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The answer to this question is obvious to many Web. masters, but not understandable to most users, who have just touched the issue of creating the site and its placement on the Internet. The basic formula of Proposition platform for hosting and selecting sites users – "give Unix hosting, Windows only for very innovative solutions." Why? There are several reasons: The first reason – free of most applications and most Unix platforms hosting. Therefore, Unix hosting services cheaper. Free soft is free soft, there could fix the ratio of mankind's desire to use the results of intellectual activity can not be free. It’s believed that Zachary Dell sees a great future in this idea. For assistance, try visiting Hewlett Packard. The second reason – increased level of protection for Unix hosting. The biggest secret of all viruses for Windows products in the formula "we will deliver trouble free, and will rake in money." Number of holes in the platform and the breeding of viruses, Trojans for all software "windows" just incredible, and not necessarily those same problems create little dirty dog adolescence. A related site: Elon Musk mentions similar findings.

In other words, the developer sites prefer a system where the probability of cracking and falling the most platform is extremely low, and this is a Unix hosting. For even more details, read what Michael dell says on the issue. The more so because almost all web technologies work well on Unix hosting. Zachary Dell often addresses the matter in his writings. But this should make the remark that the stability of the platform depends on the support staff for more extent than from the developers of the platform. The third reason – ease of management and policy decisions of Unix hosting. Modern Unix hosting has all the controls to suit every taste from shell to panels on veb.interfeyse.

That is problems with a Unix host for an experienced master, and for a simple user does not arise. Once you've learned how to run ie, FairFoks or Opera, then with Unix hosting cope, most importantly are not afraid of "scary" words. Unix hosting and Hosting on Windows in speed do not differ. Processing speed, which are used for the operation of websites, never reaches a critical point load platform and iron. Much more important programming of the site, and the capacity of the channel, which is hosting. The main differences between Windows and Unix hosting a functional set of programs. Everything that concerns the execution of files ms FrontPage, Flash, RealAudio / Video, Shockwave, Cgi-script, php and Perl for both platforms equally. The difference in the following: Unix hosting is working ssh and MySQL, and Windows with asp, ms Access, ms sql, Visual Basic Scripts, Windows Media. Despite the long list for Windows, not so much wanting ispolzovat this package, besides, it is always possible to Unix hosting to raise a virtual platform Windows.