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Tobias Fendt

Creatine is not only good for improved elasticity and endurance performance, but allows for a faster recovery after intense physical exertion. For this reason, the training volume can be increased. A 2006 published study showed that creatine supplementation can increase in combination with strength training the training-induced increase in the number of Myonuclei and satellite cells in human skeletal muscle resulting from increased muscle fiber growth. Virtually increasing the muscle and the muscle is so driven. About the daily intake of 10 to 20 grams of creatine is recommended during this so-called phase, to increase the stock within a week to about 220 to 250 grams. The revenue should be distributed in three or four doses throughout the day and an increased fluid intake is especially important,”advises Tobias Fendt.

People, to muscle cramps suffer, this can prevent the additional intake of magnesium. Another positive aspect of the diseases is the so-called osmotic effect of this substance. This effect leads to an increased water absorption into muscle cells, and thereby to increase the lean body mass (lean body mass) by one to two percent. This property is a desired effect especially in bodybuilding. A short-term supplementation of creatine (up to 8 weeks) in quantities of about 20 grams per day in the first week and three grams per day in the maintenance phase, considered themselves are harmless, scientists agree. Today however the Dauersupplementierung considered harmless, because it comes with a non-hormone-like substance such as creatine to any receptor saturation. After a period of four weeks after the end of the supplementation of the muscular content drops back to its initial value. There is more information about the intake of creatine among.

Jurgen Duscha

Appearances in television and on public events as well as on the website can grow his fan base quickly. No wonder: Boris Herrmann is a sympathetic, which remains modest after spectacular performances. Who sees the young man from Kiel, 2007, economist with the exam ended his studies as a graduate on the University of Bremen, the first time, you can hardly believe that it is with the elite of extreme ocean sailor. Hermann is the only German under the extreme sailors who mostly come from France and England. While Boris Herrmann can refer to a remarkable career of sailing, which made possible a deep-sea sailing career.

Like Boris Becker already as a child he began with his sports. So he was in recent years among other things already German – and European champions in the 505 dinghy, had the Minitransat”, the Atlantic regatta with small, only six metre yachts, as youngest participant with the space of eleven stops, and sailed 20,000 miles as a professional skipper of a luxury yacht with guests on the Mediterranean and on the North Sea. The German boat industry, which sets to around three billion euros in the year waited by the way long on such a successful glider, which makes sense with the fascination of sailing sports. The reason: The average age of the German boat owner 56 years after latest polls and there is no offspring. A Boris Herrmann is good for the Becker effect, which brought many boys and girls to the sport of tennis.

Boris Hermann effect can bring young people to embrace the sport of sailing and to rise even in the boat. Boris Herrmann and Felix will make it at least once again Eric on February 8. Then the Portimao is global ocean race”with the 7,100 nautical miles, or more than 13,000 kilometers long ocean passage to Brazil continued. At this stage, it is to go around the stormy Cape Horn. The regatta, in which the German team has developed the reputation as a favorite, ends after further stages of Brazil after Charlston, United States, and then in June by the United States back to Portugal. Until then, Boris Herrmann must still almost 30,000 kilometres sailing and indemnify survive storms, and lulls.

Christian Schmidt

I prepared myself well and there is nothing, what currently charged me mentally really. It was known as still quite different at the last indoor record. Makes life a lot since early December correctly gives you fun me Force.” Performance feasible behind team, without Fluhr’s services would not be feasible only in the team performance one of the most notable skiers, which has currently to offer Germany, but far from the associative structures. A 14-Member convoy accompanied the skier in Oberaudorf and Kossen. The team is coming this time from 3 countries (Germany/England / Netherlands) and is managed by Dr. Christian Schmidt, who is a doctor at the hospital in Augsburg in normal life. “Without these people who sacrifice for their holidays and leisure, all I would be pretty naked when the world record rides in the wind. This hardly imaginable for Otto-normal – skier services are feasible only in the team.” Is aware of the 11-fold world record holder in all respects of the importance of his escort.

