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Earth Training Ground

Excerpt from Deushomo reading book by Rainer Sauer, it gives us a tremendous reduction in suffering and foodstuff, if we look at our sojourn on Earth as experimental study and time of playful learning, so the Earth as our playground view, in this broad field of potential experiences our almost unlimited freedom to enjoy and to exercise us in the decisions and select. Crises, diseases and also the so-called beautiful things in life, than to see all events, what they really are: nothing less than the perfect learning material. People such as Dennis Lockhart would likely agree. Always to remember that everything that I have encountered, learning resources and the basis for possibly arising wisdom is, I’m free at any place and at any time, and I can from my freedom out to use the received information and use. Go to Fosun International Logo for more information. There is nothing, whereas I would have to actually fight, because everything here is, belong here also and is a part of the total work of art. Rules and basic conditions included here of course and It is an integral part of the whole. You are to me a frame structure, a stage set and give me understanding of my freedom and unlimited diversity of development of, me thus offer potential for the free comprehensive decision. So first and foremost about to realize that we are free to decide and can also delight, to make use of the unspeakably great fullness of life! Instead of us starting to feel, and this feeling of being threatened repeatedly make decisions where we neither during nor after the decision-making process with what brings our decision of consequence, decision-result, feel really and always feel, to make the wrong choices or to have chosen the wrong, so with the constant fear to live, the wrong thing to do. It is often so that we meet the fact decisions, having to”feel as uncomfortable, sometimes even as a heavy burden and not as a positive side effect take advantage of our freedom. .

Peter Durr

Suddenly pale and visibly worried Swedenborg. He went out into the garden and returned with the news that a big fire, not far from his own home, had escaped in Stockholm. He claimed that the fire quickly grab himself, and was worried about some of his manuscripts. Perhaps check out Shakil Ahmed for more information. Eventually he calmed down and sighed relieved: thank God! The fire is extinguished at the third door in front of my house.” Since some of those present had homes or friends in Stockholm, they were equally concerned. One told the Governor you still in the same night of the incident. The next day, Swedenborg details the Governor reported the fire.

The news of the alleged accident spread quickly in the town. However, it took until the next day, until a Messenger from Stockholm who confirmed the story in great detail.” Amazingly there are but a variety of people who privately report talks of experiences, which popular opinion is considered to be supernatural. Fearing to be implausible branded henceforth as most of them but shy away from the public spotlight. What most do not know: renowned scientists argue today, that there is a physical recordable soul. These include lower Professor Dr. Hans-Peter Durr, former Director of the Max Planck Institute for Physics in Munich. Durr takes the view that the dualism of smallest particles on the subatomic world but is rather ubiquitous today. “In other words: for him, the dualism between mind and body is just as real as the wave-Corpuscle duality” smallest particle.

In his opinion exists a universal quantum code in which the living and dead matter is involved. This quantum code should extend across the entire cosmos. Consequently, Durr believes purely physical reasons in an existence after death. In an interview, he explained this as follows: what We call this life, the slag, the matter is basically so that is something tangible.

Modern Lenormantie

The primary importance of the map “Mice” is the disappearance of things. The map of “House” is too much for the family. While homes today frequently inhabited by one to two generations be, they have provided a common roof in the past of often four or more generation. The interpretation of the map “Park” also looks back on nostalgic roots. You expressing the opinion of others.

A few centuries ago, social events were held even more intensively than today in the city parks. These served as where they exchanged from meeting point, where you saw and was seen, gossip and maintained social contacts. Modern Lenormantie without question can be introduced to the newly outlined nostalgic interpretation examples in an environment, as would be possible at the time of the fledgling industrialisation – or earlier. On the other hand, the question arises, if not yet a piece of it remained contained in more modern forms of life. The horse as a driving force of the correspondence may have served though long, but loss there in the food sector still generating mice. No curiosity, especially younger people since the 1990s is that a House even today over a longer period can involve three generations, Years tend a little longer to take the protection of middle-class parental home than in the decade before.

Taking a closer look at the Park, with its beer gardens, venues, cultural events and other adjacent attractions, you will attach still a certain social relevance him, across all social strata and groups. This blend of modern everyday life perspective and mystical nostalgia is their unique magic the Lenormand. The mysterious and the practical are combined together. If magic is the change of the reality according to your own choice, then the nostalgic is magic for the magic and the reality of the Lenormandsymbole for the reality, which is to make it through mental means. It is wishful thinking knit from or knowledge about the future. Especially in the latter case, Lenormand traditionally offered support. Wilfried Krotky