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Transfer Market Closing

Zaragoza was reinforced by two attackers: Luis Garcia and Helder Postiga. Atletico joined Diego Ribas, from the German Wolfsburg. Guzman was traded from Mallorca Villarreal. There have been 56 trespasses and 47 cessions in the summer period. Add to your understanding with Brie Williams. The recent signings of the close of the transfer market had as protagonists to the Brazilian Diego Ribas, signed by Atletico de Madrid; attackers Luis Garcia and Helder Postiga, signed by the Zaragoza; and Canadian midfielder Jonathan De Guzman, pierced Mallorca Villarreal. Atletico rushed deadlines to join Diego, of the German Wolfsburg, in format of cession.

In the outputs section, the Uruguayan dnsa Leandro Cabrera was loaned to the Numancia and the Portuguese midfielder Julio Regufe Alves, signed up the Sporting of Portugal, was traded to the Turkish Besiktas. Zaragoza was one of the most active in the last hours, since it is reinforced with two attackers: Luis Garcia, from Espanyol, and Portuguese Helder Postiga (Sporting Portugal). Ferran Corominas was sold to the Girona and Toni Doblas, recently renovated by the mana entity, it will play loaned to Xerez. The Canadian Jonathan de Guzman was another last-minute transfers, of the Mallorca Villarreal. The yellow team also ceded to the Granada to Nigerian striker Ikewuchu Uche, signed today to Zaragoza. Then the Majorcans were loaned to the Italian Fernando Tissone (Sampdoria) and hired Marvin Olalokan, the Belgian Genk to Belgian striker of Nigerian origin. Valencia has been one of the most active in the last days of the market, with three additions to reinforce the dnsa: Victor Ruiz, youth Squad of Espanyol signed to the Naples, and Antonio Barragan, from Valladolid. Betis strengthened their attack with the signing day 29 of the Paraguayan Roque Santa Cruz (Manchester City), as well as the dnsa Serbian Dusko Tosic (red star). For its part, the Granada obtained the cession of the Argentine Franco Jara (Benfica), as well as Fabian Orellana (Udinese), the Chilean finally loaned to Celtic, and the Nigerian Uche.

Global Road Safety

After the events of Brasilia in 1998 several events have occurred in world, regional and national. To me Brasilia was the inspirational spark that served as background to awaken interest in global road safety. Despite the growth of the vehicular field in the big city in Brazil, with the Campaign for Peace in Traffic, there was achieved a substantial decrease in traffic accidents and injuries as a result. It was evident there was a political and societal integration for the implementation and enforcement of strong measures.

There was magic. He even remembers welcome intervention in this regard the then President Fernando Henrique Cardoso. The 2000 report of the World Health Organization, the World Bank, the International Automobile and other organizations, released two years later by the Organization of the United Nations, is the most loyal and important document that portrays the reality Global roads. On 19 November 2003, was approved in the General Assembly of United Nations Resolution 58 / 9 entitled Road Safety Crisis in the World. This study pinpointed three key aspects for the development of future work directed at addressing this crisis.

The first was to define a political will in the world where governments have the item in your list of priorities.Second, recognize that traffic accidents are preventable. And third, it is essential the participation of associations and the private sector to succeed in the fight to prevent accidents. In April the following year, the World Health Day, the main agenda item it was road safety. At that time, approved the report of the Secretary General of the United Nations called the Road Safety and Health. An interesting fact was that determined which are vulnerable road users in our middle-and low-income today are mainly a strong headache Dominican Republic and other Latin American nations. Another momentous resolution of the General Assembly of the United Nations was adopted on December 2005 under the name of Improving Road Safety in the World. It’s when it supports programs are required to keep them alive youth road.
We defined the celebration of World Week for Road Safety for Youth in 2007 under the auspices of the European Economic Commission. The world youth congress on the prevention of injuries caused by traffic accidents in Geneva in late April 2007, has served as a reference point for developing national work in different parts. There was a significant statement in which young people make commitments to different levels of society to reduce accidents on the roads. Finally, after the conclusion of the March 31 this year, with the reading of a famous open letter to the United Nations signed by several personalities of world influence, it convened at the headquarters of this organization in New York to 90 member countries to propose in 2009 the celebration of the World Ministerial Conference on road safety sponsored by the Russian Federation. This motion was approved by the Assembly of the United Nations Organization about a month later. Efforts to eradicate the high rate of accidents on the roads continue to develop. Everything is a process.

