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How to select the palet we need? There are plenty of models of pallets, used, new, plastic, metal. Also have to take into account many factors when choosing the model that most interests us: weight that supports the pallets, distribution of the load, measures, type of merchandise. To clarify all these points, we will give them the keys to consider when selecting the best pallets for your merchandise. 1 Are what merchandise we going to carry on the pallet? Flat load: load is much better distributed and we can put less Woods at the top. If you would like to know more then you should visit Nicholas Carr. Boxes: we will have to take into account the size of the boxes according to your size separation of the tables will have to be higher or lower. Sacks: bags require a type of special pallet, having many tables at the bottom since otherwise we could prick the bags with forklift blades and the stability of the sacks is lower if we want to trace several heights, the best option is a reversible pallet or have equal amount of Woods above that below. 2 What weight does endure the pallet? Light loads: a loose pallet, is recommended for light from 0 to 300 Kg loads with 5 to 7 at the top, and timber with thicknesses from 1.2 to 1.5 cm medium loads: the recommendation for average loads is 0 to 500 Kg and in this case we should use a pallet with a thickness of 1.4 to 1.8 cm and 5 to 7 Woods wood at the top, plugs should be larger than 8 8 cm up to 10 10 cm. heavy loads: for heavy loads already have to go from 500 to 1200 kg to a pallet EUR type with thicknesses of 1.8 to 2.2 cm, 14 to 10 wide tables, tacos de 10 14 cm to 14 14 cm.

Corporate Web Page

Tell me how many visitors at your corporate pages, and I'll say, how is your business. By the end of 2008 the number of users of Internet resources amounted to 1 billion people. Corporate resource is considered an integral part of the marketing policy of the organization, effective way to promote products and services to markets and positioning the company as a whole. Corporate resource is capable of doing many things, but not all, so it is important assess the real capabilities of a corporate site. Today is gaining momentum worldwide trend "Transfusion" marketing budgets online. This is understandable. According to statistics, the audience Runet now stands at about 30 million users. Number of Internet users in Ukraine is estimated at more than 7 million, in Belarus – more than 3 million initial data for the analysis you are managing a small or medium-sized businesses, designed for sector b2b.

Advertising budget, because of the circumstances, is limited, ie Costly and lengthy advertising campaign – it is rather a luxury. The name of the company is known not for everyone. Let's say your company produces valves that known to a small circle of customers. Corporate web site contains a set of standard sections: information about the company, contacts, news, catalog of products and services. There are a number of additional services: electronic order, criteria for selection and so on. Euro Pacific Precious Metals: the source for more info. From the information point of view, all competently. Why did it not go? Even a good corporate resource can not work miracles Reason 1: a complex corporate website address attendance may be close to zero.

Go to your page can only visitors directly typed the site address in your browser. For well-known brands is not an obstacle:. As for the address, have something to think about. The second reason: the lack of move the main source of visitors to corporate resources – links from the search engines. " Website promotion is in its registration in search engines and directories to gain in search engine "valves" went straight to your page. Initially, progress through two or three months can bring from fifteen to 150 patients a day. However, this amount will not suffice. The range of services to "promote" products and sites include the most different ways: pay-check on search sites, banner advertising. The cost of online advertising depends on many factors: size, number of hits per unit time, away from the performance site on which you stationed. For the effective use of Internet capabilities, you need to determine exactly to what the audience will be drawn to the advertising message. Methods of Internet Marketing: Buying top places in the results of the issuance of upon request, to business portals. Purchase targeted hits in search engines. Mutual exchange banners with other resources. If your company is focused on the sector b2b, whether you need to spend budgets placing banners on sites where the vast majority of users – individuals, not interested in the wholesale order a home goods? Business portals, unlike b2c resources may not only increase visits to your site, but also to find new permanent business partners. If you think you can "promote" the site yourself and your company's corporate website is more than enough, it remains only to wish you every success. But best of all turn to professional trading platforms, who knows what to do. However, be careful with offers like "will provide thousands of visits per hour." Success in business – it's a long job, not a chance. Read the article Further in Business

Internet Shop

Is it possible to provide a modern young man or woman without headphones in my ears? In recent years the fashion for all sorts of equipment is gaining more and more fans. It's no secret that music – it's an integral part of our lives. Listen to music – then enjoy an excellent, keep abreast of the latest innovations in the field of musical art. And, despite the fact that musical genres are now a great multitude, and in people very different preferences, it does not prevent us choose the music to your taste, choose one that fits our mood and state of mind. Currently extremely popular are MP3/MP4 players, which are distributed people willing to listen to your favorite works everywhere.

