Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a behavioral disorder characterized by signs of distress that occurs when the dog is alone or separated from the owner. Educate yourself with thoughts from Lord Peter Hennessy. The signs can be seen among others: the destruction of furniture, clothes, walls, doors and tools (in this case it would be destructive behavior), incessant barking, inappropriate elimination (anxiety favors the opening of the sphincter) and recurrent tears. The animal's behavior is usually different when accompanied or alone. This problem behavior with that of the aggressiveness is often a major cause of abandonment of an animal. The triggers for this type of anxiety can be diverse. Among the most important we can cite: Animals very affectionate and dependent on the owner. Many times this behavior can be induced by emotional needs of the owner himself.

The type of bond between dog and owner. Returning to a state of solitude after a long period of coexistence with the owner: weekend trip summer holidays, etc. Recent Adoptions. For some days, some animals live with anxiety the fact of moving from a protective home. The protective coexist with other animals and are never alone and at home are not always accompanied. In the treatment of separation anxiety in a dog are important guidelines for a teacher or a canine ethologist aimed, firstly, to change certain habits in animals and, second, and sometimes more importantly, to help the owner understand that your pet is not a human and should not treat it as such if not to perpetuate the pathology of separation anxiety.

It is also necessary to treat the dog with flower essences and if possible to their owners, thus reinforcing the work by the canine education professional. Bach flowers selected to treat separation anxiety floral formula is separation anxiety is primarily aimed at lowering the level of anxiety and stress that the animals suffer before a situation of loneliness and manage the physical manifestations that arise from this: hyperventilation, rapid heart rate, etc. It is necessary also modulates the need to always be in the company of someone and their excessive demands for care. My experience in the treatment of separation anxiety, has led me to include in the formula an essence to treat the phobia. Behind the anxiety is an important component of phobia (fear) which is not always covered by the action of the other essences. Bach Flowers will be administered at a rate of 4 drops, 4-5-6 times, depending on the animal's anxiety level and where possible in direct application. If after 2-3 weeks of treatment, at a minimum frequency.