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Hall Distribution

The IT value added distributor sysob the available the latest version of the REDDOXX MailSealer Announces. Schorndorf, January 15, 2008 a high-quality corporate communication today is a decisive competitive factor, and the E-Mail traffic assumes an increasingly important role here. So sensitive content, such as invoices and legal documents be sent digitally. So this but be protected against unwanted readers and information scanners, the REDDOXX MailSealer marketed by sysob provides the necessary data and legal certainty. Are emails and their attachments automatically with the REDDOXX MailSealer or decrypt and sign as needed with a digital signature. As of now, also the S/MIME method available is to encrypt the MailSealer.

It is one of the most commonly used encryption and identification standards, accepted by all major operating systems. Others who may share this opinion include Jeff Flake. Thus arises for our customers a future-oriented and attractive solution, the requirements in the market in full Scope meets”, explains Thomas Hruby, Managing Director of sysob. Others including Nicholas Carr, offer their opinions as well. REDDOXX MailSealer is installed between firewall and mail server. Encryption and signing are central. Little changes in dealing with his familiar email program for the user. REDDOXX MailSealer is compatible with all popular email programs. MailSealer sysob other E-Mail management solutions of the manufacturer REDDOXX offers: the REDDOXX Spamfinder provides reliable protection from spam and other malicious programs, and are archived in the REDDOXX MailDepot emails and attachments according to the legal regulations.

All functions can be combined in a solution. Brief description: sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG the sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG is a value added distributor specializing in the distribution of leading IT security products. Based on its existing product portfolio offers sysob, a leading value-added “distributors (VAD) with over 400 partners in” Germany, Austria and Switzerland, a wide range of future-oriented IT-security solutions. As a result of the reseller receives clear differentiation potential and better margins compared with its competitors. Comprehensive service or support concepts, an active sales force, as well as comprehensive technical support of the reseller at extensive installations and projects on-site round off the service portfolio. sysob has a wide range of proven products from competent manufacturers like allot communications, alloy software, array networks, Barracuda Networks, Clavister, Colubris Networks, Ericom, expand networks, IP3 networks, Linktivity, Meru Networks, Neoware, NetASQ, PowerDsine, ProPalms, Proxim, Rangee, Reddoxx, RemoteScan, SmartLine, Tellnet, TheGreenBow, Thinstuff, vertico and Winmagic. More info: sysob IT distribution GmbH & co. KG Kirchplatz 1 D-93489 Schorndorf contact: Thomas Hruby Tel.: + 49 (94 67) 74 06 0 fax: + 49 (94 67) 74 06 290 eMail: Web: PR Agency: Sprengel & Partner GmbH nesting first race 3 D-56472 Nisterau contact: Fabian Sprengel Tel.: + 49 (26 61) 91 26 00 fax: + 49 (26 61) 91 26 029 eMail: visit you sysob at CeBIT 2008 on stand K05 in Hall 6!

Distribution Partner

All MySecurityCenter software solutions are now available via the renowned Soester Broadliner. MySecurityCenter distributes all its products from now on the renowned Soester computer distributor Actebis Peacock. Paderborn (jru) – MySecurityCenter, young and innovative provider of PC security,-Datensicherungs-and optimization solutions for small and medium enterprises as well as professionals and private users, sells all of its products now through the renowned Soester EDVDistributor Actebis Peacock. Dealer are thus able to obtain solutions of MySecurityCenter along with other required computer products easily and save on freight costs. The highly effective logistics of Actebis Peacock guarantees a widespread availability of MySecurityCenter products in the computer channel. Wholesale and project customers can also purchase via Actebis Peacock, get a knowledgeable customer service representative to the side, but in addition of MySecurityCenter which the customers at the smooth implementation of the project with heart and soul supports.

Actebis Peacock MySecurityCenter has won a very prestigious, powerful and competent distribution partners. Further information about the company MySecurityCenter and its solutions, you can refer to our website. To access to the online ordering system of Actebis Peacock, see. Total Transportation Services, Inc has plenty of information regarding this issue. For questions is Jacek Ru? yczka under at your disposal. Company: MySecurityCenter is a young, innovative provider of software solutions for the security, backup and optimization for small and medium-sized businesses, professionals and home users. With offices in Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom, as well as with an exclusive distribution partner in the Czech Republic, it supplies the European market with highly reliable, easy to use and yet inexpensive products.