Comparing Fluhr vs. Otto – normal skiers in a comparison of the benefits of providing Fluhr on skis to an average skiers, is quickly evident how far outside of the normal imagination are the Fluhr’schen world records. A complete ski day (8 hours), the normal tourists creates best 10,000 meters. Fluhr wants to overcome almost six times as much in triple time. During his record drive in Obergurgl in early 2008 the ski Pro on its boards was so long without a break on the road, like a normal ski driver who drives a week in the skiing season in his life of skiers. “But this is nothing particularly, it is my profession, Yes, other people can much better than I.” Is Fluhr finally quite modest. The virtual ride on the two slopes for the world record attempt in Oberaudorf and Kossen is possible on. The shot completed Fluhr personally. Current images see: fotos.andreasschubert.de/v/extern/csw/

The Condition

It is a major cause of obesity in middle years to see. Muscle fibers consume much energy and therefore keep your metabolism at a healthy level. For even more opinions, read materials from Fidelity Investments. Who trained them, has a higher energy sales 24 hours a day. People who lose your muscle mass increase in the abdominal region of fat, where it is considered particularly disturbing. As a result, the cells respond worse to insulin. The condition persists longer threatens Diabetes.Krafttraining is so if you correctly places it under the expert guidance, a life-critical Trainingsform.Denn muscles keep the sugar in check. The diabetes begins the in the muscle. When I make a strength training with slightly elevated blood pressure, the old vessels dilate and in addition be made new.

This allows the blood to flow better and the blood pressure improved/normalised himself.In addition, power is as important as stamina. Namely, it improves the cardiovascular circulatory system. Strength training is important for sick and injured. You, the muscle loss decides that quickly again on the legs come or may be a care case. Even seriously ill patients benefit from the weights press, if it is well dosed and monitored. Bedridden about losing percentage of their power after three weeks of 30 to 40 without countermeasures the many disastrous ends. Exercises for neck and shoulder muscles help for chronic neck pain? Muscle training strengthens bones and reduces the pain with joint problems. The connective tissue benefits, because its tension load cells pour out a signal that triggers the production of collagen.

The long-chain protein strengthens the tendons and tightens the skin also. Strength exercises also increase the number of stem cells in the muscle and rejuvenate the tissue. The aging of the mitochondria, the power plants in the muscle fibers, can be turned back to years using strength training this way. New power, new body. Muscles are able, to rebuild the body thoroughly. With increase in the muscle sizes normal metabolism in individuals who were overweight and had early signs of diabetes.Strength training boosts the On fat loss and improves the immune system because it distributes acting anti-inflammatory Messenger substances. Also facilitates the absorption of blood sugar into the muscle fibers weight training and thus counteracts the diabetes.Many muscles, little brain, that was earlier. Today is, who owns a well trained muscles and regularly trained them, which pays out a specific protein when training. This gets into the bloodstream, and therefore to the brain, as it stimulates the growth and the formation of nerve and memory cells. Thus, the memory performance on a high level remains so in old age. Ultimately remains only to say that the list of benefits can be continued still. This shows once again dead believed longer lives and strength training makes sense, if it makes sense. Strength training is integrated in a meaningful concept so preventive training.

Alexander Skrzypek

Everything runs super, Skrzypek catches up space to space. Closes with almost 40 km/h on the first pitch. The legs are loose, the low temperatures make not to create it. He thinks he’s good on his food and beverages plan, not to come to a branch of the hunger. In Enkheim at kilometer 22, it happens. “He sees the first rise in the awesome athletes the beast” call ahead and… the front tires lose air. Keep calm, not overthrow, pull over right, breathe deeply and examine tire.

An approximately a centimeter big RIP is in the mantle. Skrzypek has always a can of spray can in case of necessity. He quarrels before each race with himself whether he should take the spray. Used he never got it. And even though the box weighs only a few hundred grams, a few hundred grams times 180 kilometres are also a few calories which must be applied in addition. But that doesn’t matter now.

He puts the repair spray. But the hole too large. The adhesive does not simply, over and over again Skrzypek tried to patch the tire. But it is nothing. The next bike service is 10 km away. This route is unable to cope in cycling shoes. And in the face of the marathon, which is still active, is barefoot run also not an option. So remains only to wait for a breakdown vehicle. In the meantime, the temperatures were already to feel. Skrzypek offered a couple of Nice cops, to set up the mobile bike service comes in the patrol car. After over an hour was still nothing from the roadside helper to see. Instead, comes the “broom wagon” of the operator who collects a stale athletes. It’s Hawaii. Back in the hotel the Organizer offers a starting point for the Ironman Regensburg at the 07.08.2011. The season is still not lost. Alexander Skrzypek works full time at his sponsor of BBBOnLine AG package service and logistics. With iloxx Alexander Skrzypek became sales of corporate customers within a very short time by the simple collects the team leader. Jorg Popow