Players can also keep abreast of the latest news and events happening throughout the world. This opportunity to give us a radio favorite wave which can also be customize your MP3 player. Favorite music, you can now take with them, you can wake up with it and go to sleep, go to favorite places, not parting with it. Select suitable MP3/MP4 players today are not of great difficulties. A variety of online stores that sell these devices can greatly facilitate your search for the player that will fit your desires and needs.

Promotion Articles

All pages should have 2-3 links to home. Duplicate menu. For example, if you have a horizontal menu at the top of the site, then duplicate it on the bottom. Make additional links to main sections menu on all pages. Put a list of the most popular materials from the site (for example, WordPress is solved plugin Most Popular, which you can find in my article '84 best plugin WordPress'), as well as a list of recent entries. At the end of each article, make a few references to similar materials. Except improve indexing, it will increase the number of pages viewed on your site (if you have a WordPress, then use the plug-Related Articles, you can find all the same article of '84 best plugin WordPress'). Try the text of each page 1-2 times to refer to other articles on your site.

8. Rule of three clicks. Make the navigation on the site so that any page of your site was available not more than 3 clicks from the homepage. Official site: Robotics. 9. Try not to make the drop-down menu scripts and flash, making it difficult to site indexing by search engines.

10. Add a site to add a form of search engines: Add Site to Yandex website Add to Google Add this site to Rambler Add this site to Aport Add this site to mns Add category, and are looking for a link to 'Submit URL' in the upper right corner. Add site to directory mail.ru – choose the appropriate category, and at the bottom looking for a link 'Add Site'. Add this site to MEGA-ToP – 'Add' button in the menu. 13. Add site social bookmarks (more on social bookmarking you can read in my paper, 'Review of social bookmarking Runet'). A big plus social bookmarking is that they can add internal pages. In each service need to register. To facilitate the addition of web pages in Use social bookmarking services, and also set the button to add a bookmark at the end of each Articles from your site or service Once so. This will allow your visitors to add your own articles that they liked in their social bookmarks. These English-language services – and. I recommend to add every worthwhile article from your site in social bookmarking. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Technology author. 14. Write an interesting article on your site, and place it in a social news services. Each service must register. w ww.electrovesti.com. net 15. Domain Registration. Avoid areas. Info and. Org for domain registration, as it happens that Yandex bad their indexes. 16. Buy links to home pages of its internal or site (whichever you want to index) on the stock exchanges of links or Sape Xap. This is a very effective way. To get the maximum effect, I recommend to buy links from sites located in Yandex (for Yandex) and Dmoz'e (for Google). Fastest indexed links from the main page. The higher the tci and Google PageRank to purchased sites, the better. To avoid misunderstanding, I recommend manually browse websites on which you bought links. 17. Write page with links to their site and post it on the stock exchanges of articles,,. More information about the progress of articles: 'Website Promotion Articles. " Plus, this option is that you can quickly find lots of sites and place them on paper. 18. Write and fee to post an article on the sites of similar subjects. Find sites that are ready to place your articles, you can at specialized forums: Plus, this option is, you pay for posting articles once.

Customer Contact

It is also necessary to ensure that at contact with the customer, who made two orders randomly in a row (for example, I forgot something for the first time) to talk about the same order. Order ID, of course, must be unique. Should also be remembered business logic of the process clearance, in particular, clean basket of goods after the order is issued. It is common for a shop that is not associated with intra-accounting system of orders, to send data on request to e-mail Authority stores. But we all know that the mail is not very reliable in this 'hyper-spam' time.

Therefore, be sure to duplicate orders in the record store orders, if necessary, be able to view your order history online shop manual. If you are buying a product, the visitor can choose the color, design and any further details – in a letter sent to the appearance that the customer has chosen. So much easier for the store administrator. The easiest way to do it – do not send the letter attached to the picture, and send a link to the appropriate picture catalog (type design). 7.

