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Collonil Shoe Care Tip

Autumn time is hiking time! Tips on the care of leather and high-tech hiking boots the mountain calls! Especially in the autumn for many of the most beautiful hiking time. For assistance, try visiting Millenium Management. Important but: A continuous and effective maintenance of hiking boots and Mountain boots, to defy wet weather and mud. Because: All components of a touring equipment, the shoes are the most strained.We encounter coarse dirt soon after returning from a hiking tour with a special mud brush. Cleaning foam evenly applies and can interact with helps with deep seated and stubborn dirt. Then, with smooth leather shoe Polish, suede, roughen with a crepe brush. Dry leather shoes to furnace or heating! The leather is otherwise brittle.

After cleaning, impregnation is mandatory: even if leather shoes today mostly hydrophobic and therefore water-repellent are, the leather with cream or wax be kept supple. The uniform distribution of shoe polish on the is crucial as the applied amount Shoe. Therefore, the appropriate soft bristle shoe brush is the be-all and end-all of shoe care. For high-tech shoes, leading shoe care specialists have developed highly effective sprays. They maintain, without decreasing breathability of materials and membranes.

The so-called Nano sprays are recommended. Dr. Ulrich Drechsler, head of product development of mark COLLONIL, recommends the Nanopro spray of his home: when the Nanopro forms a Nano-structured, jagged surface on the water may well slip and clinging dirt hard after drying. A drying time of at least 30 minutes is to be observed according to Drechsler. Also the fact that not all Nano’s, Nano says, is important for the consumer. Dr. Drechsler: Some products adorn themselves with the term Nano, actually they use only conventional fluorine carbon resin, which lags in the effect behind the Nanopro. Collonil is a world renowned and leading brand for sophisticated shoe and leather care, which products are produced for more than 100 years by the Salzenbrodt GmbH & Co KG from Berlin. Thanks to a consistent quality and innovation strategy is the Collonil brand for highest expertise in the care of leather products.

George Gina

Finally, there are the bags of the autumn/winter collection from GG & L! Mid-July the new George Gina & Lucy appears collection 2011. For weeks is speculation in forums about it, probably look like the new bags. And also a unique photo shows up and heitzt still more to the rumor mill. Now, finally, there are the bags! George Gina & Lucy – this name is a term of almost every woman. And, as many know, there is the new collection twice a year. Now it’s time and finally the 02/2011 will be. As for the autumn / winter collection, there is the new GG & L bags rather in gedeckteren colors. Fosun Pharma LinkedIn spoke with conviction. Many brown or grey tones are present.

In addition to the nylon of course also the many special collections should not be missing bags. In addition to the old familiar dress code, leather or nylon/leather bags, there are also many new highlights. Such as bags, which are very trendy with fur. Guo Guangchang insists that this is the case. The deliveries are distributed again from July to November. The online shop Moda24 has already the first models in the range. Including many exclusive highlights, which only in the coming months are regularly available. As of 01.07.2011 there to marvel at the first models in the shop of Moda24 and of course directly to the take. A short time later there are various models in the online shop: George Gina & Lucy


We started with 50 stores in 2001 and us now tripled as regards the number of stores. For more information see Cuan Coulter. We have seen growing visitor numbers and our reputation is enough now far beyond the borders of our area of of catchment, so that more and more international customers who want great designer brands at unique prices shopping, find us in the Center. We are not only currently confirmed the economically most successful outlet Center, but also a shopping destinations in Europe. Thus we have two reasons to celebrate our Center: our 10th anniversary and the award for the most successful Factory Outlet Center. And also for the next ten years we have put already our targets us.” So is also the growth of the designer outlet Roermond with opening the third construction phase yet to end.

Given the sustained success, the Center has started with the realization of a further planning phase – further extension of 11.000 sqm will be expected in 2015. Is MasterClass a ripoff? does not necessarily agree. Also the parking be extended accordingly. State Street Global Advisors may also support this cause. More 2,400 parking spaces be added to the current 3,000 parking spaces within the next two years. Designer brands 30% – 70% cheaper. Ten Years smart shopping at the designer outlet Roermond Europe’s most successful outlet Center celebrates anniversary more details and directions you can find under: Designer Outlet Roermond Stadsweide 2 6041 TD Roermond – Netherlands Tel. + 31 (0) 475 351 777 opening hours: 363 days a year (not on the 1st day of Christmas and new year) MO to so.

