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Chief Accountant

These duties should be imposed on persons who draw up and sign these documents. Lack of primary documents – is also flagrant violation of the Law 129-FZ. For that the penalty, similar to that which occurs in ignorance of accounting. Moreover, if the original documents do not, then the organization can not confirm their expenses for the purposes of taxation. This will lead to additional taxation on profits and the denial of deductions for vat. That is, ultimately, the firm will have to pay more in taxes than the normal organization of the accounting system. Who should conduct accounting? Law 129-FZ of the head gives the right to personally accounting; establish an accounting office, headed by accountant, put in the position of staff accountant to transfer management accounting by specialized organizations. Of course, this was dependent on company size and workload.

But in each case there are some nuances. For example, if the director decided to keep accounting person, this should be reflected in accounting policy. You also need to issue an order to assign the duties of a chief accountant. Moreover, under this option in staffing positions accountant should not be. These explanations gave Rostrud in a letter dated 28.12.2006 2263-6-1. If the staffing is Chief Accountant, then be responsible for accounting to be recruited chief accountant. In addition, all financial and accounting documents, as well as financial and credit obligations organization will be invalid without the signature and should not be taken for execution (Section 3, Article.

Czech Republic

Communication complexity of an alien who arrived in the Czech Republic are beginning to be felt already in the Ruzyne airport or railway station of Prague. The center of Prague and Karlovy Vary, of course, is full of Russian language, but should move away from main streets, and difficulty communicating are felt, the lack of knowledge of English Czech citizens also complicates communication. When a foreigner who arrived in Prague on business or leading a business in the Czech Republic should be conducted negotiations, or simply to communicate with business people without the use of private services of an interpreter is necessary. Using the services of an interpreter in Prague is a very hot topic for business people or foreigners who decide to register your company in the Czech Republic, to prepare documents for long-term residence in the Czech Republic. Negotiations on cooperation and partnership agreements with the Czech side have the obligation at the meeting literate legally trained translators with the Czech language. Carlos Hank Gonzalez is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Knowledge as a translator of Czech legislation can play a key role in understanding the conditions of cooperation and commercial sdelok.Ustny translator in Prague is worth a lot of money but its use and costs of employment are generally overlap the result achieved and the profits from the deals. Interpreters in the Czech Republic can apply and with individual tourist destinations, such as travel to castles, parks and other attractions in the Czech Republic.