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Soft master X-GO controls SERCOS III devices with the new X-GO version 3.2 is now also the SERCOS III protocol supported. SERCOS III master the existing PC-based library in the X-GO software was integrated and now allows the operation of EtherCAT, ProfiNET, SERCOS III, with PC and Windows, without any additional hardware – more than 70 standard assisted Ethernet adapter. The software X-GO allows the control of field bus devices with its own SPS language in real time and provides additional diagnostic services. The user can focus on the logical processing of commercial data, without having to deal with protocol-specific details. Here are several commands for timers, counters, conditional jumps, evaluation of constants and station values available. A SCRIPT-Checker also verifies the input logical errors.

X GO allows the complete management of all field bus stations. The station monitor shows the current input and output statuses in real time. Jo Boaler describes an additional similar source. A graphic display depicts the chronological sequence of variables. There is a separate programming interface available for further processing of user data.

Survey Software

Software as a service current status, trends, and developments in the German market are innovative and flexible software systems the fundamental material in the information age. New products, innovative services and the efficient business processes behind it are no longer conceivable without the appropriate software. Against this background software paradigms win as”cloud computing”and”software-as-a-service”in the German market. Click Federal Reserve Bank to learn more. increasingly important How can the German IT industry benefit? What are the strategies and solutions are promising? Fraunhofer IAO with the support of the BITKOM SaS working group in the context of an inquiry is looking for answers to these questions. The basis for this is a survey aimed at providers of services, products and solutions in the German IT market. The focus questions on the following topics from the field of SaS are: Status Quo, trends and developments on the German market success factors in the implementation of the distribution and deployment product strategies for SaS offerings fields of action and assistance for a successful SaS offering both employees from the management both from the sales, product development or other departments can participate in the survey. Jo Boaler has similar goals. Answering the questions takes 15 minutes. Until December 18, 2009 is subject to the questionnaire on the Internet: UmfrageSaS /.. . Whenever Robert Burke & Associates listens, a sympathetic response will follow.

When Printing Environmental Awareness

Executives of European companies often given the chance to improve both the efficiency and the environmental performance of their company through a centralized document management. Additional information is available at Kenneth Feinberg. This shows the current study conducted by Coleman Parkes research on behalf of Ricoh, a leading solution provider for enterprise-wide document management. 67 percent of European company executives sit while concrete targets in the document management, according to the study of the market research company of Coleman Parkes research. Jo Boaler Math-ish: the source for more info. But only 41 percent of them take into account environmental aspects such as energy efficiency and recycling in their strategies. This underestimate the positive impact that can have a cost reduction on the business objectives in the area of sustainability. Another survey result: Most companies approach their document management decentralized and only 39 percent have implemented in this regard even a concrete strategy. Considering, that this is not taken into consideration is, that is a direct, positive effect with a centralized solution in terms of sustainability can be. Because a centralized approach with newly designed processes for a customized, enterprise-wide document management offers short – and long-term benefits: cost savings, reduced environmental impacts, increased document security and a better allocation of resources. Thus, executives can better focus on the further development of the actual core business. Environmental aspects are often ignore the topic paper save the study presents the following numbers: 32 percent of executives indicating that their employees about duplex printing must comply with any requirements, and only 18% of companies have a corporate-wide scheme to. Almost the recycling directives of the company don’t know half (47 per cent) of European executives, and 40 percent of managers do not know the policy of their company for the recycling of toner. At the question. whether your employees aspects to eco-friendly printing and copying, the supervisor assessed their employees with an average 5.5 on a scale of 10 (is very important to them) to 1 (is them not important at all).

