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Pablo Picasso

Art is one of the most pleasant activities that exist in the world, because through these are achieved to give life to the most beautiful creations that represent major expressions of the culture of humanity, so are samples of high aesthetic content that gain recognition around the world. So the art sits on a pedestal in the concepts of aesthetics and culture; but it is also important to highlight the name of those who manage to give life to art, since their brilliant minds and creative spirit, is what allows through your body to realize the ideas, that become works of art. In response to the above in this article, talk about one of the most important artists in the history of the painting, who is the great painter Pablo Picasso, who with his great creative mind became one of the most representative artists of the 20th century. Pablo Picasso, was a very versatile artist, since his style and originality gave place to the invention of forms, innovation in techniques and styles; Apart from being a great painter also unfolded with great skill in sculpture, which accompanied by paintings allowed her to become one of the artists with greater number of works, since it employs more than 20,000 creations, which is a sample more of its multifaceted capabilities. Entering a little more to the life of Pablo Picasso, was born in Malaga (Spain) on October 25, the year 1881, one of the points for which Pablo Picasso could have taste towards art, relates to the fact that his father was an art teacher. Works carried out pablo Picasso until the year of 1898, were both signed with paternal and maternal surname, but after this year, and from 1901, works made by pablo Picasso only were signed with the maternal surname.

In the development of the artistic activity of pablo Picasso, you can highlight several stages, among which is the blue period, time of the artistic life of Picasso in which the arrival of the artist is located at Paris. What characterizes this period, as the word, says most of his works contained blue colors, in this era was manifested much human misery. In the following period Picasso sets with his first partner, so change your vision and change blue colors for a palette of pink and red, colors there that this period is called Pink. With the advance of time pablo Picasso was defining his style when performing his works, so arrive at the stage in which his creations would be made with the use of the analytical and synthetic Cubism, which can say that it is carrying out works from small cubes that make up a full figure in its entirety. Original author and source of the article

Commissions Commissions

The commissions are percentages (money) that deducted or charged banks directly to the accounts of persons, making banking movements with a view to payment during certain times, usually a month, deposit, or simply by the case of maintaining the accounts of these people active. The commissions are an important source of income for banks, since they are characterized by increase or decrease its percentage depending on the amount managed. The collection of commissions may be exposed to a variable percentage constant, because this can be affected by several factors; among the most common are. Income from a check to a country or a different city to the place where it became welcomes a greater Commission, either by currency exchange or cheque handling. The transaction or a Fund through a cheque deposit requires a Commission, since control and stamp costs are taken into account in all these transactions. Nicholas Carr usually is spot on. Payment or change of a cheque, now collects a large percentage of resources for these entities, as first makes all this Commission percentage according to the amount paid, also charged the Commission for provision of asset swap.

The entry of a cheque to a different financial institution, causes a minimum Commission, due to the handling of assets by both entities. It is good to mention that although deductions or commissions are currently made by any financial movement, those already mentioned are the most applicable to checks mainly. An important point to touch is the percentage; This can vary as he has been said previously by the amounts of money and handling of transaction, however in real numbers they can range from a minimum percentage of a 0.75 percent, up to a maximum of 9 per cent, is clear, as the case of the financial movement; However it is important to say that sometimes both types of percentage may vary depending directly of the rigor of the conducted financial movement. It is good to mention that currently the law intercepts in some cases the collection of These commissions; a clear example of this are the rejected checks or without funds, because it is illogical and illegal to charge fee for a cheque which could not be logged in, therefore the law of certain countries as Spain considered this illegal act. Commissions for cheques have certain exceptions, within the best known we find that the check when it is cashed in the same State where it is issued does not apply to the Commission, however, in certain situations if it is the same entity, but different location may charge a minimum Commission. Original author and source of the article