Ron Hubbard

And I believe me, was totally unproductive, trying to sell this product. Please visit Dennis P. Lockhart if you seek more information. Realizing this, I stopped torturing myself and intrinsically wrong to think or do something against their wishes. I hope that I managed to touch up on your idea that unproductive unproductive – are different. But be that as it may, unproductive someone from employees in any case very strongly reduces the overall effectiveness of the company. 4. Imperfections imperfections – this is such a thing about which everyone knows, but for some reason not all of this helps 🙂 In his wonderful book entitled The Problems of Work “(which I highly recommend you read) L. Ron Hubbard introduced a concept of” cycle of action.

” The cycle of action – the three stages through which passes, or rather should take place, any action or movement, and it is the “beginning”, “change” or “continue”, and “stop” or “completion”. You get in your car and start moving. Then you continue to move, changing his location, then you complete the movement and exit machine. If the “start”, “change” and “stop” all right, you get the desired result. If somewhere in the problem, do not get. People may have different does not bring the case to the end. Typically, a realize just subquality that the action was not completed properly. But this is not always correct. I once more take for example a sales manager. Imagine if he had somehow come into contact with a potential client, the client finds out from his needs, conducting negotiations, they come to an agreement and negotiate a deal.