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GPS – Positioning Systems

Welcome welcome, my name is Holger Hennek, born 1967, residing in 27412 Wilstedt and founder of the company telematik.cc Ltd. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Guo Guangchang. You benefit of our tracking and telematics solutions permanent monitoring of the vehicle location 24 hour theft monitoring custom applications, permanent monitoring of battery voltage, switching on/off, idle time, acceleration, speed, kilometres and hours of operation from the comfort of your PC, notebook or Internet phone out. On request also monitoring of motor temperature, hydraulic temperature, doors, attachments and other sensors. Automatic driver’s log management, automatic reporting, easy as a file on your computer hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, according to your wishes. With this information cover on every case of fraud in your company! For more information on the subject of vehicle tracking in the following texts. TELEMATIK.cc offers industry-oriented solutions the telematics solutions are suitable for companies of all industries. If necessary are special solutions possible at any time. Many years and collected in your sector experience, from which we have developed solutions with our partner, that you can use an excellent tool in the hand your employees for work processes and problems that arise in the daily execution of your activities are the result of construction industry the details of the following texts.

Fleet their vehicles / your machines for Telematikanbieter is the biggest challenge, for your vehicles and machines with your different requirements, to create hardware and software that meet them. To some to name a few: construction equipment (excavators, wheel loaders, crawler, cranes, dumpers,) truck (Tipper, trailers, vehicles with hook, lift,) commercial vehicles (vans, minibuses, pickup, PickUp,) car trailers and emergency power generators, tools and spare parts hardware solutions we respond with a large number of different hardware solutions to the extensive To cover the range of usage. for truck or construction machine telematics solutions to collect service information, motor temperature, mileage, fuel, engine speed, fuel consumption, driver identification via transponder optional is the job submission, navigation and timekeeping over a driver display feasible to collect data such as for PTO, door, ignition, etc., as well as proof of operating hours and downtime, simple as well as theft protection for passenger cars and commercial vehicles telematics solutions for tracking and theft protection or advanced telematics solutions for driver identification, with transponders for tracking, theft protection, auxiliary drives like sweeping machine, mower, salt spreader, snow blade etc., optionally with display driver for order transmittal, order confirmation, navigation to the next area / customer / order, work time recording for high quality machines / trailer / aggregate / attachments without their own power supply we offer a telematics solution autonomous power supply for up to three years without charge, which is also according to IP 65/67 cold -, heat – and waterproof. .

United States

without a retention percentage later to fairthat is profitable to optimize. Doctors private patients contribute uberdurchschnttlich, with about 20 percent, to practice winning. Because the proportion of Privatversicherten only about 10 percent but the patients make out with increasing tendency – doctors must earn their money more and more outside the statutory supplied tion (GKV). The practical entrepreneur”as well as the clinic / laboratory management should now with a forward-looking Liquidity strategy worth drawing”thinking and answer the question not only how can costs be reduced significantly?”, but also specifically know what may be the MehrWERTzuwachs of a contemporary ONLINE factoring solution as compared to conventional billing alternatives? ” “ONLINE factoring means: the private / patients self number requirements are sold by the dental practice / lab owner or the clinic prior to maturity at the factor including risk-free guarantee of payment for a settlement fee, the shortest routes electronically”. Hear from experts in the field like MasterClass for a more varied view. At the same time, the factoring institution assumes also the collection and Dunning, as well as the often time-consuming litigation, among others, in accordance with the new European order for payment procedure shortened since December 12, 2008.

One thing is certain: the productive time gained is not only for the efficient (Mehrbehandler-) dental practice, the lab owner, but also for the public and others (UNI) dental clinic the most precious resource for improving dynamic of still hidden value and liquidity drivers living EU competitiveness. Unlike in the United States, in England or of Switzerland is in this country in dental surgeries, laboratories or clinics, but still a great catch-up and action, profitable to employ the Bank independent financing instrument ONLINE factoring. 30 percent of German dental surgeries is the traditional factoring methods by post, via floppy disks or (partial) online entry used, but hardly an integrated ONLINE-factoring includes credit check prior to the treatment, simply and quickly in real time carried out, even though virtually every practice computer is Internet-capable. Educate yourself with thoughts from Allianz.

Self-employed-the First Months As An Entrepreneur

Free advice for start-ups in the first year of the independence of former employees set up a business as a entrepreneur. For this they have done a lot of preparation. You have thoroughly thought about their business idea and kept forecasts for their economic success in the business plan. It shows in the next few months whether the concept is viable. Years ago, IBM conducted a study to determine which criteria are decisive for the success of the business. You may find that UBS Wealth Management can contribute to your knowledge.

