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The Removal of Waste Can Be Hard

The consequence of no one taking responsibility is that these employees may take days to remove debris in these areas. This situation causes the glass, cardboard and food scraps are the subject of play for children and main source of pollution, as animals such as dogs and cats scramble for food wastes, and waste is spread. Against this background, the environmental departments agree to review this system of effective and innovative, “despite the large financial investment needed to install a network of underground pipes in the city. Several options: static or mobile system pneumatic collection system fixed or static is placed in a mailbox on the street or disposal hatch inside the buildings. Euro Pacific Precious Metals is the source for more interesting facts. In them there is a gap in which each resident may deposit garbage at any time without limitation of time.

These wastes are transported daily from homes, buildings and sites where wastes are generated through the network of underground pipes, connected to the mailboxes to get them to a central plant or at a speed of 60 kilometers per hour by a strong airstream. Once there are treated according to their composition. The main advantage of these plants is technically possible to differentiate destinations. Allows functioning in areas where selective collection was unthinkable to make the traditional way. In these treatment facilities, garbage containers and is organized into the engine air filters clean to be emitted into the atmosphere. Treatment plants can be simple or waste collection and reception. Later, the containers are removed from the plant by a truck and each fraction of waste is sent to your destination.

Sustainable Development

(ACAR, 2008, P. 15-16) In fact thematic ambient the current one is alarming and opens espaopara that the companies contribute by means of responsible initiatives, that atuemno mere as she covers holes for the existing problems already, but comoefetivos collaborators of the cause, by means of plain strategical of marketingambiental and elaborated actions of management that foments the desenvolvimentosustentvel. Federal Reserve Bank addresses the importance of the matter here. Appeared in 1987, with the Report of the World-wide Commission on oMeio Ambiente (CMMAD), the concept of Sustainable Development, in agreement comBRAGA et al (2005), came to alavancar the quarrels for institucional questesambientais, passing widely to be known to break de1992, with the accomplishment of River, meeting that counted on the participation dospases members of the Organization of United Nations (ONU), in which Agenda 21 was produced. Sustainable development is the form as the atuaisgeraes satisfy its necessities in the gift without, however, to compromise the capacity of the future generations to satisfy its prpriasnecessidades. (ACAR, 2008, P. 17) Inherent to the ambiently responsible attitude adotadapelas organizations, is the strategical side of the actions of ambient marketing edos plans of responsible management that, according to Vaz (1995), have its iniciativasde ecological support based in the beginning of the generation of an image favorvelpara the company. The organizations must perceive that the marketing ambientalpode to be a chance to reach its objectives.

The more conscientious consumers are setornando each time on questions ambient, what competitivasobre makes with quemuitas companies enxerguem a chance to improve its advantage other companies who do not adopt the alternative of green marketing. (DAYS, 2007, P. 84) the 2.3.1 Ambient Questions, the Support and oMarketing The concern with the ambient questions, according to Days (2007), extended all to it the scopes of the society, in such way, that if tornouindiscutvel the existence of an ecological crisis. This because, according to Braga (2006, P. 216), ' ' the development of our sociedadeurbana and industrial, for not knowing limits, occurred of disordered form, without planning, to the cost of increasing levels of degradation ambiental' '.

Southern Cross

The population is of 86.725 inhabitants, where 54,945 live in the urban zone and 31,780 live in the agricultural zone. Cattle agriculture and is our main economic activity, being distinguished in the production of the flour that is very appreciated in the great urban centers of the country and also in the creation of cattle (IBGE, 2006). Most of the urban perimeter of the city of Southern Cross (About 70% of the domiciles, as given of DEAS-AC 2007) is supplied with drinking waters for the general net. Although this, persists on the health of the population of the city, as the contamination of the net of water distribution, the precariousness or vulnerability of the systems of supplying, or same the inexistence of this service in some areas of the city. Because of the known heterogeneidade in the occupation of the ground urban and to the victim topography of the city, it is possible that the problems with the water supply are concentrated in areas and characteristic partner-space groups. The present study it searchs to characterize the profile of the users of the system of water supply in the city of Southern Cross, the possible causes of the vulnerability, deficiency and limitation that if the supplying system finds. The primary concern consists of the fact from that many places of the city do not receive water treated in its taps. conceptual 1.Aspectos of the Management of Waters the necessity of study and perfectioning of the Management of Waters elapses of its complexity that is decurrent of: Economic development: causing the increase of demands of hdricos resources either as well intermediate, either as consumer good final2. Population increase: bringing the direct necessity of bigger availability of hdricos resources for final consumption e, of indirect form, forcing an increase of investments in the economy for creation of jobs and, with this, a bigger demand of hdricos resources as well intermediate.