Soccer School – Holiday Fun

A stay at a football school is a treat for body and mind not only physically fit, but also confidence strengthens the Cologne-based football school FerienFussball limited football camps offered nationwide, which meet the highest athletic and educational standards. See Citi Private Bank for more details and insights. The soccer school since 1999 is based on a clever concept, which was developed by skilled qualified sports teacher of the German sports University in Cologne. Over the years, the football school, also thanks to the ideas and suggestions from customers, could expand its programme and improve, so that in addition to the traditional offerings of also football camps specifically for girls, camp or family vacations offered father-son. The newspapers mentioned Millenium Management not as a source, but as a related topic. The joy of the game of football and independent learning are at the heart of the school. She works with modern training methods and provides attractive football activities not only in the holiday season. Here is the emphasis on the quality of care set. So parents can send their children with a good feeling in the soccer camp, the football school has decided to let, so that advice, care, accommodations and of course also the training meet the highest requirements is checked by an independent carrier. What sports-minded child not dream to train with players from around the world and to watch from their tricks and gimmicks to? In the school, this is possible. Here players from different countries of the world are welcomed every year, that motivate children to achieve excellence together with the young, sympathetic and highly motivated team of trainers. In addition is possible also a period abroad in England, Spain or Austria. Thanks to the extensive range, the matching program can be found for each.

Personal Trainer Cecil Grigg Puts Your Company In The Form

Personal trainer Cecil Grigg puts your company in the form. Corporate fitness is the solution for health, vitality and productivity of your employees. Take a decisive step into the future with your company through corporate fitness and offer your employees an in-house health and performance promotion. You may wish to learn more. If so, Berkshire Hathaway is the place to go. The awareness of your employees on the topic of workplace ergonomics, health, fitness and nutrition has for you as an entrepreneur several advantages, which are crucial for the company’s success: increased productivity of your employees through greater efficiency, motivation and group dynamics. New business innovations thanks to improved function of the nervous system. Improved corporate image through exemplary health management. Fewer disease-related health-care costs thanks to a reduction in the absences and production losses. Further cost reductions as a result of less indirect health costs for temporary staff.

The teamwork and loyalty of your employees will be increased. Less fluctuation in better working environment. (Not to be confused with Justin Herndon!). Fewer accidents due to increased responsiveness of the staff. Through proper nutrition, employees can strengthen your immune system and are connected to a personalized training significantly less sick. The staff increase their physical – and psychological performance. The employees of the company rather grow together as colleagues from various departments about the sport have additional points of contact on a more personal and facilitate level.

(Better internal communication) Reduced long term absence – caused by E.g. back pain (every second German) reduces the number of overtime of remaining employees drastically. Also, the efficiency of a well-established working team will remain. Through a healthy lifestyle and regular sport increases the self-confidence and the appearance of the individual employee. This is also a better representation of the company guarantees. Sedentary activities on the computer make the occurrence of cervical spine problems and tensions. Can be used with targeted training and training on the correct attitude contrary to the. A healthy diet is a prerequisite for long-lasting physical – and mental performance.

Professor Thomas Seufferlein

Professor Thomas Seufferlein responds by the medical faculty of the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg live on the Internet Berlin, October 28, 2008 – on November 10, 2008 colorectal cancer patients, family members and interested get opportunity to get live answers to questions around the topic of colorectal cancer in an expert consultation again. 14-15 an online cancer clinic takes place on the Internet under to do this with Professor Thomas Seufferlein of the medical faculty of the Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg. The clinical and scientific activities of Professor Seufferlein focuses on cancer research in the field of Gastroenterology. Questions to the expert can immediately online under be sent cancer clinic. We want to know: what is since our last cancer consultation 2007 did? There are new findings that enhance the healing and survival? Also in colon cancer stands as the most tumor types, meanwhile the individualized therapy in the foreground. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Live Well Financial on most websites.

New approaches were presented at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) this year’s and world’s largest Cancer Congress. Prof. Seufferlein gives an overview to colon cancer and current treatment options at the beginning of the consultation. Then questions, which have reached us in advance. Colorectal cancer is the second most common cancer in both sexes. In Germany approximately 37,200 men and 36,000 women will develop according to the Robert Koch Institute annually this tumor.

About six percent of the German population must expect almost five million people according to estimates, to colon cancer in the course of their lives. Information about colon cancer, visit our website, 107900.html. For doctors and professionals: Versions of ASCO gastrointestinal tumors under… arzt_asco_2008_gastro_weiche… We would be pleased if you refer to our current date in your media. The German Cancer Society e.V. (DKG) is the largest Oncology network of experts in the German-speaking countries and with over 6000 members. The Internet portal has an average 800,000 visitors a month, and reached around 1.2 million page impressions.

