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Reservations System

A central reservation (CRS) system is a software used in the tourism industry for purposes of marketing and sales. This type of system is used by travel companies to book tickets for plane, train, and bus, but its main application is for hosting providers. In a highly competitive industry, a system of booking hotels on a web site is your most powerful marketing tool since a booking system helps convert browsers into customers. A system of booking hotels can be visited by individual consumers, travel agencies and personnel of telecentres. The information can easily be upgraded, and the reservation system can be tailored to meet the needs of most users require. For example, you can decide exactly what information will be included, add graphics and maps, and adjust colors, fonts, and styles of header so that it matches the design of existing web sites. The system can be programmed to automate functions such as loyalty programs and discounts for booking groups. Go to Péter Szijjártó for more information.

The booking system can also be integrated with other software packages, such as designing web pages or data analysis programs. With a reservation system, hosting providers can market and sell their products around the world, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. More modern systems come in multiple languages and currency conversion capacity for reservations around the world. Customers can pay online instantly, which makes users to access more quickly to what they want. Hotels reservation system reduces the wages of staff, since reservations are processed automatically online, rather than hire people that need to confirm and process all reservations by phone or by e-mail. Internet sales also reduces costs by eliminating the need to print and distribute marketing brochures, write letters and pay commissions to third-party agencies. A booking system includes tools that enable the provider accommodation monitoring activity on your website. Real-time reports show the number of queries and how many were converted into actual bookings. This creates a profile of the client behavior and identifies the trends in sales, information that can be used for strategic planning purposes.

Alupkinskiy Palace

Hotels in Crimea: the hotel "Yalta Yard 'and' Russian Riviera 'invite you to the Crimean coast, an unforgettable holiday in Yalta, 2009. Crimea Yalta vacation – the sun, warm sea, air treatment, the abundance of fruit, and scenic landscapes in Yalta … The hotel is located 5 meters from the mountain rivers, near Green Park – 15 min. For even more opinions, read materials from Fiona Clegg. from Yalta embankment and beach town of Yalta. Hotels in Yalta – 'Yalta Courtyard' – it's homeliness, without crowding, and common corridors, it is a reasonable price positive emotions on vacation for your family … In each room, kitchen, furnishings, air conditioning, uninterrupted supply of hot and cold water, satellite and cable TV.

Rest in Yalta – is not only enjoyable but also therapeutic priprovozhdeniya time … Offered – a good cook, nanny, maids, driver-transfer Simferopol – Yalta, Simferopol, delivery holidaymakers on the beaches of the city. Excursion: Yalta – Sudak, Yalta – Sevastopol, Yalta – Mishor, Yalta – Alupkinskiy Palace, Yalta – Swallows Nest, Yalta – The New World, Yalta – Balaklava, Yalta – Simferopol, Yalta – Alushta (Aqua). Horseback riding, swimming with dolphins at Yalta mountain routes to the Crimea … Hotels in Yalta: "The Yalta Yard 'and' Russian Riviera 'invites you to rest ARC 2009! Come to us and we will make your Yalta, vacation-home comfortable and cozy! Additional Services: On-line booking hotel rooms in Yalta Rent a car in Yalta, Crimea Transfer – meeting at the airport and railway station: Simferopol – Yalta-Simferopol Delivery to the beaches of our holiday in Yalta High-speed internet – FREE Services cooks – 3 meals a day for your time and Your individual order Maid Service Laundry Service nannies for your children.

Hotel Services in Ukraine

In preparation for EURO 2012 in Ukraine is planned construction of 143 hotels. In the Kharkiv region, according to the end of July 2009, is the construction of 15 facilities the hotel business – in Kharkov, 13, Poltava 2. Taking into account the requirements of UEFA holding of Euro 2012 in Ukraine, there is an acute shortage of hotel categories 5.4 *. The best outcome in this situation may become apartments in Odessa, Kiev, Donetsk, the main driving force behind the development of the hotel industry is tourism. The number of foreigners who want to visit Ukraine and Kharkov, with increases every year, but the need for quality tourism services to meet until it turns out.

Among economic and socio-political factors that hinder the development of tourism in general in Ukraine and Kharkiv in particular, may provide the following: 1) Lack of tourism infrastructure: the lack of tourist offices, signs, tourist guidebooks and maps in foreign languages, and 2) lack of advertising of Ukraine abroad as a country of interest to tourists, and also advertising individual events, 3) The decline of investment activity in the second half of 2008 caused the destabilization of the currency market and the precarious situation in all sectors of the economy. Unstable political and economic situation has led the process of folding development plans in the territory of Ukraine of major European investors. Basically, the crisis will affect the timing of implementation and on the emergence of new projects. Most of the rooms, scheduled for delivery, will be included in a multifunctional complex. Given the situation on the hotel market, more and more popular are the apartments in Dnepropetrovsk, Crimea apartments, apartments for rent in Donetsk Sumac, and other major Ukrainian cities. At the moment, this business has become increasingly popular and allows visitors to the city to get all the same services as a hotel, but for less.

Market saturation is not predicted before 2012 year. And with him and the likely decrease in the prices of hotel services. It is expected the construction of high quality projects of hotels in cities hosting EURO 2012, as well as the growing interest of international hotel chains in the development of hotels middle class in Ukraine. Kharkov, being one of the main contenders to host the Euro 2012, is actively preparing. The program involved training of some 70 objects, which will provide an EURO 2012.