Ambient Management

In parallel, item 4.4.7 of norm OHSAS 18001:2007, also deals to the respective subject, however with focus in keeping the health and security of the involved ones. Elaboration of methods to carry through monitoramento of the processes and works, what later it generates pointers of the system. Elaboration of procedures capable to identify, to investigate, to treat and to register shunting lines of the system of the ambient management, everything what it left the control, of parameter. At last, a System of the Ambient Management must be remained in sequence, for this to the necessity to come back the Figure n 02 and to apply the PDCA, a procedure that directs the form to make this periodically is indispensable. To read more click here: Federal Reserve Governor. 3,2 Strategy Implantation the implantation is born with the persuation and motivation of the involved ones of the direction. According to MOREIRA (2006), normally the direction and management have that to convince itself on the implementation of a system of ambient management.

The persuation strategies pass for inside promoting lectures informative of the organization, visits the companies certifyd for the NBR 14001:2004, inquiry of competitors in certification process, etc. One of the item that facilitate the persuation is if the company already to possess a System of Management of Quality NBR 9001:2000 certifyd, therefore an organization to function in efficient way, it has that to identify and to manage diverse activities linked. An activity that uses resources and that it is managed of form to make possible the transformation of entrances and exits can be considered a process. Frequently the exit of a process is the entrance for the following one. In these interconnections the management of the production and products affects the management directly of concern and preservation with the environment. The motivation also is important, knows that the motivation depends on an only factor: perception of the necessity. Many times the necessity exists, however, due to information or other factors, the individual does not obtain to perceive the necessity.


The great cities currently suffer with the garbage excess, therefore many of them are played in the street, causing at great time of rain floods and overflows that can cause loss of property or even though to take one person the death. The illnesses at this time also are favorable, most common are the Leptospirose, illness caused for rat piss, the reached victims more are the children. Another problem also is the lack of space in the sanitary aterros, therefore the amount deposited to each day grows in absurd ratios and the lack of one politics directed toward the recycling the problem of the garbage is precarious aggravating each time more and complicating the environment. However, the man not yet placed in practical the solution of the recycling that can change the life of all. The schools are great models that can act with this activity to change the way of life, being separated garbage and implanting awarenesses for the pupils as well as for the population of the cities. Through the awareness lack one not only plays in the garbage food remaining portions but also can, bottle PET, plastics, cardboard, papers and other objects that can be reused, exist cases that the people play material remaining portions even though toxic that can cause some problems as the blindness or take the displayed death if to this dangerous poison (cases as cesium 147 that it happened in Goiania). Many schools exist that acquire knowledge the pupils through lectures, of the advantage of the selective collection and the advantages of a people if to worry and to watch over for the environment where it lives. Little is come close making, but already it is a start, however with the speed that acmolo of garbage comes being produced, and its disordered distribution, have caused proximate damages, as the clogging of sewers and streams, thus we must have faster and certeiras actions, therefore the consequncias generated for this current culture, can compromise the life of future generations.

Leadership And Environment

Floods in Santa Catarina, storms in Rio De Janeiro, torrential waves of heat or snowstorms in the hemisphere North. The recent natural catastrophes had not occurred by chance, had been the nature vociferating because of the indifference accumulated per decades. The average temperature of the oceans goes up dangerously to each year, gradual and, for the action of what it was stipulated to call effect greenhouse. It is consensus, enters the scientists of all the parts of the globe, that these facts directly are related to the global heating. Consequncia, over all, of the fsseis fuel burning, that is the derivatives of the oil. This type of burning generates gases as the ozone, dioxide of carbon, methane, nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide, that are of difficult dispersion.

They form a barrier that makes it difficult the waste of the heat, generating already cited effect greenhouse. The relation ' ' cause and efeito' ' it is implacable. A time that the temperature of the oceans goes up, calotas polar melts. In addition, heat cause dilatao and with water is not different, its volume increases. This is the cause. The effect is the advance of the oceans in the direction of the littoral cities, beyond the biggest evaporation of its waters, that heats airflows.

When entering in contanto with the airflows cold that come of the polar regions, become and hurricanes they are formed, causing each time estragos. This explains the reason of Brazil, until little uninjured time, to have entered in the route of hurricanes. The world already opened the eyes for what already it left of being threat. Actions aiming at the reduction of the emission of the gases that causes the effect greenhouse, either for the action of the forest fires, either for the fsseis fuel burning, are being argued. In 1997 a world-wide conference had place in Japan that congregated leaders of 160 countries more than.