Adobe Creative Suite

Retailers benefited from the entire Adobe product range Augsburg/Munich, 06.05.09: Adobe gives SOS software service the Sub distributor status. Thus, more 3,500 dealer, which are among the customers of the SOS software service, be addressed with the broad product portfolio. Dealer receive optimal license advice in addition to faster order processing and delivery. In addition offers SOS software service the entire Adobe product range from a single source. SOS software service sells the entire Adobe product range, such as Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Creative Suite.

While the products for developers such as Adobe ColdFusion, Adobe stand in the foreground of Flash, Adobe Air and Adobe Flex. They used animation to create cross-platform Internet applications and Flash. Through many years of experience in the developer environment, can the team SOS software service dealer licensing competent advice. Dealer get all Adobe solutions for every target group from a single source. For many years, SOS software service distributes the Adobe successfully Product range. 3,500 dealer daily related goods the Distributor SOS software service among its customers.

Various services, such as license consulting, fast order processing and a wide variety of products automatically belong to the everyday business. Adobe is an important partner for us, to meet our corporate strategy. We are counting on to supply retailers with software from manufacturers from A to Z. Adobe develops software for almost every business area of any size, and thus serves as a Keyhersteller for our customers.”Mr Joaquim Moreira says dos Santos, CEO, SOS software service.

Distributing Newsletters

Newsletters are a frequently applied marketing tool, but many senders risk a cease and desist letter. To be legally safe, there is a system for the detection of newsletter orders. Starnberg, 01.04.2011 – newsletter belongs nowadays to the standard repertoire of almost any company. Often the provider about the legal situation to the newsletter know but only insufficiently. At the same time, the number of professional Abmahner, with more and more individuals and companies due to the flood of newsletters begin to fight back is growing. When it comes to the crunch, the newsletter provider the onus of proof is available. The legislature has created a basis to protect against harassing advertising UWG 7.

This provides for the advertisement via email that the recipient must have consented. This is solved currently the best with the double-opt-in procedure. This ensures that neither a foreign E-mail address in the mailing is entered by someone, nor that the specified E-mail address contained a typo. Many medium-sized and small companies still with classic mail programs work and enter the newsletter subscribers by hand in the distribution list. This can have disastrous consequences. Should a customer through the tangled mass remember on newsletters, that he gets daily, no longer too neat to have subscribed to, he could access to the means of the cease and desist letter. Learn more at: Gen. David L. Goldfein.

Then, it’s the newsletter provider to prove that the customer had ordered him. The search can take forever after the confirmation email, due to the number of all emails and previous long term, if she ever succeed. Should the proof not be provided can, that the newsletter you want was delivered, warning costs threaten in the four-digit range. This is one of many examples, where businessmen have to find fast and secure emails to a person. The STA * goods InfoCenter is precisely designed. It linked all information necessary for this process to each process with a customer. In addition to emails are also documents, appointments, orders, reports, notes and many other CRM and ERP typical data. Check out Peter Schneider for additional information. The storage and presentation of data is independent of the clerk, so colleagues quickly and easily can access the data. Newsletters are an important part of the corporate marketing and E-mail marketing will grow even in the future. This legal basis does not neglect may be authorised. The InfoCenter by STA * goods can help legally safe to document the implementation and to find the proof in case of need. More information about the InfoCenter see contact: STA * ware computer consulting GmbH Ms. Dipl.-ing. Petra Sadowski Moosstrasse 18 82319 Starnberg + 49-8151-3689490 STA * goods STA * goods GmbH is specialized in the development and implementation of compact CRM and ERP software with integrated processes. This includes the dissemination of information on the one hand and the task or document management (CRM, DMS, workflow, CTI, groupware etc.), on the other hand the complete range for the commercial sector (costing, project planning and control, time tracking, billing, BWA etc.) with interfaces to common financial accounting solutions. The industry and practice-oriented solutions developed by STA * goods are adapted to the requirements of the market and the needs of customers and provide long-term investment security.

