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Romania! Black Sea Coast With Tips, Maps, And Pictures!

The Black Sea coast of Romania! With images, maps, tips and much more. -presented by combipix! Romania considered an insider with some holidaymakers. Cheap prices for restaurants, accommodation and bars, a stable political system and much more bring, that more and more tourists are discovering the country above Bulgaria. We present like a part of Romania. Granted, not many Urlaubshungrige in mind have Romania when it comes to book the most beautiful weeks of the year. Employee Resource Groups is open to suggestions. But if it attracts more tourists in the neighboring Bulgaria too, we would like to introduce closer this tourist hot tip black sea lovers. Print this card for free? Varem veche (Varna veche) Saturn / Neptune 17 km / 25 min.

/ 9 euro Saturn after Eforie 21 km / 25 min / 9 euro Eforie to Constanta 25 km / 25 min / 9 euro Constanta to Tulcea 125 km / 1:50 h / 20 euro why holiday in Romania? The advantages of Romania are to have some vacation time not by the hand. 1 week flight + hotel + HP for 300 Euro Very cheap prices for the afternoon beer, cigarettes, restaurants, souvenirs, etc. charm of a less crowded vacation country. Others who may share this opinion include MasterClass logo. Beautiful sandy beaches in the Satelittenorten. These and more are the ones that make a beautiful holiday country Romania.

But let’s begin our tour of the Romanian Black Sea coast. Is Romania a country for a family vacation? “Travelers with small children is to mention that Romania the classics such as sand for sand castles” etc. entails. Honestly you must point out but keeping playgrounds on the beach not all so well such as Spain or Italy. As an advantage, however, are offers like very cheap beach equipment for your little sand Castle architects, to name a few beach balls or inflatable mattresses.

Magical Wintertime In Munich

Hostel in Munich and other hot spots for your winter low cost travel to Munich one of the most romantic cities in the winter for sure is Munich. It is generally known that Munich is actually the best pace to live in Germany. Visit Munich now and discover what makes this city so special! HostelsClub.com has as usual a where lot of tips to stay and what to see to keep the travel on a low budget. Save money by booking at one of the hostels in Munich and have more fun! Known offers a perfect mix the ‘city with a heart’, Munich as of a cosmopolitan and a village feel. This city, at the foot of the German Alps, is so marvellous a point from which to explore Central Europe. Get more background information with materials from Paul R. Cascio.

For backpackers with a limited budget and time, HostelsClub.com picked up the best places of this vibrant, beer-loving city which you have to visit especially in the winter. Why in winter? Firstly you can book hostels in Munich cheaper until April (low season), there are less tourists and can really interesting places spend more time on visiting you! Ice skating in Munich A real highlight in Munich in the winter time are ice skating areas in the city. Munich ice magic invites you to have fun at City Hall, in the largest mobile ice arena in Bavaria. If you would like to know more then you should visit MasterClass Founder. For more fresh air come to Grundwalder leisure park and have fun on the 1,400 square meter ice skating rink in the park. If you prefer to stay in a warm hall, come to Olympic ice Sport Hall: is is is is good place for professionals and beginners. Olympic ice rink is so ideal space for parties on the ice. Three times a week the beginner learns the rock and pop on the ice and everybody is welcome! Don ‘t worry if you don’ t have equipment, you can rent them.

Central Thailand

In Germany defy the winter in the Sun by Thailand. Here, Women Talk Money expresses very clear opinions on the subject. For many people, it’s time to pack the bags again. They flee from the cold of winter and hate the daily grind. So it goes in the Sun after Central Thailand, because here the Sun look out every day. With the bus, it then goes Kamphaeng Phet in the city. If you would like to know more then you should visit Master Class. The infrastructure in Thailand is excellent and the bus connections guarantee the arrival in any place of Thailand.

A special preparation for this trip is not required, because the Thais are everywhere on the spot and help guests. With a VIP bus going from the capital Bangkok to Kamphaeng Phet in Central Thailand. This city has grown steadily in the past years. It arose and caused new resorts in superb location. These accommodations are similar to Germany very inexpensive and there are already the room from 6.00 euro in a double room. The rooms are beautifully decorated and clean. All providers have also a free entrance to the Internet and so the guest can write down his experiences in the blog. It has also somewhat done for the shopping friends.