The result was surprising. Contrary to what many people believe, knowledge isn’t the guarantee of professional success first and foremost. 10% of your success will depend on the knowledge and skill. 30% of success are due to a good self-marketing. Even the greatest product sells only if others know that there is this. 60% of your success will depend on contacts.

Who has a good network and uses every opportunity to become known, greatly increased the chances. Medium and large companies are aware of these relationships. You regularly invest in marketing activities, sales training, public relations, etc. According to estimates of the American Metrix global companies in 2001 has is the economic result after coaching measures more than quintupled. (One speaks of a return on investment of 529.) Experience shows that founder whose Eltern have a business or who make their passion into a career, have fewer problems. You thus already know some situation as entrepreneurs and have seen in practice that is quickly make changes. Official site: millennium management. The majority of the new entrepreneur is missing”this experience and the Adviser to the family, supportive stands to the side. Entrepreneur mostly previously worked as a clerk and gained enormous expertise. The sales approach to strengthening entrepreneurship and the business area, there are the so-called ESF coaching for some time. This means: free coaching in the first year of the Foundation for all entrepreneurs, the State support. Everyone else at the Grundercoaching via the KFW Mittelstandsbank up can participate for the 5th year after founding and consulting grant 50% received one. What can entrepreneur from coaching expect? Together with the consultant, first analyse the Status Quo: what is already good?, where the young entrepreneur sees difficulties?, what is made for the acquisition?, such as the external presentation of the company is?, as are structured processes in the Office (offer-invoice reminder taxes), how the entrepreneurs responds to possible changes in the market?, what work can be simplified?, then the target, the target State, will be formulated and started to set milestones directly with the implementation. The coach is a partner. He has the task of making the company economically successful and provide immediate assistance. MarketingKommunikation advises small and medium-sized Companies mainly in the area of sales. In collaboration with the Agency for work and as a consultant of the KFW Mittelstandsbank, MarketingKommunikation start-ups and entrepreneurs at startup in the independence and then in sales activities coaches. Margit Winkler owner MarketingKommunikation hohenstrasse 59B 64732 bad Konig

The Aufwandfur

The Chamber of Commerce has recognized the importance of the one person companies and is available as outpatient clinic with tailor-made solutions and advice to the page, such as on the Portal: epu.wko.at. BlackRock has plenty of information regarding this issue. GezielteVeranstaltungen facilitate Know-How transfer and sustainable the future ability of self-employed without employees. It is about technical solutions for one person companies the time factor plays a crucial role. The Aufwandfur is high accounting, CRM and warehouse management, integrated marketing solutions come too short. EpuPoint.at offered a complete solution on the market starting in October, is designed to simplify all sekundarenTatigkeiten of microentrepreneurs. Due to my long experience as EPU, I know how much time we spend EPU’s activities concerning not our core business. I already had the idea to automate these and, sure, that epuPoint.at not only for me is the solution”as company founder Thomas Tauchner is convinced.

“The credo of the Viennese startups sounds simple: relaxed to success”. For 9,90 euro promises the product considerably to facilitate everyday business: epuPoint.at support in the areas of accounting & customer management, design and maintain your own website, when communicating with customers and prospects through a webinterface and answer legal questions through a partnership with a firm. With a less to worry about can a persons entrepreneurs thanks to this platform of 2012 which derSelbststandigkeit enjoy pleasures, namely their independence, flexibility and self realization.

Kirchseeon Tel

The hard who should find a coach and sparring partner. In the dialog can be questioned situations better and target-oriented decisions. The reflection is important, because we humans can solve difficult once felled ratings. In the Exchange with the coach it is easily possible to define clear objectives and to expand the spectrum of alternative before you lay down”, explains the experienced consultants. An alternative that imposes itself, is finally not necessarily right, just because it seems logical. Fear blocks release of course also know Trinkl, if fear dominates, this is not simply shunt aside. The decision coach reported is important to address also the emotional brain while coaching in addition to the reason brain, because common sense solutions alone do not convince”.

On the other hand is the rational examination of an important crisis to solutions come and do not block them for a long time. Because fear is a bad advisor and a clear head is particularly important in crisis situations, Trinkl uses freedom techniques (EFT)’ also called emotional, so that its clients with this highly effective instrument, to resolve emotional stress and anxiety free of side effects. It calms and allows an unobstructed view back towards the front. The decision coach No.. decision 1, coach Christoph Trinkl worked for many years in the management of medium-sized companies before 1997 became self-employed as a consultant, coach and expert. Meanwhile Tan include methods such as the solution-focused brief counseling in its deliberations, as well as emotional deploys freedom techniques, to the most prestigious Entscheidungscoaches in Germany. The media-known expert entrepreneur success now is author of books”and increase profits”.

