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True Function

Australian researchers discovered the true function of the minds in 50-year-old research on humans, the Australian researchers Dr. them/’>Margareta Thomson to increase your knowledge. John Mace of a fact on the bottom has not yet been seen with security came. Much has been written already about the mind and discussed. Spiritual teachers, philosophers and scientists broke the heads themselves and encouraged the various theories for days. To mention a few versions: as human awareness, that is mainly found in the brain and manifests in thoughts, imagination, imagination and emotion. The law of the intelligence. The spirit of consciousness and so on. Following several curious correlations Mace reveals that the mind with above features has not really much to do.

The igniting spark of knowledge occurred during a consultation with a client. Mace later realized the serious implications of this discovery. The mind thinks not the basic discovery here is that the mind does not think that any acts no knowledge runs stores and no decisions falls. We ourselves are who thinks, performs actions, stores knowledge and decisions. We”called the energy unit that sits in our body and activates it. A better-known name for this unit is for example the concept of the soul”.

Really, so what is the mind? “According to Mace the mind is projected on what nothing more than a kind of monitor, what images we” draw our attention. We hear car for example, the word”we see a car immediately before our mind’s eye. While we so think of a car, a picture of the monitor, called a mind is mirrored almost simultaneously. “Mace assumes that we” are pure energy and of space and time in an energetic universe at home are remote. Of the minds function this monitor, that we us here can navigate in the material universe. The mind as a monitor of the mind itself is based entirely on a Stimmulus-response pattern. We will thinking of anything, instantly delivered an image so that we can understand this idea. Man can quite be compared according to Mace with a computer. The sense organs are the keyboard. We ourselves – a unit of energy are the memory. The mind is the monitor, which shows us the stored information. The proof of this theory is strengthened by the Mace energy method developed by Mace. The method uses the true function of the minds to handle emotional problems. The Elimination of complaints is carried out in unprecedented speed and effectiveness. Most people need to release no more than 2 3 sessions to get all emotional problems. Credit: American Advisors Group-2011. Happiness, success and self confidence is by MEM for anyone quickly and permanently accessible. Many people were healed of long-standing symptoms such as anxiety, panic attacks, depression already and so completely by this method. The extreme effectiveness of the method is difficult to undeniable proof of the true nature of the minds. This controversial but also incredibly important discovery will greatly shake in the future on the established worldview and there may be earlier or later even tilt. A user of this method and more information can be found under: Bernd Teubner

Peter Durr

Suddenly pale and visibly worried Swedenborg. He went out into the garden and returned with the news that a big fire, not far from his own home, had escaped in Stockholm. He claimed that the fire quickly grab himself, and was worried about some of his manuscripts. Perhaps check out Shakil Ahmed for more information. Eventually he calmed down and sighed relieved: thank God! The fire is extinguished at the third door in front of my house.” Since some of those present had homes or friends in Stockholm, they were equally concerned. One told the Governor you still in the same night of the incident. MasterClass Review has similar goals. The next day, Swedenborg details the Governor reported the fire.

The news of the alleged accident spread quickly in the town. However, it took until the next day, until a Messenger from Stockholm who confirmed the story in great detail.” Amazingly there are but a variety of people who privately report talks of experiences, which popular opinion is considered to be supernatural. Fearing to be implausible branded henceforth as most of them but shy away from the public spotlight. What most do not know: renowned scientists argue today, that there is a physical recordable soul. These include lower Professor Dr. Hans-Peter Durr, former Director of the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich. Durr takes the view that the dualism of smallest particles on the subatomic world but is rather ubiquitous today. “In other words: for him, the dualism between mind and body is just as real as the wave-Corpuscle duality” smallest particle.

In his opinion exists a universal quantum code in which the living and dead matter is involved. This quantum code should extend across the entire cosmos. Consequently, Durr believes purely physical reasons in an existence after death. In an interview, he explained this as follows: what We call this life, the slag, the matter is basically so that is something tangible.