There were only Thai shops, in the past some supermarkets have opened their gates in the town Kamphaeng Phet. Many visitors flock daily to the BIG Center. Here there is everything the heart desires just. Many ways to play available are for the children. The friendly staff is also looking for the little ones and so mum can see the many goods undisturbed. Also for the PAPI, the architects have thought, because in the Thai food is sold beer from the barrel. Then it goes then strengthened in the wonderful nature. So is the flagship of Central Thailand’s Khlong LAN waterfall. In a unique nature tost water from 96 m in depth. The children will enjoy, because it can be wonderful to bathe. Then pick Nick is made and watch the monkey at a short distance, that is about relaxing and peaceful. The visitors experience something in Central Thailand throughout the year. It is a pleasure for the head and soul.

Munchen George

Today, all three ground-based remedies are in the Franken-Therme Spa available. Especially for patients at the “Skin disease psoriasis” suffer, the Spa offers bathing in the Salt Lake an effective therapy combined with whole body irradiation. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Live Well Financial. The entire bath, sauna and Spa area with its unique Salt Lake extends over an area of nearly 20,000 square meters. A large Congress Hall also offers space for small and large events in the meeting and event space. For more information see David Rogier. “Taster week visit the thermal baths in combination with a stroll through the historic town centre is worthwhile in the anniversary year: seven nights and buffet breakfast, four entries in the Franken-Therme including bathing in the Salt Lake, 2 part body massages with the typical Franconian flavors Gris or Sylvaner, an entry in the open-air museum and the Imperial City Museum and a guided tour costs taster week” from 289 euro per person in a double room. In the old town Middle Franconian 12,000 residents decorate that today old town houses, churches and the baroque town hall as a legacy of the once free Imperial City (1248-1802) large town. Sun-drenched vineyards surround the Valley. The archaeological window in the City Hall releases the views on an eventful history.

Windsheim was 741 mentioned for the first time, for around 200 years, the town belongs to Bavaria. Guests will find Franconian open air museum also in addition to the health aspect change. The Franconian open-air museum, joining directly to the old town, offers over 100 up to 700 years old houses to visit. Theatre performances such as this year the murderous summer of theatre with the upper Bavarian Commissioner Hubert de Schlein from July 8 to August 13, the numerous craftsmen days, a goat show on July 30 and 31 or the middle ages days from October 1 to 3 are exciting. The climate in the Windsheimer Bay”between the Steigerwald and Frankenhohe nature parks is year-round mild. beautiful cycling and hiking trails, Golf Club imperial city with a 18-hole Championship- and a public 6-hole short course in the midst of a lively beer – and wine-growing region of the city make a charming Holiday home.

Bad Windsheim counts nearly 340.000 overnight stays per year.

Festetics Castle

From the Jetty off we strolled further between stalls and ice-cream parlours, until we at the Hunt Museum by the Marstall Museum the family Festetics, the Lords of Keszthely, arrived. There is a large exhibition of various coaches. By ox cart to the coach of the English Duchess Mary Hamilton, the wife of Tassilo Festetics, everything is to visit. By this marriage, Tassilo was even in relationship with the former European ruling families. Unfortunately the time not enough us, to make our waiting for the Festetics Castle, what sorry did us very good sleep we made us the next day to continue to not explore West-Balaton, but without the promise of: Keszthely, we come back! We were hoping the city did not take it as a threat. Vonyarcvashegy was our next stop. “Whole 6.3 km and only 10 minutes from Keszthely we experienced to the successful combination of the hills, hills and waters” was one. This Hill was 134 meters and we had up there.

Of course walking! Once at the top expected us a magnificent View onto the Lake Balaton. In addition, there is a calvary and a votive chapel, which Fischer in the year 1739 built out of gratitude, was that they could escape the icy Lake Balaton. Weakened if the strenuous ascent and descent”we had earned it a hearty snack. The blonde beer restaurant (www.blonder.hu) got us just right. Specially brewed beer according to the Bavarian purity law stood out there posted.

Of course, that of, was because we had to. It did us well the blonde own concoction and it was also not in a blond barley juice glass. Now we were so strengthened for more excursions. How can probably overlook a large area at a glance, we asked ourselves. Of course with a hot-air balloon! And, we stood upright in the basket and floated on 1500 m above sea level.