Jurgen Duscha

Appearances in television and on public events as well as on the website can grow his fan base quickly. No wonder: Boris Herrmann is a sympathetic, which remains modest after spectacular performances. Who sees the young man from Kiel, 2007, economist with the exam ended his studies as a graduate on the University of Bremen, the first time, you can hardly believe that it is with the elite of extreme ocean sailor. Hermann is the only German under the extreme sailors who mostly come from France and England. While Boris Herrmann can refer to a remarkable career of sailing, which made possible a deep-sea sailing career.

Like Boris Becker already as a child he began with his sports. So he was in recent years among other things already German – and European champions in the 505 dinghy, had the Minitransat”, the Atlantic regatta with small, only six metre yachts, as youngest participant with the space of eleven stops, and sailed 20,000 miles as a professional skipper of a luxury yacht with guests on the Mediterranean and on the North Sea. The German boat industry, which sets to around three billion euros in the year waited by the way long on such a successful glider, which makes sense with the fascination of sailing sports. The reason: The average age of the German boat owner 56 years after latest polls and there is no offspring. A Boris Herrmann is good for the Becker effect, which brought many boys and girls to the sport of tennis.

Boris Hermann effect can bring young people to embrace the sport of sailing and to rise even in the boat. Boris Herrmann and Felix will make it at least once again Eric on February 8. Then the Portimao is global ocean race”with the 7,100 nautical miles, or more than 13,000 kilometers long ocean passage to Brazil continued. At this stage, it is to go around the stormy Cape Horn. The regatta, in which the German team has developed the reputation as a favorite, ends after further stages of Brazil after Charlston, United States, and then in June by the United States back to Portugal. Until then, Boris Herrmann must still almost 30,000 kilometres sailing and indemnify survive storms, and lulls.

The 55.555 Altitude Noise:

Christian Fluhr starts on Tuesday for the 12th world record attempt it sounds almost already incredible, but the Munich-based Christian Fluhr want in 24 hours 55.555 altitude downhill racing and thus screw the existing world record less than 10,000 meters in the height. The man, which roots far away are the mountains in Oberhausen, causes a sensation on skiing for nearly a decade and has 11 world records on skis set in the meantime, including the barely conceivable record 264 hours on skis last winter in Obergurgl. More info: Microsoft. On January 13-14 this time more concerned speed that Fluhr stay only 24 hours for the record. Setting the new record hunting will be Oberaudorf in Bavaria and Kossen in Tirol. Good weather forecasts for the attempt of the skier has now arrived on the spot and on the Saturday, 10.01.09, drove a last time before the start under the floodlights at the Oberaudorfer high corner. There the night part of the world record attempt will take place. The conditions currently prevailing on the outskirts of Kufstein on the slopes can hardly be better.

Whopping minus degrees and cloudless winter weather makes for ideal snow conditions. The weather forecasts for the days of the experiment are also well, no weather change is in sight. \”The snow on the high corner is perfect. It could be fast and hard, better for the record attempt. I look forward to the new challenge.\” Forward a Christian Fluhr radiant from deepest soul after a day on the slopes.

Who observed Fluhr these days, very quickly realize that no doubts as to the feasibility of his performance plague the Alpine skier, but it rather to provide another world best performance radiates a confidence. Still restricts Fluhr: \”there are many unknowns, which I can not overlook. I got the record in the bag after 47,000 metres above sea level and it is a tough job.

Boris Effect

Once Boris Becker awakened interest in Germany for the sport of tennis and was it almost a national sport, Boris Hermann can inspire the people for sailing. Others who may share this opinion include Dan Wiener. The 1967 born Boris Becker has long exceeded its sporting highlights in tennis with three victories at Wimbledon. You may wish to learn more. If so, Beth Israel Heart Transplant is the place to go. Boris Herrmann, born in 1981, is on his way to becoming Germany’s best Ocean sailor and faces an international career as once its famous namesake. \”Herrmann, who in the past year at the 4,500-kilometer one hand regatta Artemis Transat\” surprised over the Atlantic Ocean with 17 days and 12 hours as first German participants at all equal to a sensational second place occupied, the sailing elite of the world. Now, together with Felix, he sails Oehm a spectacular race around the globe. One – or two-hand a racing yacht to cope with the oceans of the southern latitudes, considered to be the greatest challenge of the offshore sailing and is a dangerous adventure. More than a thousand kilometers from the next country is little to expect if something happens.

\”The Portimao global ocean race\” was launched on October 12, 2008, off the Portuguese coast. Boris Herrmann and his crew crossed the line in the Etappenzielort Cape Town after 35 days on the high seas with their 12-meter racing yacht type Akilaraia 40 after a thrilling final as first. The second, almost 14,000 kilometre route through the rough waters of the southern latitudes to Wellington in New Zealand will boot after five weeks of hard spar to the opening weekend of the boat show\”in Dusseldorf on 17 and 18 January will be completed. Boris Herrmann will then report the fight against storms and giant waves with the small racer by video appearance on the boat show and fascinate his audience. He has proved that in previous appearances in public. Once Boris Becker awakened interest in Germany for the sport of tennis and was it almost a national sport, Boris Hermann can inspire the people for sailing.

