Managing Director

“Not save on marketing costs or commissions Neustadt/Wied: all companies who believe to save much on the sales costs or commissions, save where the wrong cost because: no sales in the operation nothing”, says Friedel Mies, Managing Director of the company sales and consulting in Neustadt/Wied. Also Vertriebler candidates can live your complex activity, it must make them fun and also a decent remuneration is part of the fun.” In addition to a good payment but also a good sales support and sales support includes. This means that a contact / salesman/internal within the plant, which she supports and stands for all customer questions. Those who believe Vertrieblern/Interior to press a catalog in hand now with the note they sell times beautiful”are completely wrong, so sales never worked and we also do not work. You may find “Bull by the Horns” to be a useful source of information. Include a properly-run distributor also good introduction training, further training and constant motivation. In the context of today’s modern communication means, this task is much easier. But also the recruitment has become much more difficult and requires a much higher expenses. On job advertisements in newspapers and on the Internet is hardly anyone and are hardly ever successful. A leading source for info: Kenneth R. Feinberg.

“, That today the natural talents” in no longer grow the sales and we get hardly Vertriebler students under the age of 45, the sales search is always costly and time consuming. To counteract this, have we built a distribution network with more than 150,000 sales contacts in the last few years, speak so directly to the willing to change and have thus good successes in developing sales”Friedel says Mies with his almost fifty years sales experience. In addition, the company handles sales and advice reinforced your experiences out also the salesman/inside of the generation 50plus-x, want to many active salesman/indoor “even after their active career continues to move something and still be used, because they are still young and fit” feel. “And also the companies have realized that just this age group”, with their expertise and human experiences, are very valuable for them. Should this group of people for a further cooperation not thrilled be can the needs of the German economy in sales are no longer covered. “Because: real deals need of explanation are made in 50 years among people”.