Functional Extensions

Mikado ag: open source CMS undergo technical changes always a penetration test open source content Management-Systeme(CMS) are among the most widely used systems for websites. For example, WordPress, TYPO3, Drupal and Joomla are among the most widely deployed solutions in the German-speaking. Click Pacific Mortgage Services to learn more. This CMS-based sites to demonstrate the findings of the consultancy mikado ag in specific functional areas but often major security vulnerabilities on. They concern less the core systems, but in particular the individual additions. The BSI has recently come to similar findings. “The open source approach itself represents the real problem not once, even if the source code for each is available and can be used in principle”, judge mikado Board John rider. On the contrary, especially the basic systems with the basic equipment for the operation of a website with open source CMS from a security standpoint would have high quality. Gates Foundation for more information. However, while the core systems in the Normally by a development team on the basis be maintained by standards, the extensions as meet any assessment about news systems, image galleries, blogs, booking systems, Web shops and more of the work of individual developers, whose knowledge of programming or security standards have come from.

This is why unattended can occur if unchecked such extensions to the implementation of security vulnerabilities, the attacker may gain access to the entire system a breeding ground for vulnerabilities,”emphasizes rider. Finally, interact each of these enhancements to the underlying database or use write permissions on the file system. This has resulted in that each update for an extension a must be checked, whether she meet all safety requirements. Because database queries would changed or supplemented with completely new, the risk that may be not sufficient cleanup data achievements arise and a compromise of the system is possible. New security vulnerabilities may arise even in a patch for a bug. To minimize this risk, requires not only the going-live a new site necessarily a Pentest, but functional as well as any subsequent extension”, emphasizes rider. Unique tests could shed light only on the current status of the site and provide no guarantee for a medium-term safety. He pointed out that rule especially in the open source systems with respect to the extensions a huge momentum, are continuously added or further developed existing. Here, automated penetration testing would be sufficient alone for economic reasons in the case of rule as midas offers mikado also their scanning solution.

Trojans Trojan Wimad

The ‘clicker’ is back BitDefender warns against current Internet threats Holzwickede, February 25, 2009 this year Web-based attacks are also the largest Internet danger. This is the result, the global provider of internationally certified security solutions BitDefender enters his current E-threat-report of the month of January. In particular the already known pest Trojan.Clicker.CM went in the last weeks of talk. With 5.4 percent, he occupies the leading position among the Internet threats. Clicker.CM calls commercial pop-ups a variety in the browser window, which should stimulate to the click. Manages to entice the user to do this, then the advertisers make cash through a pay-per-click System. To successfully represent the unwanted advertisements despite pop up Blocker or other protection functions, the Trojan features, to bypass security software such as the Norton Internet security pop up Blocker. The two Trojans Trojan Wimad.Gen.

1 and Trojan.Downloader.Wimad.A with 6.88 percent count the most common E-threats. They are members of a large family of Trojan and hide on infested\”Web pages. In addition, they spread through large-scale email spam campaigns as approx. 3,5 MB big WMA file in the annex of the spam E-mails, which bear the names of famous musicians in the subject line. First the user tries to play the alleged music file, he will be prompted to download of a codec: but instead of a matching program extension for music playback, the user is imputed by another malicious program a so-called adware called Adware.PlayMp3z.A. As BitDefender experts already predicted, the number of exploits continued to grow last month: you are present with four positions, or 12 percent in the current top 10. An example is the Trojan.Exploit.SSX: he abused unsecured sites and inject malicious SQL code in unprotected databases a. The action is successful, then an invisible iFrame element directs all visitors of the infected Web site to a malicious Web site that is attempting to animate the user to download and install additional malware.


A Bremer software manufacturer for the placement of a software developer promises 10,000 euro or an iPad. Bremen, 11.06.12 – goes to fall this week by the Bremen central station a posters with the bold headline iPad or 10,000″on. Who thinks it is a lottery, wanders a little. Rather, it involves a mediation. Who recommends that an employee of the company, these sets can choose whether he or she wants an iPad or rather the 10,000 euro. Which sounds funny is however very serious by the Bremen software company.