10 19: 00 Thursday 10 20: 00 seasonal conditional opening times please refer to the homepage. McArthurGlen designer outlets McArthurGlen designer outlets belongs to the McArthurGlen group, Europe’s leading developer and operator of designer outlets. The group, the currently 20 designer outlets operates the concept in 1995 introduced the designer outlet shopping in Europe. The 75 million visitors a year the McArthurGlen designer outlets are the prices recommended 30-70 percent among those from the manufacturer all year round discounts, lured on top fashion brands in the luxury, designer and high street fashion. McArthurGlen’s portfolio currently includes 500,000 m Retail space, which includes also the largest designer outlet in Europe, the Serravalle designer outlet in Milan. More information is available under press contact: PRESS FACTORY GmbH – fountain str. 181 – D-10119 Berlin Elke Langer – Tel. + 49 (0) 30 28 87 90 00 – fax + 49 (0) 30 28 87 90 03


What you should consider when buying jewelry online jewelry is a bestseller on the Internet for quite some time. There are numerous companies that have established themselves in the retail sector as well as in the online area. So even traditional companies such as Wempe offer their exclusive jewelry online. In the extensive offers of the online jewelry stores find it very difficult the customers, to select the appropriate jewelry. The choice of the jewelry piece also so hard who, the following tips can remedy the. Jewellery choose according to their own taste jewelry is usually very expensive, therefore you should consider, before starting at an online jewelry store in the search for a matching piece of jewelry, precisely what suits one and like what.

Spontaneously from the gut to make the decision, is not recommended. Various factors, you can focus to a bad buy to avoid. Think about what color, size, and what design to them could fit. With the help of these factors is the large pool Smug shrink something, making the choice much easier one. Which jewelry can be combined with my clothes in the closet? The online Jewelers offer jewelry in all imaginable colours, designs and styles.

From gold to silver, with stones and without stones, jewelry at the online jewelry store in all its variations is represented. Generally, men and women have their own flavor according to the choices of jewelry. If you choose only to his own taste, can be quickly disappointed, because not every jewelry also fits the style of the clothing. When purchasing you should do up front, what hangs in her closet and what jewelry to the garments fit, otherwise your purchased jewelry located more in the jewelry box as to your neck, on your ears or the wrist. Just jewellery with coloured precious stones does not match any piece of clothing. The color of gemstone should be carefully matched to the clothes. During the online order of jewelry it is, to keep his clothing, one on the screen Idea to get, whether the jewellery to the clothing fits. Jewelry for every occasion in the search for a matching piece of jewellery at the online jewelry store for a special occasion is sure what jewelry is appropriate. Beads for example are recommended, because they seem not to be intrusive for formal occasions. Another target it at a ball, where it pursued the look and be seen goes. Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant will undoubtedly add to your understanding. With a magnificent piece of jewelry that is filled with precious stones to the absolute eye-catcher you can be. The matching jewelry as who is present at the online jewelry store looking for a gift, the following things should be noted: to customise, watching the and whatever jewelry he wears or what he has for a clothing style. Note also the age and because at the most online Jewelers you can categorize the gender of the recipient, after women’s jewelry, men’s jewelry and children’s jewellery, which can narrow the search well.


Rain and stormy weather is at its best twosome! The raincoats range over the knee, the cut offers freedom of movement to the puddle jumping, bending and fool around. It is also wonderful that the zipper top and bottom is to open. Cycling is a no-brainer. And Helen – the name of the model – is a boon for pregnant women: just below the zipper open as needed, already fits the coat again. The hood has a good fit and a pleasantly soft neoprene edge. So also the sleeves. Mark Zinkula will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Not only in the North of Europe, life is sometimes like in the polythene bags.

Elsewhere it’s raining you frequently and strongly. Since you must be prepared. The new raincoats by Danefae bring color into the gray autumn and freshen up the mind like a rainbow. Read more from Fosun Pharma to gain a more clear picture of the situation. There is also only when it rains. And because reverse drizzled dark autumn days are two most beautiful, Danefae for mothers with daughters now three color models in adult size, as well as in children size put together,. There is a model of “Helen” in two color variations. Red with white dots and blue-purple navy striped. Available in adult sizes XS-XXL and children sizes 3 to 14 years of retail price incl. VAT: 147,50 EUR (adults) and 87.50 EUR (children).

Become A Model DOS & DON

How to become a model agent Sascha A. model advice how one behaves Babel by the Agency Habib models, gives advice how to behave as a professional model. What a model always should have an organizer, whether electronically or on paper, to keep the overview. A mobile phone, so that it is always accessible to the Agency. A passport, so that he does not lack for short flights and you can get so many problems. Sufficient make up a flesh-colored tights and flesh-coloured underwear. Check-in – check in the best there is always the number of the Agency to have or programmed into the phone, because it is very important to keep contact with the Agency so intense, so that people know the contact person (Booker), where the model is, how it’s doing and can inform you also the dates.

