Advantages of sales outsourcing for the employer just now during the economic crisis of 2009/2010 \”is by the competitor to break away chance very greatly. \”This says of the company of Vertriebsoptimerer Ralf Schmitz-although whole blood seller or sales professionals to locate, but liquidity problems and sales risks shall ensure that business owner or CEO must dismissed key personnel rather than to strengthen the sales\”. But who saves on sale, strengthens the competitors! What is sales outsourcing? \”The summary of the English term outside resource using (source: Wikipedia) the Buzzword created outsourcing\”. It is basically the transfer or sales process outsourcing or providing sales resources as well as management responsibility for this to an external organization, including the acquisition of all incurred costs. Why sales outsourcing? 1.

a major advantage can be explained within the definition. The sales outsourcing shall relieve the contractor under others of non-wage costs, direct and indirect wage costs, holiday entitlement, sick days, special certifications, company car, Office, phone, PC etc…Costs. He has them well in downturns to wear. It is the entire risk on the employer. Beautiful who today still can afford. Heading towards the sales outsourcing allows the necessary flexibility, market situation to respond and in short-term recovery, so time-to-market\”, to strengthen the sales immediately professionally, as well as in the reverse case, immediately, to reduce costs. Most important advance setting – quality and expertise must be preserved, so they pay attention to the qualification profile and references of the external sales professionals or whole blood seller. 2. cost pressure, increasing competitive intensity, an ever-changing market situation forcing companies to engage in marketing or even company consultants and not only the costs of these measures will affect negatively the liquidity, but you lose too While fast – its the look for the core business, the Cash Cow of the product portfolio, our daily bread.