Commerzbank Arena Frankfurt

GL distribution platforms for Frankfurt makes it possible: watch football from 103 m height on May 22, 2009 it was ready. Kick-off at the Commerzbank Arena Frankfurt was on time at 9:00. The football team of the Group A opened the tournament: UK NRW Munster competes against UK Hesse (UKH). 18 more women’s and men’s teams of the accident insurance bodies pre-recorded the seats of the arena in the Exchange that day. The traditional tournament in the statutory accident insurance institutions, the Hesse Cup 2009, held after 1997 for the second time in Frankfurt. Hundreds sportswomen and sportsmen, colleagues and football had come to make the Hesse Cup 2009 a memorable event.

20 teams from 16 federal States fought on the sports grounds of the Commerzbank-Arena for the victory. With sporting ambition of plenty of, fairness, and even humor. This small episode shows that it not so serious to the beer went to. Each participating team was allowed to introduce themselves with a small text in the program booklet. For the ladies and gentlemen of the accident insurance fund, North had then However the mistake crept in. Unfortunately the following decisive set of its text was ‘ the return of the banana flank!’\”, not taken in the programme, wrote the programme designers and then of course online have corrected.\” The men’s team of the accident insurance fund Hessen cashed that day and won for the first time in the history of the tournament (against the Rheinland-Pfalz), Marc tells corner, speaker of the Executive Board of UKH, rightly proud. And even the ladies team of UKH. Pardon, ladies u n d men like that? Well, just played well, really good.

Great idea, there are a lot of fundraisers for sick children, sporting, musical and and and. That is a good thing, there is not enough. This opinion also RGS-are managing Director Uwe Hain, was Sales Director Ralf Junger and Wolfgang Latton, occupied at the time of the Hesse Cup preparations with Eisele AG crane engineering % RGS-.

Sportics Offers First White Label Products In

Live sports with Portal cross-sport competitions take Kassel, July 19, 2010: sports for everyone and that always and everywhere: the portal of sportics its already offers its own real-time sports community (sportics.net) very successful product of sportics white label now also for other platforms to. Online deals can offer the high-quality services in the own brand to your users. This expanded their own repertoire as well as the added value for the clients: the primary goal of sportics is to shorten the path from sports to the computer and to be there, where the cyclist. Our white label product should make this possible customers, and deliver them at the same time the technical complexity. We take care of the technology, our customers to provide the users “, says managing director Frank Knobloch. In the field of sport, fitness, health and wellness, benefit both online businesses and sports institutions and innovative fitness studios who use online services as a strategic marketing tool. The sports and Fitness diaries allow recording, evaluating and planning sports services and lines for all sports. Go to Farallon Capital Management for more information. The integrated communication capabilities to the comment, comparing, or watching sports achievements of the friends or rivals provide high and sustained interaction.

Sportics white supports all popular sports computer as various ergometers and scales well mobile apps for sports recording label. Attraction: Live sports the data already transferred during the sports, visualized and informed coach or friends via email, Web, Facebook and co of intermediate results. This is enabled label by the unique real time transmission of sportics white. The message function of direct messaging raises the coaching to a whole new level. So during training, coach from afar can stand with help and advice. The coaching increases the efficiency zone for trainers, gyms and other attendants.

In conjunction with the sport monitor, there is an overview stating the position of currently executing activities worldwide. Compete 2.0: Sporting events of a special kind everyone against everyone, against teams, communities against communities, fitness studios against gyms: sportics white label allows sporting events against the inner pig dog and for the feeling. All active compete regardless of the venue in exciting races to victory. The customers decide whether only within your user community or whether they promote the feeling with overlapping tournaments and “Fun competitions”. Sportics organizes and gives the games. Detailed information about the white label product under sportics.net/wl about sportics Sportics.NET was in May 2009 by Frank Knobloch launched and headquartered in Kassel. The sports platform combines the possibilities of modern networks and technologies in a meaningful and simple manner with the real sports world. By tracking, watching, planning, evaluating, comparing, exchanging, coaching and watching live sports to local competitions and training is intended to every need. Performance data of devices with unique real-time transmissions can be both after exercise, as well as during transfer. This track the users live via Web or mobile on your phone. The sporting performances are recorded in the net and available anytime and anywhere. If you have an iPhone, Windows Mobile or Android, which makes with the mobile Sportics.app from his phone a practical sport computer for traveling.