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So what is the sweep of the walls and how they differ from the architectural section? And what is the cut? And the cut is different from the cross? The incision is – front view object, conditionally dissected by one or more planes. There is a broken section – section formed by two intersecting planes. The main difference between the cut and the sections that, depicting a section of any article or details necessary to show just what has got into the cutting plane. Portraying section shows that fall into the cutting plane and what is behind it. For comparison, imagine a vertical section and section chair of back. Of course, the cross section in contrast to the cut would not be helpful for understanding the subject.

For maximum informativeness author chooses the location and number of intersecting planes. Many have seen in textbooks and in the exhibitions of old masters namely architectural cuts. Hear other arguments on the topic with Liberty Mutual Insurance. Detail vychercheny roof truss system, the thickness of walls, floors and ceilings, basements. But in the architectural sections not show interior decoration, because the drawing will be extremely overloaded with information, makes it difficult to read drawings builders building. Working with interior has several fundamental differences from Builders work on the construction of the building. The architect creates the image of the building and in the process of its construction is quite difficult to change something. In the same interior designer often happens spontaneously when the customer makes buying sofas and interior decorations, saying their actions so that these "new things" very much.