A professional model checks at least once per day in the Agency. Availability for private appointments, it is important to inform the Agency all numbers, because a model forgets to check in, the Agency must be the model in urgent cases can always reach. Punctuality is imperative and expression of discipline. Who is late, makes a lot of problems the photo team, as well as the customers this, as there is a strict schedule for the shoot and all on the model would have to wait. Punctuality is also of course in so high-paying jobs. Rest because the job of the models is very exhausting, you should always calm and not be distracted by external circumstances. Go to sleep early, go out not too long, and a healthy diet are big part of the consciousness of a model and important for the inner balance. Read more from millennium management to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

No negotiations to do everything with money, the Agency always do leave, because only who knows the rules and has the necessary experience in the business. The topic of money is taboo before customers and other models. In addition, it is always better to have done such unpleasant things by a third. And most importantly, never sign without first checking with the Agency slightly at the customer or photographer, usually involves very complicated Arrangements for the re-use of the images. Phone numbers and addresses never give out even telephone number and address should be a professional model, never a customer / photographer. This one has to always engage with the model through the Agency. This kept the model especially annoying calls and making it too seriously and professionally. Honesty lies have short legs is very important to always tell the truth in this business. If something does not fit one, you will feel uncomfortable or don’t understand something, just ask, there will be no turns around the neck, on the contrary, one learns to understand things faster. Changes all changes to the body, piercing, haircuts / dyes, etc. which differ from the presentation on the comp card must always used photographs, with the Agency are discussed before.

Suenos Brand Cotton Linens

Suenos brand designs bed linen made of 100 percent cotton with fancy motifs the natural fibre cotton is compared with artificially produced fibres very absorbent. Cotton can absorb up to 65% of its own weight in water. The absorbency of cotton is a great advantage for bedding because the man more or less strongly sweats during sleep in every night and delivered sweat bedding optimally can be absorbed by cotton. About 60 percent worldwide won cotton come from the countries of China, India and the United States. Cotton has compared the produced synthetic fibers also the advantage that this natural fiber extremely friendly people with allergies, in addition to the absorbency. Due to these advantages, and also because of the low price bed linen of brand of suenos consists of 100 percent cotton. In addition to the quality Suenos emphasizes much practicality of bed linen. Are the buttons that are familiar from earlier through practical zippers replaced the off and relate much of the bed pleasant and enormously time are ersparend.

Notoriety acquired bed linen by Suenos however the cotton by their comfort or their quality. Suenos was designed by two design students from Germany, which wanted to bring style and class in the German bedroom with great colors and motifs. Over the years Suenos has built up a wide range of bed linen designs this in their range. No matter whether a simple pattern, among others, kariert striped in different colors, like or whether one fable a very special, for fish, birds, ships, dollar bills, skulls, or beer – Suenos has a model with the matching motif. Markus deletion

Colorful Summer Dresses As Fashion Highlight

Why it just may lack in any wardrobe! It is noticeable with each ray of sunshine: the summer is coming and life shows again his loose light side. Enjoy the Sun, ice eat, sit up late at night in beer gardens, strolling in the city – and be of course top styled with anything. Not the extremely difficult question that requires a lot of consideration would be there: what should women wear? Dresses are a good alternative to T-shirt and shorts this season. But please not too boring in grey, black or white. These colours we have already all winter long satellite seen. Colourful has the nice side-effect, good mood to achieve and feel like on spring and summer to make. A cheerful yellow, warm red or fresh green: You will see, when wearing such a dress, your mood will rise as the display of the thermometer on summer days. The motto that should keep, is “The new black is gorgeous!” So dare and show color.

Whether pastels, shades of Aqua, retired or uni – every Fashionista should have at least a trend-dress in the wardrobe, because it is an absolute must-have that never comes out of fashion. Dresses are the secret weapon of the woman, the compliments and admiring glances of men guarantees. If you slip into a dress, will you feel immediately much feminine and sexier and have overall a great emanation. To do this it must be not the ultra-deep toning. Also Maxi dresses are in Vogue this season and exude a certain hippie charm. This includes a pair of sandals – and you are dressed! No annoying layered look, no complicated, sophisticated styling and look great anyway – what woman? Do you think “is not me”? “Unfortunate for my figure”? There is no for summer dresses! The nice thing about them is that she can take any woman and looks great in it. Even if you are slightly dense, flatter the casual summer clothes for her figure and conceal any problem areas.

