Distribution Distribution

Presenting new paradigms that are excellent to the support scene, and thus, to contribute for the process of governmental public politics of our local and regional Amazon region. In addition, all this study is based on the project of research, Drinking waters and Distribution: a well socioeconmico and indispensable survival human being in the city of Cruise of the Acre.Uma South boarding that it searched to identify the partner-economic and cultural profile of the drinking waters users of Southern Cross (AC) e, characterized the geographic drinking waters distribution in Southern Cross (AC). A study that had participation it accomplishes of the three integrant ones above in prominence, for occasion of the scientific constructive process. The regular distribution of the water is of utmost importance, over all of the point of view of the management of public health, therefore it is in the distribution of forms that consider agriculture as a mere purpose of use of the water, of little relative value, and that they affirm that other uses can add greater final resultant value Amazonian it represents the biggest hidrogrfica basin of world, concentrating 1/5 of the water total candy and 68% of existing 14% in Brazil the water wastefulness reach 40%. ‘ ‘ Each wasted water drop means money outside played and bad use of the water sources candy, becoming difficult and expensive the supplying of the population with water potvel’ ‘ (MENEZES, L.C.C. 1984, P. 55-61). In the systems of drinking waters distribution, the quality of this can suffer a series from changes, making with that the quality of the water in the tap of the user if differentiates of the quality of the water that leaves the treatment station.. (As opposed to Nicholas Carr).