Register buyers on the one of registration gives the visitor many opportunities, for example, may be provided by the history of purchases may remembering shipping addresses, and so on. But there is another side of the coin, the visitor must enter their data, fill numerous and detailed forms to register at all, and this love is not all. I believe that a good online store should be able to purchase a registration with or without her. Let the buyer himself choose that for him the better. In registering to 'lure' the customer something more than history or personal shopping basket. A perfect solution will be accumulative discounts. One should not sign a buyer without his knowledge special offers on delivery shop. Not only is this illegal, it is also a way to lose a customer. It makes sense to offer the user to decide whether to sign or not. To do this, put in the time of registration Field: I want to receive information about discounts and special offers this online store I think it is quite possible it defaults to 'cheknut', although, strictly speaking, it is also not very good. Be sure to provide opportunity to unsubscribe from our newsletter store. Here, briefly, in my opinion and the basic requirements for the appearance of fairly modern Internet-Store. Here, as I mentioned at the beginning and, there is almost no word about how friendly control system should be such a site, as provyazyvaetsya presence in the store, warehouse, and other things that are a major headache Authority stores. This is a topic for another article, and much more volume.

Fibre Channel Goods

Please, teach in its place a specialist and let him work for a certain percentage of contributions to your account. This is your first residual income. On their website you can engage in software advice on medical school. Design and site promotion. And many other issues of interest of people. Get all the facts and insights with Federal Reserve Bank, another great source of information. Have a look at the sites, what people are doing and you will add to the list. Personal Shop.

You can make trade. It needs to be a necessary part of free money for the purchase of goods and its contents. Much more efficient to sell the goods of own production. Have the opportunity, but rather already developed network operations, and most importantly timely delivery of goods at the specified address, preferably in multiple locations. Have 24 hours a day connected to the required number of jobs. Reliable and established communication between the staff of your company. And it all begins with the first paragraph of this article. Further to the language php + sql + java done easily managed functional and beautiful virtual shop with protocol support for transactions possibility of branching.

That is, in real-time shop could work on a constantly changing number of machines in your tamper-resistant virtual trading network. Next came the decision that may arise during your work of problems and troubleshooting. This work should not be visible from the visitors. If it will be seen, because of emerging inconvenience visitors your store does not recognize. Indicator of successful of your shop is a quick turnover of control of money and goods. If you anytime a few clicks of a mouse button, can print the report by product and cash flow, consider that you will be successful. On first glance, this article will get complicated and scary, but after several years of intense activity in the networks of Internet, most point of the article to decide automatically and is not noticeable. Not clear moments will be gone. So that, getting used to Internet technologies. Personal server. You can connect your server to Internet resources and organize maintenance staff. To this end, the optimal solution will connect Fibre Channel, satellite Internet connection or transceiver. Purchase multiple static ip address. Licensed software. All these operations are quite expensive. Gather staff of enthusiasts willing to work a year for nothing, or find some dozens of companies willing to use your services, that immediately after the opening you start getting income from Vashth users. The state must be a high-level system programmer with many years of service server holding the networking and security technologies. He must be familiar with hardware resources and the equipment itself should choose exactly he fit their capabilities. Should be a good electronics that can quickly find and fix the problem. The necessary equipment for testing hardware. Must be respected lawyer. You can rent part of the facilities ready servers. Such services are online a lot. This is the most complex, time consuming and resource-intensive version of the above. Good luck to you.

Moscow Prison

Quite high, even in the event that people share the distance. Risk. Quote from the news: "Disclosure of the murder of journalist Vyacheslav TVC Akatova committed in May. According to investigators, reporter killed 19-year-old Ukrainian, with whom he met through the Internet, according to news "New Region – Moscow". It is assumed that Akatov began to communicate through a network of young man, and then invited live by myself in Mytischi. In the evening a friend invited Akatov join him in an intimate relationship, but the boy refused and went to bed at night and raped Akatov visitor. He decided to take revenge.

Revenge of the failure. Akatov died from what he smashed his head beside the body of the deceased were found two bloodied dumbbells. Simulated the robbery, the perpetrator fled. However, his identity was established. Killer found in Ukraine and brought to Moscow Prison. "5. "I see the goal, I do not notice the obstacles." Why? Because accurate and certainly knows what she wants.

In radically change your life, go live in another city or country, to find a lover or a permanent one-time, business partners or clients for business. In general, goals may be different but the essence is the "here and now, immediately." Who? Active, resolute realist, for whom the Internet – a handy tool and nothing more. Or those who are pressed for time. Where? Where more choice and have the opportunity to communicate "online." Ideal – go immediately to "ICQ" and there in a hurry to resolve all issues. The prospects for relations. If the person satisfies the specified search parameters, a real meeting can literally through that period of time required to reach it by car. If not satisfied, then after literally two sentences correspondence will be placed in "hopeless", in is not worth wasting time and bandwidth, and upon this communication will stop. Risk. It all depends on how sincere intentions and how they converge. There is, for example, the risk of running into a purposeful maniac or a swindler, who is looking for a victim. Also, here's another quote. "In the U.S., a country with one of the highest levels of the Internet, one in five web users aged 10 to 17 years of being sexually harassed online. These data leads the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (National Center for Missing and Exploited Children). Sexual Harassment Center considers the proposal to enter into intimate contact or disclosure of sexual character. Two-thirds of adolescents are at increased attention – girls. Indecent proposal, by contrast, often come from the male. " And what you're looking for on dating sites?

