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Female Figure

To pick up clothes on the type of shape, you need to know about the peculiarities of the structure of the body are women. All female figures can be divided into several types depending on the features of the distribution of body fat. At the same time or that the female figure is laid genetically and is subject to adjustment only to a small extent by increasing physical activity and normalization of food. Features of the constitution of the body are closely linked with many other processes in the female body: the rate of metabolism of the hormone, human psychological characteristics, etc. Properly classify your figure tips will help you a stylist the selection of stylish clothes online based on your individual circumstances. These recommendations contain valuable tips for choosing a particular style and silhouette of clothes, to correct deficiencies with the figures color and style, the selection of the most advantageous for you in the wardrobe ensembles, on diet and consumption characteristics of various products and the most suitable for you type of physical activity.

Thus, it is accepted distinguish six main types of female figures. Android type of female figure (an inverted triangle, Type V). Women of this type of figure is characterized by broad shoulders, narrow hips against the background, the absence of a pronounced waist (the difference in the waist and hips is less than 25 cm), often large breasts, narrow hips, buttocks, almost flat. The upper body can be a little shorter than the bottom.

Liverpool Dresses

For women look beautiful when attending an event or meeting is essential for each events or parties to which are invited, the fashion trends are limited by the tag set for every occasion, but there is a kind of dresses that gets along very well with the majority of events and makes any woman look beautifulWe are talking about dresses Prom dresses, which today represent the best choice for any event type cocktail, dinner, food, among others for women is extremely important to have a model that looks best with your body type, another important detail is the color of the dress is usually chosen based on the color of the hair or skin color. You may find that Nicholas Carr can contribute to your knowledge. The cut and length of dress as we mentioned this extremely restricted by the tag set for the event and this will be defined by the notice referred to in the invitation or comments about the party. There are many designers who have positioned themselves as the best options at the moment of choosing a dress from yesteryear’s This type, as well we can mention Pronovias in Spain which is responsible for distributing the majority of establishments and fill all the women of all the new trends, in Mexico they have many other options such as Rafael Ezigarra, but always the option more safe is to go to a department store (recommend Zara, factories of France, Liverpool), because in this type of places you will find the largest number of options in one place, achieving with this to be able to choose between greater number of models and can make a better decision.