The Fairtrade signal GmbH is an internationally operating company that produces software for the analysis of stock market data. Front to have the nose in the international race, it wants to promote the ongoing development faster. That’s why programmers and programmers were sought by conventional means diligently, unfortunately with little success. Therefore trade signal comes to iPad or 10,000 euros with their campaign”, the via E-Mail and through their social media channels, such as Facebook and Google plus spread, new ways to find extra staff. Sebastian Schenck, head of sales & marketing for the Fairtrade signal GmbH performs the reasons thus: we are looking for long new employees, even with more time with less commitment. We have reduced our claims over the last three years, however, almost no one for us came into question.” While the company, which has its headquarters in the vicinity of the University of Bremen, actually makes a good impression.

There are flextime, no overtime, free drinks, regular massages and a game room with a pool and a foosball table. “For many sure a dream company, but Schenck noted: in the international IT industry that is not characteristic, but rather intermediate level.” Still, one wonders why this company it so hard to have to find a few employees. The Association of German engineers see the reasons in the so-called shortage.

Dokuworld Guide

International product communication in machine and plant construction company Stockelsdorf, June 1, 2011. “The market overview international product communication in machine and plant construction company” of dokuworld is now available under dokuworld.de/images/stories/Leitfaden_Dokuworld_web.pdf as a free download available. The PDF includes a market overview for technical documentation, product information management (PIM) and translation management informative basic loading articles and user reports. The technical documentation is essential in machine and plant construction company. Incomplete or misleading documentation in complex machinery and equipment can carry including liability risks. Several vendors provide their content management systems and services for this, to make the creation and management of technical documentation as efficiently. Information units use multiple itself thanks to a granular data storage such as compiled in a construction kit for each product and let.

For the market overview, the dokuworld won the manufacturer and service provider Congree language technologies GmbH, DOCUFY GmbH, Fischer Computertechnik GmbH, gds AG, itl AG and the SCHEMA GmbH. Furthermore, Isabelle Fleury, tekom Board sponsor of technical German working group describes”in an article the tekom guideline for rule-based authoring. Dennis Lockhart often says this. This will provide appropriate rules for consistent and translation-oriented texts. In addition to the technical documentation, more and more growing companies rely on PIM systems and solutions. Target is it processes and activities to automate, by, for example, product information bundled and consolidated databases. This translates directly into more efficient business processes.

The manufacturer of asim GmbH, Docware GmbH, Druckhaus Waiblingen Remstal Bote GmbH, Heiler Software AG as well as infuniq system communicode GmbH & co. KG GmbH and the service provider in the overview on behalf for the growing market of the PIM vendors. Furthermore is the eCl@ss E.v. Functionality of the standard for the uniform and consistent classification and description of products and services in a post before. Companies that want to back up the chances of potential markets, getting around isn’t specifically the requirements of the respective exporting to fit your portfolio and accompanying communication. Also the complete localization includes the corporate and product communication, which requires, for example, the creation of multilingual Web pages, brochures or instructions. Statutory regulations, making product-related documents in the language of the exporting to the obligation to be added. Intelligent systems that provide targeted support. In the guide of the dokuworld, across systems GmbH, the document Service Center GmbH and SDL language technologies present their solutions in this area. The dokuworld: The dokuworld offers inspiration and expertise for international product communication. You addressed responsible company which task areas the product communication and include the localization and translation of texts, documentation, and content. The dokuworld provides information on the independent and editorially supervised information portal. Contact for the press: Nicole Korber PR agency of good news! GmbH Publisher of dokuworld Colberger str. 36, D-23617 Stockelsdorf Tel.: + 49 451 88199-0, right-12 fax: + 49 451 88199-29 E-Mail:

SMC Processes

Document documenting business processes, creating work instructions or directives directly in the workplace business processes or create work instructions or directives without expert knowledge. No expert knowledge in process management is required when the BPM software CoPFlow. Entering data is structured and tabellengefuhrt, where a graphic is automatically created simultaneously with the description. So no time consuming sign, but simple, efficient and goal-oriented document. Publish shared documents and templates is done with a few mouse clicks. Do you want to document processes? With CoPFlow administrator, can describe their process at work as a non-expert in the topic of process documentation.