Sites With A Human Face

In this article you will learn about a very powerful video marketing tool that can be used on almost all websites! This innovative method will raise conversion site several times! And most importantly, that this algorithm can be used in absolutely any niche! This is the work of the video twins on their own and other sites (legal way!). See … In real life you meet real people as managers, salespeople, secretaries, assistants, etc., and only after the live communication you make with them any bargain … On the site, everything is on the other … Look at many sites on the Internet … All they are trying to give people some information, or to sell products or services. But the conversion of conventional sites in recent years, lower and lower. And this is true, because visitors often do not know with whom they communicate or do not know that required them to do.

But fortunately there is now such an opportunity – to absolutely any website to integrate your video counterpart, which will attract the attention of visitors and offer them the right to make you act. And the video twins on the sites will work for you around the clock and without a break for lunch! You can be the owner of the business and welcome your visitors at your site or video-assistant secretary of the video. You can be the owner of an online store, and your video-sellers will recommend the right products to visitors. You can be the author of mailing, and your video twin-twin will invite your visitors to subscribe to it and explain how to do it. You can participate in any affiliate program and put their video distributors directly to the sites owners affiliate and get paid many times more. Here is a sample site video twins: a site with video twins And you can also put their video counterparts at other people’s sites are LEGAL. Here are a few examples: For example, the presidential website, here – And the publication of the twins is absolutely legal, it does not violate the zone of other sites, but simply creates a layer-copy on the server, which is 100% functional. This is not just a spectacular method to blow up emotions of your visitors, subscribers, customers and clients, it is also effective marketing Bomb, capable of conversion to increase your site many times! And to create such video-doubles and integrate them into their own and others, or partner sites may even just a beginner user. It’s really easy!

Types Of Internet Advertising (overview )

First, let's define some terminology to talk to you in one language. Target visitor – a potential buyer of the goods advertised. Keyword (phrase) – a word or phrase that user uses to find specific information in the search engine. Target audience – a group of people targeted in advertising and promotional activities. The main and most important to the advertiser category of recipients of the advertising reference. serp ("crescent" – a portmanteau. serp – Search Engine Result Page) – issuance of search results for any query, sorted by relevance. Thus, among a wide variety of different types Internet advertising are the following major groups: Media advertising (banner); Contextual advertising; Progress in the search engines (site promotion); Newsletter advertisements.

Other species Internet advertising to some extent will relate to these four groups, or are not sufficiently significant. Just want to say a few words about the last group of advertising and not to return to her. Newsletter ads can be of two types of address when the recipient knowingly agreed to the receipt of this distribution, and mass, better known as spam (sending of advertising on various types of channels of communication without the consent of the recipients). Mailing of, first, occupies a very small market share, and, secondly, often aimed at supporting older audience than attract new. Spam, in turn, is a fully legitimate form of advertising, and therefore do not dwell on it desires. The same group advertising "Newsletter ads" could be considered, which has recently become popular, viral marketing, but rather refers to marketing techniques (tools) than to advertising on the Internet.


Books of this type are a group of web pages compressed into a single exe. file that requires no installation. -Read your book and a book of this type. E-books come in several species. Free e-books released to create viral traffic, or to sell other products directly from the pages of the book! Paid e-books written for subsequent sale. This is different manuals and guides. According to the volume of the book often do not reach the paper editions, but may be much more informative.

Promotion by e-book. It would seem that any gains in the electronic book, if it does not sell, but absolutely giving away. Turns out to be, and very significant. With the free distribution of electronic books can be successfully promote your site. You are writing a book on any subject (preferably, of course, on the theme which is so somehow intersects with the theme of your site) inserts a proper advertising, and begin to be distributed freely on the web. Immediately determine that you wrote the book should not be an advertising brochure, and filled with interesting self-sufficient, maybe even unique information that fully discloses the affected subject. In general, Treat to write a book as if you're going to sell it. Only in this case can be achieved the desired result. And the advertising insert in the bottom of each page in your ad units. Because the book is free, and people known to enjoy everything for free, then it will spread very quickly in the network.