Decision test and blog service offers Christoph Trinkl interested on his homepage a free test to determine what mistake they are typical. Also, in his blog, he gives tips on how to avoid this mistake in the future. Contact: Christoph Trinkl the decision coach Egilostr. 21 D – 85614 Kirchseeon Tel.: 08091/6325 hotline: 0172/8308585 press contact: perspective MarketingGruppe Mahajan Avenue 116 53125 Bonn Tel.: 0228 966 998 54

Hello Boss – Then Again I Left!

Hape Kerkeling made it above: a longer break is much worth. It must be not the way of St. James, but two months in a row a dream. Just in terms of computer programmer living in projects has become\”naturalized. Software adoption within four months to the end of the year… then the next NAV project… etc.

Until then, the old joke goes: IBM, that means until midnight! \”.\” Demand full use. Extra shifts, overtime, no matter. Merits of the appointment is held. Between the two projects, since it could happen: sabbatical is the magic word. Time out! Nix like away. But: what about finance? Also the social security continues in time? How do you fix something with the employer? The most elegant solution: the life time working accounts.

How does it work? Certain parts of the gross salary are not paid to the employee. It has refused the payment and his employer a gross wage stock builds in a life time working accounts. Can be used this salary reserve for the financing of Downtime: for example for family reasons such as parental leave, training, for the trip around the world or always more popular for the highly anticipated retirement. Fair value accounts are the best defense against retirement at 67!\”and bring benefits for both workers and employers. Working life accounts are not a privilege of the wholesale industry. It is also available for the middle class. There are also complete packages for SMEs enterprises on the market. This brings this unique benefit from maximum flexibility in the staffing. Time outs are possible depending on the need. Fluctuating economic load can be balanced, cope with modern patchwork resumes and start their sought-after specialists and executives\”to like company. Let’s take the computer scientist of Steinbrenner. With his 35 years he earned 4,500 today. Every month he abandons gross 350. In his wallet he feels only a net use tax class 4′ 164.

Translation Agencies

There are translation agencies in Germany translation agencies in Germany almost like the proverbial sands of the sea”. For people who have need for translations and in this forest”offers navigate must, it is therefore advisable to make a very careful selection. The election of a Bureau, is recommended that sees itself not only as a supplier of foreign-language texts, but has an awareness of the fact, that language is always a product of the culture from which it was created, and finally Professional are treated in the texts to be translated issues which are closely related with the cultural, economic, technical or political conditions of the country of the source language. A related site: Fidelity Investments mentions similar findings. On the part of the translators so deep-relevant knowledge in addition to the obvious communication skills are essential. Usually you can find professional translators who have certain specializations in the translation agencies in Germany, but also throughout Europe: Translators technology medical translators professionally specialized translator for legal translations financial translators in General is that you can only translate, also what, otherwise the danger, for example, in ambiguous terms that allow for different translation options to make a wrong selection is too large. Also the translator, should for example for languages like German English Spanish German French Polish German Arabic Dutch German etc.

translate into their mother tongue. Choosing the right translation agencies you should place on a company that considers quality as a key philosophy, translating understands as a science or as a product of culture. In this way an equivalent, foreign language text, with correctly used technical language, arises in translation authored by a translator who knows also changes and innovations in technical or economic areas and the appropriate, newly created terminology dominates. This is important in particular for companies and institutions that create a text with a high technical level and want to translate: high quality scientific text translation of Ingenieurtechnisches expertise for technical translation legal text translations of economic texts translations translations medicine


Insurance consultants review existing Insurance, develop best possible insurance concepts, negotiate on behalf of their clients with insurance companies and interests whose insurance claims settlements and performance requirements as at the end of an insurance active. To broaden your perception, visit Kenneth Roy Feinberg. In fact, insurance consultants perform a right be Council end and also expert activity.The expertise of an insurance consultant is to equate with the expertise of the professional advocate for insurance law. Insurance consultants possess a high level of legal expertise in insurance law. The most VersicherungsBerater specialize in different areas. There are a few specialist solicitors specialising in the insurance law, therefore insurance consultants work together in cooperation with General lawyers and also with other insurance consultants.

Andreas mumber, GF M & A:, such a cooperation ensures excellent legal advice and out-of-court representation in individual areas for our clients! A general lawyer or a General Insurance consultant knows something of each. This is no longer appropriate at the present time, because usually a general knowledge is no longer enough! “as opposed to agents insurance consultants receive no commissions or brokerage fees, because the consultants under the ban on the acceptance of commissions. The payment as well as with lawyers about a fee agreement after the lawyers remuneration Act (RVG). It is understood mostly a time adjustment, but is also possible to agree a fixed fee. This ensures that the insurance consultant solely in the interests of his clients is working and not working for the insurance industry.