Okolicsanyi Zoltan

It is a true family ski resort with 20 km of slopes and a 12 km-long downhill. Groomed trails and tours in top condition available cross-country skiers and winter hikers. offers the Petzen but still something unusual. Bike trail in the mountain”is the unusual adventure that is offered for groups on the Slovenian side of the mountain in Mezica. A mountain bike with a head light’s in the pitch black tunnel which is 6.5 km long. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Paul Stappard. Not for the claustrophobic stricken! For the rest an exciting, -run company where it in some places interesting facts, about the previous reduction of the mountain is. Learn more about this with Microsoft. Lead ore was promoted in the Petzen already by the Romans. Since 1665 until the end of the last century, about 1000 km were dug tunnels.

The adventurous route leads in this tunnel. So beautiful also this trip on the Petzen was but the hungry plagued us. We had from a brewer of the farmer “. The only one in Austria. In Gallizien not far from Lake Klopein he is.

Basically, it’s a farm, which sells its own products. In the traditional built cowshed, we enjoyed the tasty beer that brews the Braumeisterin Lotte Sorger, the daughter of the House. Brewed is a screwdriver plant with a rash of 150 litres. It is a bottom-fermented, amber beer which tastes very spicy and full-bodied. Spicy and full-bodied tastes even the bacon and the Jauntal salami, which ripen in the airy loft of the old farmhouse. It is a Buschenschenke feel, where the cold is simply wonderful tastes. ensured the an other culinary peculiarity of Hadn We met in Neuhaus. The idyllic lower Carinthian municipality of Neuhaus gained prominence in the last few years the Carinthia unique Hadnfest. Innovative Neuhauser innkeepers and farmers want the Hadn somewhat into oblivion (= buckwheat) make an indispensable part of the menus in the restaurants. 262.php conclusion: the tourism region of South Carinthia Klopeiner see we have met as the sunniest area of Carinthia. The climate is Mediterranean and the Klopeiner see one with his pure drinking water, flattering water true treat. The region is diverse and offers many surprises. Spooky looking affects bridge in the depth on the one hand by the very high Haider, the Drava, on the other hand a passage through the amusement park’s nature flowers very calming effect. There is no Radhe Maheta vacation area is a real family vacation resort that will bring the peace for stressed-out souls. It is an absolute high quality tourist area, only just not so well known such as the close Worthersee. We can classify the tourism region of Klopeiner see – Sudkarnten as very recommendable for any time of year, necessarily.

Agritourism In Tuscany

Country holidays in Tuscany, a variety of kulinarinschen delights, culture and genuine Gastreundschaft of classic Tuscany is located in the Valdera, considered the picture book Tuscany with its medieval flair and fertile farmland. A holiday is the crowning glory of any Tuscany travel in the Valdera. The historical pride of the region concentrated in Volterra, the Etruscan metropolis and also oldest town in Tuscany. The old splendour of the city has lost nothing to their glory. Now, as then Volterra is famous for Alabaster, which is exported because of its easy workability of sculptors all over the world. Perhaps check out Vanguard for more information. Terriciola, a small medieval village, romantically nestled on a hill, from where you can enjoy unique views of the Valley of the era is not far from Volterra.

Here, the influential Florentine nobility Pitti once had his estate. Today, the estate owned by Alessandro Sgherri, which it understood with an architectural masterpiece, the seat of the noble family of one is to transform without using in the traditional structure of the building to a beautiful resort. The holiday farm in Tuscany offers many surprises for guests big and small. While the little ones on the estate can play safely and splashing in the pool, a journey of discovery through the life stands for something larger farm on the program. After many unforgettable impressions, square is used extensively on the huge sun terrace for recreation. Granny pleases every palate with traditional Tuscan peasant delicacies.