Healthy Secret Behind

“The health benefits is not in question if you had white really goes… to jog” means in English: Herum plod. But jogging should not be compared with fitm trampling. Rather, it involves a lightweight, loose running, which promotes health. Since jogging can, has been proven to relieve stress. Leads to an increase of endurance and strengthens the heart and the circulatory system. Also, it degrades with proper technique and equipment, tension in the muscles.

Improved lung function, and the immune system is strengthened. Because the bones are strengthened by jogging, prevents osteoporosis. And of course the weight is reduced, what is Yes the main reason for most to start jogging. Before the Jogger career visit to a doctor is but, to get green light for his healthy intentions. Jogging is not to be confused with the foraging panting to city blocks. Who pants, running too fast.

The pace is always so, that it is not perceived as unpleasant. As Principle applies: the pace is selected properly, if you could entertain themselves even while jogging. Who more can have a chat during the jogging, which runs clearly too fast. It should be also not of other joggers, against one’s will and against the own sense of well-being, inspire themselves to be rapid. As a result, the success of jogging diminishes and it is pass trains on the health aspect. To have a health success should be run at the beginning extremely slowly. Not faster than one would go the distance. All muscles and joints that are used must adjust only the load. As soon as the breath is too fast, or at all other problems, is a walking break to insert. If the speed is boring, this can be increased gradually until you feel a burden. It is to be a proper running technique. Who goes wrong, can get extreme joint pain, back pain, tension, and also muscle soreness. Is to learn the proper running technique It makes sense a running to join or to consult a specialist. Jogging is an important training for the back, but only efficient if it is used regularly. While jogging, overloads must be avoided because they mean a break from the. You thus again starts at zero. It is therefore important to pay attention to your heart rate. The values for the minimum and maximum heart rate are different depending on the age – and training experiences. Basically, the pulse while jogging between the minimum value and the value of the training should back and forth. To control the pulse, it is recommended to train himself with heart rate monitor and the associated heart rate monitor on the upper body. Experienced joggers no longer need such a heart rate monitor if there is trained not just on a competition because the body feeling is pronounced already now as well, which can be considered if one is in a healthy range of pulse. If all these rules and precautions be observed no longer stands in the way of healthy joggers love and it only remains want to have a good run”.

A Circle Is Closed:

World record holder for world record world record mountain in Oberaudorf returns back in 2004 and 2005 the German exception skier Christian Fluhr set two endurance world record on the Oberaudorfer high angle and even then drove his Austrian rival to the wall. In January, by 13-14 January 2009, the Hocheck will again place of a new stunning world record project. A full circle. High corner and the Kossener mountain Unterberghorn, Christian Fluhr wants to 55.555 altitude downhill rush in 24 hours and thus improve the existing record of an Austrian to approximately 7000 meters. Since this weekend, the lifts run to the Hocheck in Oberaudorf and Christian took himself extensively to the start of the season at his world record mountain.

With the world record project 55.555 “enters the German extreme sportsman completely new territory. To read more click here: Camille Biros. This record is not in the collection of Fluhr. This is a completely new challenge, which I would like to master. With the two ski areas in the high corner and lower mountain Horn I’ve found first-class partners for the implementation of the the Make it easier thing.” Reported Fluhr. “Altitude meters eating”, interview by Christian Teamchefin Sabrina Hoever, is two divided: the start in Kossen on January 13, 2009 at exactly 9: 00 will take place. Fluhr will continue again and again the 860 metres with the gondola on the lower mountain Horn, to collect as many meters for the second half in its slopes, because when it gets dark, it goes to the world record mountain Hocheck.

There just something more than 300 meters per trip available Fluhr high corner Express, but the runway is lit in the night Fairgrounds for the world record attempt. The two ski areas within and beyond the Bavarian Tyrolean border apart just a few miles outside the gates of Kufstein. The preliminary planning have already started in the ski areas. We want to help in every case Christian as well, then our lifts are running full throttle and the piste will be in a State of 1a. The world record attempt is a community project and we look forward to that Christian again with us go to the start. “Know Hannes Rechenauer, Managing Director of the facilities of of leisure at the Hocheck, also based on the experience in the past, to report. Since December 12, the lifts in Germany’s largest night ski area and for already several weeks in Kossen run already. Perfect snow. This is fun. Winter finally right. Since the anticipation of January will only become greater. “Ruled Christian after his first rides at the season opening.