Jose Carlos SanchezLara

Faced with the description of this task poetic intention, one immediately notes the distortion to put this set of texts that the reader expects when he delivered what is called poetry. Since the first text of the book is a para-reflection between poetry and prose decides But why one with the word a distortion rather than a innovation ? Perhaps because the latter word is linked to the optimism of the a desarrolloa , a progresoa and if one uses, it is implicitly ascribing to the same ideology pervasive that this book helps to fight. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Nicholas Carr. What is perhaps an exaggeration, at best one can state that there is an attempt or gesture of combat, the hint of an alternative, a “against the powerful current state of affairs, which extends to the edge of other ideologies still tautological and more extreme fundamentalists whose derivations we are almost inimaginablesa “after all we are still Western. An alternative of necessity faltering against the State of Things to oppose the inevitable looming terrors future repetition of repetitions and platitudes disguised die half truths and values evidentesa “which are transformed and disguise and appear to watch us from any side of the trench..