Mediterranean Saxon

From PRINA to Diesbar along the Elbe, the wine in its multifarious facets experience always a short trip worth visited Saxon wine route you can during a short tour in the wine-growing area in Saxony, Germany is inevitably also to the Saxon wine road. A tour through this one occurs, along the river Elbe from Pirna to Diesbar-Seusslitz. You may inhale deeply the fresh air between the vineyards in Dresden-Pillnitz, Radebeul and Meissen Elbe wine villages in. You may find that Carlos Hank Gonzalez can contribute to your knowledge. The Saxon wine route and this smallest and northernmost wine-growing area in Europe exists already since 1992. If you are not convinced, visit Carlos Hank Gonzalez. Today, it is a very popular place in Saxony for short travelers.

However, you can climb the magnificent scenery of vineyards not only on foot. A romantic boat trip across the Elbe also dreamy views over the beautiful vineyards gives the visitors. In the short break romantic nature discover a romantic hilly landscape, built by woods, meadows and vineyards, is the landscape of the Saxon Wine Road. Small villages, where vineyards and orchards are finding alternate in the landscape with rocks, meadows and the banks of the Elbe. There are the best conditions to have its own small vineyard here. The landscape gets also a Mediterranean charm and can then dream only to hikers and cyclists.

On the 90-mile wine trail, the visitors in addition to the various vineyards can discover numerous vantage points with cultural attractions. During a short holiday in Germany to the Saxon Switzerland, you can try also the magnificent drops at many wineries in the region during a wine tasting. The selection is great and there is even the possibility to book a guided tour of the vineyard within a group. Of course, that subsequent wine tasting the wine twice tastes so good when you first know what looks like his origin and production. The winemakers invite each one, in their traditional wine bars.