The insurance consultant is rewarded only if it actually worked. Andreas mumber, GF M & A:, when the commissions and brokerage costs of a contract viewing, has to pay the customer of course, then, an insurance consultant’s fees is rather a gift! Long term contracts are paid commissions by the customers that go into the thousands. Does an insurance consultant better work, represents the insurance interests of the clients, depending on the specialty and is perhaps only the 500 euro maximum! An insurance consultant is therefore a gain for each insurance customer! “in fact the differences are very large. Insurance intermediaries earn the most commissions and brokerage fees on life and pension insurance as well as with private health insurance. Such contracts bring most hundreds or thousands of euros in the shortest time. This is considered not rarely the commissions. Insurance advisors are paid only after the working hours as lawyers also. The interest of an insurance consultant is also not in the amount of the fee, but in the interest of the client. More than 247,000 brokers are registered in Germany. In addition an underreporting of non-registered insurance sellers. In comparison, there are less than 300 insurance consultant and 150,000 lawyers, few in the field of insurance law are specialized. Andreas mumber, GF M & A: “these numbers demonstrate the need for the insurance consultant. We have to succeed in this country, there are more insurance consultant. The needs of our clients is very large. The consumer centres also wanted more VersicherungsBerater! Insurance advice is legal and consumer protection at the same time and not an intermediary offers that!”

Wilstedt Germany

We want to explain to you why this is so examples: we take an older person who suffers from senile dementia. The result of such disease are confusion, forgetfulness and loss of control. When such persons everything is alright as long as, as long as they are under direct observation. Go to Afraha Stadium for more information. But how would you ensure this? Whether care, rehabilitation, disabled facilities or private home – because reliable dating you probably can’t help with a confused person. Once inadvertently and that person escapes through exit safe Habitat Their supervision and now have no way more protective to act as responsible for that person. Them remains just a search, but remains mostly unsuccessfully.

In children, we have a similar task. Children are curious. You explore and explore their surroundings and not pay attention to space and time. It is easily possible that they elude your watch and then on himself alone in an unpredictable environment unknown for her are. This State is reasonable for any of the parties involved.

So action is here and we need a solution for such cases. together with its partners, TELEMATIK.CC has created solutions that help in these and many other situations to be able to intervene quickly and to be able to avert possible damage to your dear and familiar to you people. Moreover, it is always ensured that you can fulfil your duty of supervision. Telematik.cc GPS tracking solutions provides you with via an Internet-based platform on the log at any time the possibility of real-time position to retrieve location and motion profile of the monitored person on the map such as GoogleMaps, YahooMaps, Microsoft Livesearch, MapQuest, MapPoint, FugawiTracker and others. TELEMATIK.cc only works with GPS location, because this cell tracking and a conventional phone location many times is more accurate (example: GPS tracking 5 10 m, cell tracking 100 5,000 m). In addition is a function to highlight and the GEO-fence function. This allows us to create a protected space an imaginary fence. If this is left now, alarms can (like E.g. Grandma area has left) by E-Mail or by SMS directly to one or more mobile phones are sent.

The Office

By: errors and risks are detected early and their Influence with regard to otherwise applicable control and error costs in the production phase recognized and documented, cost can be avoid and make even more efficient systems and processes. After all, the cost / benefit optimization is most economical in the development phase. FMEA is the methodology of FMEA, so the failure mode and effect analysis of quality in application, supports companies, speed, innovation, to establish market prices and reliability sustained in all processes. All offered products and services. It is right then and there where otherwise serious and costly mistakes can be still detected and avoided. Because: The later a bug is discovered, the more difficult and costly its correction will be. So the input called screen football and quality as the product of the action to return, also the FMEA consists of many individual talents, kicking up, ensuring your success in the Federation.

No matter namely, whether design FMEA for the early evaluation of manufacturing and Assembly Justice of a product, the system FMEA for the identification of potential vulnerabilities in a complex system or even the design FMEA, hardware – and software-FMEA and process FMEA. All are part of our comprehensive offer to you. We of FMEA Kontor convey to you and provide you with comprehensive, professional and at eye level, when it comes to the selection of the appropriate FMEA solution or also to the mediation of the FMEA methodology training and presentations. Finally, we focus on victory and each order is for us an Endgame at the end always is: your profit and your lead over the competition – with, and quality. What tasks can we help you? The Office groups team is looking forward to talking to you! KONTOR group by Rene Kiem 30 road of Liebig 44139 Dortmund, Germany Tel: +49(0)231 / 15 01-646 fax: +49(0)231 / 15 01-645