June Client

The Continentale realized multi channel-IT strategy in the broker distribution channel Dusseldorf, 19th June 2013 – unbound insurance intermediaries work with numerous insurance companies and must adapt to different ways of working. In addition to good products, they need support at the new settlement of their product donors. For this purpose serve usually fare product calculators on the extranet, or on CD. As broker and insurer are confronted with different ways of working. The fare calculators in the own extranet, they reach only a part of their broker. Many brokers require a uniform fare product calculators on several insurance – on your own computer. Others work with a broker management program over the also new business should be handled. Large units of mediator wish you technical direct links to its insurers offer systems.

In cooperation with the b-tix GmbH specialized in networking and BiPRO the Continentale Insurance Federation has realized now an innovative multi channel IT strategy. The goal: With only New business should be handled depending on the functioning of the broker via various channels a BiPRO solution. For this purpose the complete product range of life and health insurer was standardized interfaces BiPRO standard equipped with and integrated into the b-tix client calculator. The b-tix client is a standard software for intermediaries on the basis of BiPRO standards. This modern Web solution the Maklerextranet of the Continentale – was then incorporated into ContactM – and is in particular intermediaries without own broker system available. As a member of the industry initiative easy login”the Continentale in addition an activation of the b-tix calculator for easy client” caused.

“That was easy, because the easy client” based entirely on the b-tix client. From July 2013 can broker via the easy client”in addition to third-party products also new business for the life and health insurance products of the Continentale is complete. So Dortmund insurance group achieved a Brokers more uniform tariff calculator without overhead. Broker with a broker management program (MVP) reached the Continentale also: the b-tix GmbH provides the b-tix client manufacturers of agent systems for integration into the MVP at the disposal. MVP renowned manufacturers have already incorporated the solution and transfer customer and contract data automatically between MVP and calculator. Large broker units with its own IT can also integrate the b-tix client. Alternatively immediately gain access to the supply systems of Continentale of BiPRO interfaces. Thanks to the very good collaboration we with b-tix GmbH it in no time and with modest investments, to use several channels in the new business with a single BiPRO solution”, Hans-Ulrich Jager, head of the Department in the field of IT and responsible for the project is confirmed. About the Continentale Insurance Federation on reciprocity the Continentale is not a company in the usual sense, because it sees itself as a Insurance Federation on reciprocity”. This basic understanding determines the actions in all areas and in all companies. It is based on the legal form of the company: the Continentale is at the top of the group health insurance a.G. (founded in 1926), an insurance Association and a Versicherungsverein auf Gegenseitigkeit belongs to its members, the insured. Thanks to this legal form, the Continentale immune against takeovers and in their decisions is independent of shareholder interests.