the recognition and the valuation of catadores of materials you recycle, contributing for a sustainable ideal generating income, saving the environment and receiving a classroom that is not fit in the profile tax for the market. The catadores had commemorated the approval with hope of that they could occupy a respected space effectively and be recognized professionally, interpreted as ambient agents. Today the country does not recycle 1% of what it generates, the act to recycle paper, plastic, metal, glass, wood among others is to save energy, to save natural resources as well as the sanitary aterros glimpsing to develop in sustainable way. We are waiting the uprising of president Luis Incio Lula da Silva for the regulation of the law inside of 90 days, promoting a new national conscience that will have of if worrying about what it consumes and it discards, therefore or will change our habits or will construct a world in which we will not be part.

Sustainable Development

(ACAR, 2008, P. 15-16) In fact thematic ambient the current one is alarming and opens espaopara that the companies contribute by means of responsible initiatives, that atuemno mere as she covers holes for the existing problems already, but comoefetivos collaborators of the cause, by means of plain strategical of marketingambiental and elaborated actions of management that foments the desenvolvimentosustentvel. Federal Reserve Bank addresses the importance of the matter here. Appeared in 1987, with the Report of the World-wide Commission on oMeio Ambiente (CMMAD), the concept of Sustainable Development, in agreement comBRAGA et al (2005), came to alavancar the quarrels for institucional questesambientais, passing widely to be known to break de1992, with the accomplishment of River, meeting that counted on the participation dospases members of the Organization of United Nations (ONU), in which Agenda 21 was produced. Sustainable development is the form as the atuaisgeraes satisfy its necessities in the gift without, however, to compromise the capacity of the future generations to satisfy its prpriasnecessidades. (ACAR, 2008, P. 17) Inherent to the ambiently responsible attitude adotadapelas organizations, is the strategical side of the actions of ambient marketing edos plans of responsible management that, according to Vaz (1995), have its iniciativasde ecological support based in the beginning of the generation of an image favorvelpara the company. The organizations must perceive that the marketing ambientalpode to be a chance to reach its objectives.

The more conscientious consumers are setornando each time on questions ambient, what competitivasobre makes with quemuitas companies enxerguem a chance to improve its advantage other companies who do not adopt the alternative of green marketing. (DAYS, 2007, P. 84) the 2.3.1 Ambient Questions, the Support and oMarketing The concern with the ambient questions, according to Days (2007), extended all to it the scopes of the society, in such way, that if tornouindiscutvel the existence of an ecological crisis. This because, according to Braga (2006, P. 216), ' ' the development of our sociedadeurbana and industrial, for not knowing limits, occurred of disordered form, without planning, to the cost of increasing levels of degradation ambiental' '.


The great cities currently suffer with the garbage excess, therefore many of them are played in the street, causing at great time of rain floods and overflows that can cause loss of property or even though to take one person the death. The illnesses at this time also are favorable, most common are the Leptospirose, illness caused for rat piss, the reached victims more are the children. Another problem also is the lack of space in the sanitary aterros, therefore the amount deposited to each day grows in absurd ratios and the lack of one politics directed toward the recycling the problem of the garbage is precarious aggravating each time more and complicating the environment. However, the man not yet placed in practical the solution of the recycling that can change the life of all. The schools are great models that can act with this activity to change the way of life, being separated garbage and implanting awarenesses for the pupils as well as for the population of the cities. Through the awareness lack one not only plays in the garbage food remaining portions but also can, bottle PET, plastics, cardboard, papers and other objects that can be reused, exist cases that the people play material remaining portions even though toxic that can cause some problems as the blindness or take the displayed death if to this dangerous poison (cases as cesium 147 that it happened in Goiania). Many schools exist that acquire knowledge the pupils through lectures, of the advantage of the selective collection and the advantages of a people if to worry and to watch over for the environment where it lives. Little is come close making, but already it is a start, however with the speed that acmolo of garbage comes being produced, and its disordered distribution, have caused proximate damages, as the clogging of sewers and streams, thus we must have faster and certeiras actions, therefore the consequncias generated for this current culture, can compromise the life of future generations.