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Lack Of Man In Advertising Agencies

The CTE Cologne wants more men in their courses for the future. The West German Academy for communication e.V. in Cologne (CTE) wants more men for the future in their courses. For 10 years, the proportion of male students varies between 20 and 30 percent. The silence of the men I’m glad that industry has to do only with communication and women are by nature communication professionals.

This could be the answer to the high proportion of women in the agencies, but must not. Because in an assortment of occupations in advertising is spoken by 22 all-male work fields. A contradiction in itself – a male-dominated with Frauenuberschuss the fields in an agency in two main characters refers: there’s the logical thinkers and handlebars and the intuitive creative. Consistently so skills, that man has. And when one considers the large agencies are closer, they are managed mostly by men. There she comes to mind Question: in what positions to find the women? Space for speculation may be that woman so formed further, to get there, where man ends up anyway easily? Or is it simply because that many men have apparently become tired because she reminded this school, they have experienced often negatively? Hope the number of day-care, Executive housekeeper, stewards and Secretaries is growing slowly but steadily upwards and in the meantime there are already the first male midwife. “Maybe in the future more men dare to communicate professionally and to advertise purely according to the motto: doing gender”. Contact: CTE – West German Academy for communication e.V. Brigitte Abels Bonner road 271 50968 Koln Tel.: 0172 96 84 327 email: online:

German Honorary

The German Volunteer Association is the first partner of the charity action BMW art advent calendar in Munich and Berlin. The German Volunteer Association is involved as one of the 24 sponsors of the action BMW art advent calendar, which this year already takes place for the second time in Munich and Berlin. This charity project offers 24 contemporary artists an opportunity to showcase of their works in a prominent place in Munich and Berlin. At the same time, the action serves a good purpose collected donations benefit the SOS Children Village Association. The facades of the BMW brand showcase at the Lenbachplatz in Munich and at the Kurfurstendamm in Berlin are designed as an advent calendar. The doors of the calendar created works by contemporary artists behind specially for the action.

All 24 window are assigned to various partners and will be open daily from a prominent sponsor, the artist and the sponsor in the run-up to Christmas. The German Volunteer Association is Godfather of the ninth calendar window on 9 December at 19:30 from the Actor couple Robert and Angelika Atzorn is revealed. The Nuremberg and Australia-based artist Ernst Redl, who paints landscapes in intense reality, has created the image for that day. Hans Hachinger, Board the German honorary German: Not only volunteering needs support, but also children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds. We therefore believe the BMW advent calendar action in favor of SOS Children’s village for a good and meaningful project, we very much support. That contemporary artists find a platform, like us very well.” Rosemarie Nohbauer