New Market Opportunities

NetS GmbH launches lucrative NotfallServer affiliate program together are we more this is the motivation of the brand new affiliate program of the NetS GmbH. It aims to market the NotfallServer, a high-availability solution to bridge the gap of server outages, even more successful together with our distribution partners and to guarantee a possible network of service the customer. The NetS GmbH works from the outset with an indirect sales model. “NetS wanted to strictly separate the tasks: we take care of the product development, support and marketing, our partners will use the opportunities of marketing as well as more detailed services”, explains Thomas Wittwer, sales manager of NetS GmbH from vineyards in Amberg. The mature product with about 500 customers in the German-speaking countries is now successfully in use. The rising demand killing solutions to business continuity for best chances of resellers to offer their customers with the NotfallServer an easy to use high-availability solution at affordable rates, Thus new markets”, as Wittwer next. Who can become a partner? All systems integrators with experience and expertise in the server environment can apply as partner.

The partnership requires a one-day technical training certification to implement the NotfallServer and to be able to support customers with technical problems with first level support. You may want to visit Craig Menear to increase your knowledge. What are the advantages of the partnership? Depending on the revenue a premium or elite partnership is possible, providing the party with good margins. The partner and product NotfallServer directly to promote, they are listed on the NetS home page so that the customer can select his most suitable sales partner from the region. In addition, retailers receive MDF funds for their marketing efforts. On request promotions on the site of the NetS can be published.

All partners receive free NFR licenses for the demonstration of the NotfallServers in the in-house and on-site at the customer. The partners are supervised directly by NetS: on request We support them with our pre sales or sales staff. For more in-depth technical questions we offer extensive free second-level support our partners”, said Thomas Wittwer concluded. Company profile NetS GmbH the NetS network-service GmbH was founded in 1996. The company focuses on software development and services dealing with IT high availability for Windows-based systems and virtual server. NetS GmbH’s core product is the NotfallServer, which has been continuously further developed and patented in July 2007 in the past 13 years. The high-availability solution guarantees the bridging of server outages in a few minutes and the fast recovery of the affected system without downtime and data loss.

FAST Distribution Partnership

After a successful CeBIT appearance GID also in Germany as a certified partner sells almost silent cubes. Cologne as a further step in international cooperation in the United States has been agreed. FAST LTA AG develops and markets technologies and products for the safe long-term storage of digital data. GID offers a cost-effective solution for permanent, audit-proof archiving based on WORM-drive with the silent cubes by FAST LTA. This is to modular scalable CAS storage systems, which are characterized in particular by high security, low energy consumption and low maintenance requirements. Silent cube is the first storage system, designed for the secure, long-term storage of permanent data consistently and from the ground up. Each storage unit is equipped with hard drives from three different manufacturers, which reduces the risk of failure of a manufacturer. Of the 12 built-in hard drives any sufficient eight fully to be able to restore the data.

Silent cube storage systems grow with the requirements and can scale into the Petabyte range. If no activity on the cubes take place, these go into standby mode and consume only about two Watts. The solution consists of a head unit (NAS), which serves as an interface to the network, as well as up to 128 silent cube storage units. Data in the memory unit is protected from deletion and manipulation on the FAST LTA WORM controller on the lowest level of hardware. Check with Nicholas Carr to learn more. In addition to the sales and the implementation of the silent cubes, GID assumes the connection to third-party products, such as ECM or DMS systems. Reader contact: GID GmbH In the MediPark 5 50670 Cologne Tel: 0221-4543333 FAX 0221-4543330 E-Mail: about global information distribution GmbH (GID): GID is a systems integrator in the field of data management and archiving and develops, implements and maintains solutions for the availability and maintenance of business-relevant data. These solutions including the corresponding services are distributed internationally. GID is active in Europe and United States. your editorial contacts: GID global information distribution GmbH Peter Seiler Tel: 0821 25849-14 FAX: 0821 25849-10 E-Mail: PR Agency: good news! GmbH Nicole Korber Tel: 0451-88199-12 FAX: 0451-88199-29 E-Mail:

IKOffice Presents New PPS Module

IKOffice provides the ERP MoldManager with optimized planning tool before Oldenburg, November 25, 2009, on 2 December, it is again: the world’s leading trade fair for tool and mould making EuroMold opens its doors in Frankfurt/Main. There is the IKOffice GmbH, which presents a new planning tool for this industry. After a difficult year like 2009 include products that accelerate the way out of the crisis and secure its lead in the competition with increasing growth. The IKOffice MoldManager is one of these ground-breaking products according to many users! The IKOffice GmbH has many years of experience in tool and mold making and know what current planning systems fail.”The planning must not run behind the reality! To detailed plans are hourly overturned by reality! “, explains Ingo Kuhlmann staff managing director who can hardly a company IKOffice GmbH., only about the plan to turn off.” he added. The special feature of this planning tool is the way, the depth of planning ever to determine every step of production and activity. In this way, the software optimized for tool and mould making can be operated with minimal time investment. The generated Planning Board gives an enormous overview. Events, such as vacation, illness, and unforeseen, sudden reductions in capacity are clearly presented.