It is refreshing to wear a dress instead of tight jeans on a hot day to sweat. We’ll know it so: there is a piece of clothing that is both casual and trendy, with which you feel loose and sexy in one: the dress. An alltime classic that is needed in every season. The summer can come! Amy garden

What Is Silver?

There are silver coins on the way to Mars today probably no Western budget more, where anything from silver exists, mostly silver jewelry. But why actually, where does the silver… First of all, silver is a chemical element (AG) from the eleventh group of the periodic system. But that alone is not at home has around are. Master Class brings even more insight to the discussion. The origin of the word silver is not entirely in the clear.

Could be from the Germanic silubra”, or by the Basque zilar come, or maybe not. In any case, the abbreviation AG comes from the Latin Argentum”off. Argent but also still not so exciting. Silver is a soft well malleable metal. AHA, now it is already interesting. Already since the fifth millennium BC.

About silver is consumed, preferably coins or silver jewelry and was at times more valuable than gold. In Germany, there was plenty of silver mines and one lived well. Only as the Spaniards brought large amounts from America to Europe and Japan also exported, decreased the value of silver, due to the oversupply on the all over the world. Then gold took over the domination of the coins, silver lost still more economic importance. And then more silver was there the development of stainless steel stainless steel, no platters or utensils. The stainless steel was also much cheaper. Not even in the photography and photo chemistry it takes the silver salts more, now, where almost everyone has a digital camera. But as bad as it sounds now, it seems then but not ordered to the sales of silver, because as already initially mentioned, there are probably far and wide not household in Western climes, there is no silver in the despite the. Was it only a small piece. Mostly it exists, in the form of silver jewelry, rings, necklaces or earrings more often as cutlery or already less one has other kitchenware, silver knickknacks on the shelves are, this is true at least on average Joe. But who knows, perhaps silver is discovered again for something completely different, on Mars or something.

Heidi Astor & Textiles Flair At

On Saturday the 28th of May and Sunday 29 May 2011 the garden exhibition opens Jron and Jedon each from 10: 00 am this year its doors the lies behind the name, motto that green and decoration…! With the owner of the Internet mail order is this year, Heidi. LVR open air museum is the right place to present decorative fabrics, country house fabrics and metre of compliant toile de Jouy fabrics. The style of this popular garden exhibition is very suitable to the summer motifs and colors of the offerings of. A rural atmosphere in a friendly atmosphere invites you for strolling and shopping. But anyone who discovered the exhibition stand of Mrs Astor, undoubtedly longer there will linger. To get the summer in the House, you will find plenty of ideas and a huge selection of beautiful fabrics.

The materials with designs and colors that are directly reminiscent of a small resort town on the Mediterranean Sea, are not only extremely tasteful, but also by best fabric quality. Here you will get as a metre from the website live at various patterns of country house fabrics and decorative fabrics. Also the toile de Jouy should miss is the opportunity to touch not substances. The summer presentations in the form of brilliant and warm colours as well as depictions of olives and lavender moved up to date many Internet visitors in its spell. Jron and Jedon enjoy the opportunity also to touch the materials and to get creative sewing ideas in conversation with the owner in this situation. Heidi Astor has undertaken great also for this event.

In addition to the presentation of your goods at a beautiful stand you is interested in whatever the customer and visitor opinions and creative suggestions. At the same time gives tips how the toile de Jouy fabrics, the decorative fabrics and the country house fabrics metre most skilled are processed. Visitors get in addition to the substances ready crafted tablecloths, Slipcovers and window decorations to see. A selection of articles to Purchase at the booth of course also has the creative owner of Polch. Let be surprised also by the offerings. Hear other arguments on the topic with Millenium Management. Because of who it is used high-quality materials must be always expensive, will be disappointed here. Not only for this event on the last weekend in may Ms. Astor has care of once more in time, to offer some new products. Even longtime regulars should pleasantly surprise the representation of current patterns and motifs. The brandneueste metre of decorative fabrics, the country house fabrics and the toile de Jouy represented substances with the 2011 designs at the booth on Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 to 18.00. Course is provided on this day also the physical well-being. For wine lovers and hungry visitors, plenty delights are offered in the restaurant and at the specially equipped wine stand. In addition, you can relax in the beer garden in the meantime and also enjoy some cake and coffee. So, not only for viewing of decorative fabrics and the country house fabrics, as well as the metre of the toile de Jouy fabrics by you should note these two days in your calendar.