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In order to finish rolling to those of San Quirze, these MBS ordered in tranches were red-baptize like CDO (Collateralized Debt Obligations, Obligations of Colateralizada Debt), as another exotic name could have been given them. III. Noncontentments with the previous thing, the financial magicians created another important product: CDS (Credit Default Swaps) In this case, the purchaser, the one that the CDO bought, it assumed a risk of non-payment by the CDO that it bought, acquiring more interests. That is, it bought the CDO and it said: if it fails, I lose the money. If it does not fail, collection more interests. IV.

Following with the inventions, another instrument, Synthetic CDO was created, that I have not been able to understand, but that it gave a high yield surprising. v. Still more: those that bought Synthetic CDO could buy them by means of very cheap banking credits. The differential between these very cheap interests and the high performances of the Synthetic conducted the operation extraordinarily profitable. When arriving here and trusting that you do not have yourselves too much lost, I want to remember a thing that is possible that it has forgotten to you, given the complexity of the described operations: that everything is based on which ninjas will pay its mortgages and that the North American real estate market will continue raising. BUT: At the beginning of 2007, the prices of the North American houses collapsed. Many of ninjas realized of which they were paying by his house more than now it was worth and decided (or they could not) to continue paying its mortgages. Automatically, nobody wanted to buy MBS, CDO, CDS, Synthetic CDO and those that had already them could not sell them. All the assembly went away sinking and a day, the Director of the Office of San Quirze called to a neighbor to say to him that good, that one money had disappeared, or, in the best one of the cases, there was lost a 60% of his value.


THE FORCE The Force applied by the woman seems minimum, testimony of the authentic inner vigor that it owns. The animal represents the forces of the outer atmosphere that threaten the woman and serve as reminder as which there is to have well-taken care of with the words and the actions of the others. The circumstance that it is analyzing is full of alternating situations that express the dualisms of the existence, as much in the matter as in the spirit, creating every time a greater weight. Right: The letter of the force knows a clearly divinatory meaning, its appearance in our picture of exhibition speaks to us of strength, value, announces determination, resolution before some challenge, the proposal of a change will have to be accepted, if this arranged to accept resolutely and gives some that another risk, perhaps with difficulty but finally was reached the propose goal. Peculiarly the force is a feminine organization, in this case also represents the virilidad, good predisposition before the continued efforts that will bear their fruits, the love dominated to hatred. Key words: Justice, harmony, fairness, integrity, rule of conduct, sign intention, action to judge, moderation in all the things. Indepenencia of spirit.

In order to maintain the balance certain things must be sacrificed. It can be related to legal, jucios subjects, marriages, divorces, etc. Invested: We observe meanness, dedication by the small details, an obsession that does not lead nowhere, indications of the appearance of a disease, lack of confidence in one same one, will let ourselves win by the temptation. Key words: Fanaticism, injustice, severity in the judgment, abuse, false accusations. Insecurity.

Legal mazes. Insecurity. Lack of an appropriate balance. Interpretations: In concrete it: The truth will come to the light and justice will become. Equitable repayment. In work: Movement of papers, new contracts and legal judgment. In money: Sufficient, but nonexcessive. In friendship: The close friends judge our acts more and they include/understand to us, but he costs to them to express his feelings. In family: appearances indicate harmony, the reality shows well-being, the feelings are austere but chords to the norms that the society imposes. In health: To take care of the arms and the balance. In love: Intention to return to the order, either separating of a worn away relation or formalizing a new one. Divorce or legal marriage.