Nemer Steel

To e-mail advertising is important to correctly ordering the enterprises in targeted bases … That was, and maybe now there are “Business Cards”. That they, in my opinion, in the 90’s ordering was correct. That is, for example, to “Metal” was recorded only steel mills and factories. A steel traders are either non-existent, or written to “Wholesale trade “. Now all I have known in the Internet database, and their Nemer!, Systematize the company on the basis of the delivered goods. Home Depot follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

For example, the “Metal” or “Oil”. And turn on a steel or refinery dozens of metal and oil traders. From the standpoint of the buyer of these goods is quite logical systematization. But from the point of view of mail pieces … From this point of view, metallurgical, refinery, a brewery much more in common than the smelter and to metal … What infrastructure have to metal? .. Office, a warehouse with a crane, and possibly equipment for cutting metal, fleet … Well, they can buy for their own needs crane equipment, spare parts, coolant, well, maybe something else …

But the metallurgical, oil refining, brewing plants in addition to the mentioned types of equipment feel the need, and other types of equipment and materials to serve their own infrastructure. I will not enumerate the many and long … And I what? .. And this is me that, for purposes of mail pieces from existing amounts of information must be carefully and painstakingly choose the right business addresses by separating them from the unnecessary. In addition, many databases are built on the principle samorazmescheniya enterprise information in them.