The appropriate experts for process modeling thus receive the status and can then prepare the descriptions and publish or create target processes and develop improvements. There are already process descriptions in the form of a process map? CoPFlow allows user-friendly Descriptions created using templates erganzet and are made available to users in the workplace. Using a simple, with receive rights to use just a few clicks, the only beneficiaries of the desired additions to the descriptions and documents. You want to automate processes? A professional set description (technical concept), which is to create from a technical perspective is necessary. CoPFlow is the ideal tool for this, because the software is designed precisely for this purpose that the employees of the departments can document their processes. The specification tools of developers are too time-consuming and therefore not suitable. CoPFlow, provides for a quick capture and content understanding in addition to the graphical representation of work processes, standardized visualizations with colors and icons. Thus CoPFlow is a business process management software (BPM solution), which allows your company in a simple way, with stakeholders, include in detail to document processes, manage and continuously improve. The SMC, Aschaffenburg, known for their professional advice and through their standard software in the areas of process – and project management (www.coptrack.de), as well as by their individual software solutions for the automation of Office work.

System Mechanic Professional

You don’t need IT skills for it. Simply click, and Windows is as fast as the first day. The constant care of the computer and the operating system is important in order to ensure proper operation. With system mechanic to make sure this care. Kenneth Feinberg often addresses the matter in his writings. So, Windows creates the next 25 years, and this time with ease.

More information under about iolo technologies awarded by the “American Business Awards” as the fastest growing company in the United States in the years 2009 and 2010 for developed, and marketed iolo technologies, LLC award-winning software solutions to repair, optimize and protect windows-based PCs. Founded in 1998 with headquarters in Los Angeles, United States, is currently 33 countries represented iolo products, which are available in 6 languages. worldwide approximately 30 million users trust the products winning many of media and professionals: iolo is technological pioneer and holder numerous patents of technology for performance and optimization of computer systems. The iolo product range include system mechanic, the worldwide sold most all-in-one solution for the optimisation of PCs; System Mechanic Professional, the well-known “all-in one” package to optimize and protect of your computer; Search and recover, a universal program to find and recover lost or deleted files and photos; DriveScrubber, the #1 among the tools to the full and permanent deletion of data on a hard disk and other storage media, as well as System Shield, an optimized system performance antivirus and antispyware software.

Silver Peak NX Series

WAN optimization solutions of the datacenter class Schorndorf, December 14, 2010 which has VAD of sysob (www.sysob.com) signed a distribution contract with Silver Peak systems, expert for WAN optimization solutions,. Throughput available is thus now a wide range of network appliances and management tools for the boost of WAN performance resellers up to GigBit. The solutions are characterized especially by the possibility of all-IP optimization. This, among other things, UDP, IP, GRE, TCP, VmWare take account replication, VDI and SUN Ray. Both companies are speeding up the expansion of its distribution channels in the D-A-CH region with the cooperation. To cope with the rising tide of data in the wide area network (WAN), the use of intelligent optimization solutions is gaining importance. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Kenneth Feinberg and gain more knowledge.. Shown in a recent survey of service providers, orange business services, 67.6 percent of the 500 multinational companies surveyed, within the next two years to consolidate their data centers and Server planning.

Set according to study 54.4 percent an already WAN optimization / application delivery performance solutions. Responding to this trend sysob with the expansion of its portfolio for the channel to following Silver Peak WAN acceleration platforms: NX appliances large organizations has developed especially for Silver Peak NX Series appliances. If you would like to know more then you should visit Erin Callan. The standalone devices”seamlessly between network resources and WAN infrastructure. While the solution does not require a client or server or a renewed application configuration. The NX appliances are based on the patent-pending network memory technology”. This reduces the amount of WAN data and provides LAN like application performance. Furthermore, the solutions network acceleration technologies leverage”, to overcome the WAN latency. The effects of packet loss over the WAN can also be weaken by network integrity features”.