Modern Lenormantie

The primary importance of the map “Mice” is the disappearance of things. The map of “House” is too much for the family. While homes today frequently inhabited by one to two generations be, they have provided a common roof in the past of often four or more generation. The interpretation of the map “Park” also looks back on nostalgic roots. You expressing the opinion of others.

A few centuries ago, social events were held even more intensively than today in the city parks. These served as where they exchanged from meeting point, where you saw and was seen, gossip and maintained social contacts. Modern Lenormantie without question can be introduced to the newly outlined nostalgic interpretation examples in an environment, as would be possible at the time of the fledgling industrialisation – or earlier. On the other hand, the question arises, if not yet a piece of it remained contained in more modern forms of life. The horse as a driving force of the correspondence may have served though long, but loss there in the food sector still generating mice. No curiosity, especially younger people since the 1990s is that a House even today over a longer period can involve three generations, Years tend a little longer to take the protection of middle-class parental home than in the decade before.

Taking a closer look at the Park, with its beer gardens, venues, cultural events and other adjacent attractions, you will attach still a certain social relevance him, across all social strata and groups. This blend of modern everyday life perspective and mystical nostalgia is their unique magic the Lenormand. The mysterious and the practical are combined together. If magic is the change of the reality according to your own choice, then the nostalgic is magic for the magic and the reality of the Lenormandsymbole for the reality, which is to make it through mental means. It is wishful thinking knit from or knowledge about the future. Especially in the latter case, Lenormand traditionally offered support. Wilfried Krotky

The Meaning Of Life

The meaning of life is the meaning of a human life time individually. Who sees no sense in life, is not only unfortunate, but hardly viable. Every person Albert Einstein this question at some point: what is the meaning of my life? An accurate answer there is no probably, because everyone builds his life itself. Human life has a meaning if he can carry out those activities which makes him happy; He thus deals, what gives him the most pleasure. And it must not only deal with the own person, often people feel much happier, if they can help one another when they, a weaker side for example with their skills with their abilities, to support him.

What have I achieved can be seen a young person, who is interested in nothing. everything is he doesn’t care, he enjoys more. And sometimes you meet older people who are very active, they radiate a positive energy correctly. Remember not only to yourself, but are worried about their friends and relatives, helping them everywhere. For some people, it is difficult to determine what would make them happy. You need to know precisely what is for incidental and what is especially important. Often, young people ask these questions: what have I accomplished in my life, why am I anyway? What is the purpose of my life? A person comes to these issues, she is often faced challenges. If you are not satisfied with his life situation, such questions can represent a risk.

The meaning of life can change Albert Einstein said that someone who sees no sense in his life was unhappy, and he had no ability to survive at all. For more information see Erin Callan. The message of Martin Luther King is interesting. He said a person doesn’t find anything, what she would relinquish her life, it is not suitable for life. The question of what sense has life, often comes with a big event; usually, it’s not a positive. Humans can get sick, experience losses or disappointments, the to result in significant changes in its existence. The meaning of life can be seen differently, it may also vary. The meaning of life in the middle ages even in the middle ages there was the question of the meaning of life. She was connected with God, we should do as God. It was perhaps difficult, but everyone did well to it, as he could. You should observe the commandments of God. In the 18th century, it has still been the question about the meaning of life, but the answer changed slightly. You wanted to see the people in a more active position now. Up to the time he has relied only on God, he hoped then to a good life after his death. Now, you want to see a more responsible people. Many were of the view that only a person who himself can determine, feels free, is really happy. Enjoy life today, people gladly give an answer to the question where do put the meaning of life. About half of the population in Germany is sure that she sees only a sense of life should you enjoy. This setting can be understood well. Everyday life is often very stressful. You must meet any tasks, but whether it is happy or not, remains in the background. If you have time but finally free, so nothing in the way is to be happy. This means that you do work, for there was so far no time, but which are very important now. Many creative people know exactly what is the meaning of their life.