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From century XVIII, its decline started if to reveal, although the isolated attempts to revigorate the empire, each more meager time. The European regions under Ottoman domain finish if becoming independent, such as Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria etc. Egypt was become free and reorganized, adaptando its administrative structure in occidental molds; the country reached independence with British support and conquered Sudan. But the opening of the Suez Canal limited this independence, due to the interest of the powerful European countries for the commercial activity in that region. France took Algeria and established a protectorate in Tnis. Italy conquered the Tripolitnia. The eastern provinces of the Ottoman empire desmembraram themselves. India, partially islamizada, was dominated by the United kingdom in century XIX, and the Anger suffered to invasions from Russians and British.

The Islamismo is nowadays, the second bigger religion of the world, exceeding 50% of the nations in three continents. The number of adepts of the religion world-wide already passes of the 935 million, as it shows the table to follow: The 50 countries with majority Islamic – 2005 Source: Top 50 Muslim countries. Available in; Had access in 04 October 2009 2.A Woman in the Isl the paper of the woman in the Isl is a subject commented in such a way in the Islamic world as in the Ocidente, even so the Ocidente has a distorted vision of the subject. It is a problem with historical roots and sample as the paper of the woman if has modified throughout the time. The position of the woman in the Islamic society is on practical the existing ones at the time of Maom, and the existing ones later had been related, but in both the cases, these practical involve attitudes in relation to the paper and the responsibilities of the woman. In the society occidental person today it has a estereotipada belief of that the Islamic woman is dealt with different and cruel form, not taking in account the argument of the sort equality in the seio of the Islamic religion/Muslim society.