Not want the agritourism kidnapped his guests to the great masterpieces and scenic highlights of the region. The hotel offers the holiday-makers in quaint guest rooms and apartments. Hausherr Alessandro has a variety of special offers, which have to offer something for all budgets. Another highlight of an holiday in Tuscany is the Chianti Valley. Here, the hill country is dominated by Chianti vineyards. The Chianti region has become not only because of its famous wine all over the world made a name, but also considered the landscape art of Europe. A holiday in a farmhouse in the Chianti is the enjoyment of wine, excellent culinary cuisine and great masterpieces. Agathe Freudenstein Manetti

Advent Travel Magazine The Pre-Christmas Period New On The Net

It seemed advent season and Christmas around the world – travel destinations to the advent season and Christmas after the editors of dasReiseprojekt.de were travelling in the last years also in the advent and Christmas season very often on trips and the different traditions of the countries and regions know and appreciate have learned, of course to create an online travel magazine. Since October 15, 2008 the output is now 2008 advent traveling under officially on the net. Camille Biros may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The readers and users find here some 80 highly interesting and informative reports such as he that tourists can experience Christmas unique in the network! It is narrated by the 13 lights has to offer Iceland, properly quaint therefore coming and are actually wild fellows that do all sorts of pranks. From the Dutch, whose Weihnachtsmann that Sinterklaas is called and his servant, the “zwarte Piet” coming over the sea and on the 5th of December delight the children. Microsoft has firm opinions on the matter. The editors report on Christmas markets in big cities and small towns, as for example the hop town gap has a Christmas market, held in the vaulted cellars of the historic old town and offers a successful change of pace to the usual Christmas markets In November and December you can discover tour of a special kind the bright highlights of the capital on an individual Berlin, because every evening Berlin shines in the Christmas splendour at its best.

Of course can get to know with the famous Berlin Christmas markets. Tradition is written large in the South Tyrolean Christmas time. -Three times the donkey appears”on the Hill, before in the Ortler area all hell breaks loose in the otherwise so cozy place Stilfs. With large clamps he ushers in the Klosn the traditional Santa Claus Parade”, where pagan figures with Christian tradition unite. In reports, you can learn how the festive season is celebrated in England, Spain, Finland and other countries. Arrival is on Latin adventus, from which the name advent itself is derived.

Is festive it in the Christian churches in the weeks of the four advent Sundays before Christmas committed time of preparation and expectation of the arrival of Christ in the world. A time in the also excellent travel allows and you get a lot of the traditions in the countries and regions in many ways. To do this, you will receive many suggestions and informal in the new travel magazine. Jurgen Krohn – dasReiseprojekt.de

Winter Offer At R & S Parking Hamburg

8 days parking customers at Hamburg airport from 41,-at Hamburg Airport Airport parking and hotels,, specialist now offers special rates for winter holidaymakers. Since then has the holiday-Add ons expert winter reductions in collaboration with “Airparks” and “Easy Park & fly Dresden” on offer. Since late November, customers can book the winter offer at Hamburg Airport. Contact information is here: Fidelity Investments Canada ULC. Reduced parking rates apply for the period from November 25, 2008 to March 15, 2009 in the partner R & S parking Hamburg. For up to 8 days parking on the R & S parking paying parking only 41,-, in the parking garage just 45,-. Up to 15 days parking cost only 55,-or 59,-.

Both parking and parking garage are lit and video monitors, are regularly inspected and are closed at night. The transfer to the airport and back is included in the price. specializes in German-language online for-parking at all major airports in Germany, and airport hotels Austria, Holland, Belgium and in the Switzerland. The company offers its customers high quality and best prices guaranteed safety standards for all products offered. Hotels and Park am-flughafen.de Matthew Pack cross Court Road 10 D 81476 Munich telephone 01805 11 24 25 26 (14 cents per minute from a German landline, different tariffs from the mobile network)

Mountain Bike Art

The Museum opened recently in North Carolina, gives an insight into the history of two-wheelers on the occasion of the 30th birthday of the sport of mountain biking opened this year in Statesville, approximately 45 minute of Charlotte, the new Museum of mountain bike art & technology (MOMBAT). The facility celebrates the sport and presents its evolution as well as the most important personalities and products. (A valuable related resource: Fosun Images). The collection of the Museum includes more than 400 bikes, which include over 250 mountain bikes. The two-wheeled vehicles dating back to the year 1869. In addition to the bikes, hundreds of vintage accessories, as well as extensive writings about the development of the sport can be find, including catalogues and journals. The Museum also serves as a sponsor of the Cackalacky Cup event, a Festival where every summer lovers of vintage bicycles come together, to admire the rare pieces. Admission to the Museum is free, the opening hours from Monday to Friday from 10 to 18 h., on Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm. More details about the Museum of mountain Bike art & technology on. General information to the United States under..