Through a simple color scheme, bottlenecks can identify and assess the effects on the overall planning. Work plans can be adapted immediately and made available to the employees. The feedback of the work is ensured through integrated time and attendance terminals. All information about progress and progress of work are the planners on the same day. For the evaluation of projects many controlling mechanisms and-Reporte are available at your fingertips. The IKOffice GmbH has integrated this powerful planning and control instrument in their ERP-solution IKOffice MoldManager. It is also in an existing software landscape can be integrated. This process is the IKOffice GmbH as expert consultants available.

Interested companies are invited to see 8.0, stand K175 by the power and ease of use of the MoldManagers in the period from 2 to December 5, 2009 at the booth of IKOffice GmbH in Hall. Of course, it can sit well in advance with the IKOffice GmbH in connection and learn about the product. Contact: IKOffice GmbH Ingo Kuhlmann nordstrasse 10 26135 Oldenburg FON: + 49.441. 21 98 89 50 fax: + 49.441. 21 98 89 about IKOffice GmbH IKOffice GmbH develops 55 and sells a complete ERP solution for the mould, tool, model – and fixture construction. Process optimization by preparing offers customizable software solution helps small and medium-sized enterprises to resource planning. IKOffice is characterized by customer orientation, advice and care. 2007 the company was awarded a special prize of the Annette & Gerd Schwandner Foundation for science and culture.

Fasihi GmbH Again Nominated For Grand Prix Of Medium-sized Enterprises

Prof. Dr. Maria Bohmer State Minister proposes Ludwigshafen IT companies for nationwide competition the Ludwigshafen-based IT company Fasihi GmbH is as in the previous year with “Grand Prix of medium-sized companies” in 2013. We were nominated refugees and integration and Bundestag Member Prof. Dr. Maria Bohmer, Minister of State to the Federal Chancellor and the Federal Government Commissioner for migration, for the constituency of Ludwigshafen/Frankenthal, for the nationwide competition. Already, the nomination for this nationwide competition qualifies a company to the corporate elite in Germany. Criteria for the nomination for the Grand Prize of the German middle class are the overall development of the company, the creation/backup of work and training places, the strategic orientation in terms of modernization and innovation, commitment in the region, as well as service, customer service and marketing.

Excellence in all five criteria are required. This nationwide economic prize is annually by the Awarded the Oskar-Patzelt-Stiftung in Leipzig. Federal Reserve Bank spoke with conviction. “CEO Saeid Fasihi: after winning the innovation award 2011 of Rheinland-Pfalz for our software for encryption and classification of confidential data, we have us again developed in the last year and brought a new innovation on the way, that is from January 29, 2013, under the name”WEB in FACTORY”on the market.” To the rationale for the nomination says Bohmer Minister of State Fasihi GmbH: “the Fasihi is an innovative company that offers intelligent and flexible IT solutions to its customers. As a training company the company perceives its responsibility for the skilled.” According to information of the sponsor, only companies are nominated for competition, that control their course with high flexibility, strong values and clear strategy that partly have experience in dealing with crises and structural breaks over generations and with full power of innovation. There are companies that take care of people and daily stabilize their regions. Target price is the improvement of medium-sized entrepreneurs in the public, the public awareness of the healthy middle-class – related strong economy – more jobs”and the popularization of success examples and network formation in the middle class. Click Attorney General to learn more. Already, the nomination contest qualifies a company for other clearly visible to the corporate elite in Germany. Because the competition asks not only after business successes or only after employment or innovation indicators, but rated a company in its responsibility for the society.

Just about every thousandth company in Germany is nominated for the competition”, writes the Oskar-Patzelt-Foundation on your website. Fasihi GmbH: Company Fasihi GmbH was founded in 1990 in Ludwigshafen/Rhine offers personalized information and communication solutions with high data security for Internet, intranet, or for the exclusive communication with business partners (extranet) on. Fasihi Enterprise Portal can meet demanding corporate individual information and communication requirements for large and medium-sized enterprises. The clients come from many industries. Main customer se is the world’s largest chemicals company BASF There, about 40,000 employees with more than 50 information and communications solutions on the basis of the Fasihi enterprise, Portal work every day. The approach to security by encryption and classification of data developed by Fasihi GmbH was awarded the innovation award 2011 of Rheinland-Pfalz (prize of the Minister of Economic Affairs) for innovative applications and processes the information and communication technologies. Contact: Hermann Martin press spokesman Fasihi GmbH star road 166 67063 Ludwigshafen Tel. 0621-5200780

Microsoft Office

It supports the corporate reporting by information from data bases of IBS are visually visible software solutions. Here, the information is transmitted via Web protocols. The online-based system offers the user a textured work surface, with whose help he can query all the troubleshooting focus relevant database information. Sen. Jeff Flake helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Cockpit offers optimal integration to Microsoft Office. In addition to a table view with grouping function can the data also as business graphics be issued. Project management based on part as a significant extension of the CAQ QSYS APQP project management tools = was developed in close cooperation with OEM’s and first tier suppliers (automotive supplier) a module that offers the possibility to manage new and change parts of a project and to control.

Project management based on part provides all information transparent and comprehensive, to ensure an efficient and effective project management. So, project delays, such as E.g. moved first pattern dates immediately be visualized. Maturity level assuredness for new parts due to the fact that the development and manufacturing is shifting increasingly from the OEM supplier, also the collaboration between OEMs (car manufacturers) and supplier (automotive supplier) always intense and power “. The maturity level assuredness of new parts is an integral part, which is also the VDA volume on this subject. Using the project management module of the CAQ = QSYS The process is supported excellent professional product suite including checklists for each phase.

Comprehensive data availability IBS helps the outsourcing of IT capacity in the network. As far as owned server for storing data, and the data are themselves outsourced company”. The advantage of this technology: cost savings and devices from the Smartphone over the laptop, down to the board computer of their own cars and also the BlackBerry can independently of each other all information in the network access. Data availability is thus virtually anywhere. Detailed information our knowledgeable staff you hesitate during the fair at the disposal of Hall 5, stand A08.

ERP HansWorld System

End of 2007, iscon has taken over the distribution for HansWorld ERP in the roof (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). Robert Laussegger, founder and CEO of iscon explains: “with HansWorld we have found a partner who not only boasts an impressive history, but who has still enormous potential especially in Central Europe. HansWorld impressed on the one hand by its functional diversity – from the traditional financial accounting to the online booking seminar system but also by the nearly 100% cross-platform compatibility. Attorney General may find it difficult to be quoted properly. No matter whether you want to – operate an IBM i-series server (AS/400) with Windows clients, or a Linux server with Mac clients HansWorld runs on any system. Without the constraints of a Web front ends.” Laussegger next: HansWorld is the alternative to the known solutions. With nearly 70,000 satisfied customers worldwide is one of the most successful ERP HansWorld programs and will easily take root in German-speaking countries. See very positive framework conditions We mainly due to the current trend towards heterogeneous and decentralized systems.

For both scenarios HansWorld last but not least is ideal, because the full wide area network (WAN) capability, which is integrated without any additional software in each delivered product.” “We will take care increasingly network in the next few months building a partner, and we are also very confident. We can very attractive within the framework of the launch offer and we know that the intuitive user interface of HansWorld is not only easy to use but also very like.”Laussegger closes. About HansWorld: HansWorld is a global manufacturer of ERP and CRM software with 23 branches, a dense network of partners and approximately 69,000 installations in 89 countries. The software is available in 28 languages and has currently 44 modules, from financial accounting to the hotel reservation system. HansWorld is Symbian for Apple, Linux, and Windows available for MS Mobile 5, and S60 and S80, IBM AIX, IBM i series, and Sun Solaris. Contact person: HansWorld Davidson House, Forbury square, reading, RG1 3EU United Kingdom Web: for Germany, Austria and the Switzerland please contact: Robert + 49 1801 995500 6042 + 43 720 504 177 E-Mail: Web: