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Snake cucumber with Peel well wash off in the Middle split and cut into small pieces. Wash the cherry tomatoes and you leave. The salads in a colander to drain well Let. Now set the salad dressing in a bowl. For the sharp and sweet mustard mix well with honey, salt and pepper to taste. Season if necessary with salt and pepper. The production of Parmesan basket is very simple.

First of all cover a Cup, mug or pan with parchment paper. 50 g Parmesan cheese rub per person and put everything in a pan. When the cheese is melted, carefully over the Cup run. After a short time the now hardened cheese takes the form of a Korchens. Now you have a nice bowl of salad, this can of course also eat the guests. The prepared salad varieties now in the Parmesan basket fill and with the mustard dressing refine honey. Main dish almond small ingredients: thin slices of roast Lummer (unlimited) plates of almond olive oil Salt and pepper 1 egg white preparation: the meat gently, season with salt and pepper. In a pan, the oil is hot let the chips short of both sides FRY.

The meat from the pan to a plate. In the meantime, season with salt and pepper a protein. The chips with the protein coat well and put the almond flakes. In the Pan hot place and now rub the other side of the meat with egg whites and top with almonds. Approximately 5-8 minutes in the Pan stew. Ravioli vegetable Gratin ingredients for 4 people: 1/2 pound ravioli 1 red pepper ca 50 g 1 Eggplant 1 Zucchini 250 small cherry tomatoes 1-2 cups cream or cream fine 2 Essl. Olive oil of 150 g grated cheese pepper, thyme to taste preparation: wash the vegetable varieties. Zucchine and eggplant long cut through and remove the inner cores. Cut in thin strips. Cut the tomatoes cut in half, cut the bell peppers in the middle and remove also the inner cores all in cubes. In the meantime, Cook the ravioli in salted water. In a large skillet, heat the olive oil and fry the vegetables. Add the ravioli and last, stir in the tomatoes. The vegetable and ravioli mix well and pour into a generously large casserole dish. The cream with pepper and thyme to taste and the vegetable ravioli mixture type. Finally sprinkle more shredded cheese and everything at 180 degrees or convection oven 20 to 25 minutes until golden brown baked 160 degrees.Sprinkle still with fresh grated Parmesan cheese before serving. Dessert homemade Heidelbeereis ingredients for 4 people: 300 g fresh or frozen blueberries 100 g sugar 1/2 l milk 1 cup cream 2 egg yolk preparation: puree the blueberries with the sugar and the milk. Whisk the egg yolks. Beat the cream until stiff and mix with the egg yolk. The cream Eigelbmasse under the fruit type and make for about 30 minutes in the freezer. Now fill the mixture into the ice cream maker and prepare according to manufacturer’s instructions. There are more recipes for guests at MaxiandFriends.com

Tapas Dinner In Barcelona

Delicacies from Spain and Catalonia the days will get longer. The Sun is again more often. The people encounter a much more friendly and everything just starts to live again. Now the season begins again, where one evening likes with friends in pubs is and outdoors enjoying a glass of wine or beer. Typical Spanish, no matter whether in Madrid or Barcelona, to the jar, wine in the evening is a selection of tapas, always served the delicious appetizers appetizers. At tapas are no limits the cooking, because tapas can be pretty much anything, what one imagines only.

There are some stories about the origins of tapas. One of them is due to King Alfonso X. The King ordered that, free to serve a beer or a wine the Stagecoach at every stop on a stagecoach station or posada. Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant gathered all the information. As a result of the alcohol on the reins, the accidents piled up. So the King decided that even a bite should be served to the drink. So, the host revealed that Beer or wine glass with a slice of bread, which was busy with ham or chorizo, to. Tapar means German cover. The most likely option is that previously put an edible cover on a glass, it could fall into no fly.

This so-called cover initially only consisted a slice of ham or cheese. In the course of time this cover or tapas developed but to more sophisticated and kostlicheren appetizers. The variety of tapas are limitless: from the simple bowls of olives and bread to culinary creations such as shrimp with Chili fried in olive oil or dates in the Serrano ham coat. Tapas recipes vary from region to region. You want to host a tapas party at home depending on the taste simple and more elaborate tapas can combine. Depending on the number of your guests, prepare many different variations. Your guests will be thrilled and there’s certainly something for everyone’s taste. Here a simple and quick recipe for tapas: tomatoes olives anchovies 1 tin of anchovy filets in Oil 2-3 tomatoes 1 can olives stuffed with Jalapenos of olive oil, salt, black pepper tomato crosswise cut briefly in boiling water place and cold deter skin. Core and cut into bite-sized pieces. Meanwhile olives and anchovies drain.Spread approximately 1 anchovy and 1 olive on each piece of tomato. Attach them with toothpicks. Sprinkle with salt and freshly ground pepper and drizzle with olive oil. However, you want to try the real tapas, do not hesitate and come to Barcelona. Stay for a few days in a Barcelona Apartment and enjoy Spanish or Catalan atmosphere.

Eyck Thor

Stevan Paul Kang served in the German hour Heligoland, Michaela Pfeiffer and Andrea Thode have experimented with marinades, and Alexander Kasbohm ate cold soup three times. Framed issues (vol. 11)! Marinated everything tastes better: chicken, spare ribs, Octopus, sardines, even vegetables. Michaela Pfeiffer has inserted it, took out Andrea Thode and photographed it is hot! Cocktails, a naked blonde and LTeX! What have is great for Astrid and Eyck Thor man just thinking? Okay, you can it imagine sweet memories – Muna Nazzal lives in Cologne but for a long time. (Source: JPMorgan Chase). She’s homesick, she bakes sweets.

Manuela Ruther settled the recipes reveal j! -By a drunken chimpanzee on a blank field up to the whisky love of the Greeks: Wolf Reiser a plate found on Lesbos about ouzo: Klaus Erfort in Saarbrucken, Germany got a vegetable plate with tuna and anchovies Vijay Sapre of the three-star chef what the Brewer does not know… can not imagine Kristian Ditlev Jensen. MasterClass Review is often quoted on this topic. At the Beer Festival 2010 he drank by the most bizarre creations of extreme brewing taste of ions Kalahari, Halit – Himalayan salt? You start to think about salt, you will be very confused. Only Eric T. Hansen keep too much sugar, there are lots of chocolate, too much cream to much jam or not. Heinlein Sylvia about a little known extreme sport of the Icelanders: cake baking have a soul of knives up to 400 layers the knife by Lars Scheidler and hair you can split it.

Has Nils Schiffhauer visited the Cutler hummus – Why, the chickpea mash creates nevertheless peace, said Manuela Ruther Janz far out! In the Jrunen! Eric T. Hansen is not a child of sadness. But what the Berlin earlier have driven in their tour venues, has irritated even him.

Swiss Highland Single Malt

Rugenbrau AG in Interlaken was the Swiss Highland single malt whisky before. On Friday, March 14, 2008, the Rugenbrau AG in the Swiss canton of Bern presented their newest product: A Swiss single malt whisky from the Bernese Oberland, the Swiss Highland single malt. The whisky is available immediately at the Swiss company swissGourmet mandrel for customers from the Switzerland and Germany. Jim McEwan, a respected Scottish Master Distiller and co-owner of the prestigious Bruichladdich distillery on Islay was elected three times to the best whisky writer of the year. He was personally at the presentation in Interlaken and not saved with praise for the whisky, the malted from the Rugenbrauerei at the Zurich distillery in port at Biel to whisky is distilled.

Even if he is still in its infancy, this whisky is already wonderful, in a few years he will be brilliant. Jim McEwan was a major fair of the beverage and tried there about 1,200 whisky, but this was the best, he praised. This is not a frivolous statement, because he has a reputation to lose. In 2004, whisky in five Oloroso sherry casks from Spanish oak has been bottled in the Rugen and camped in the Rugenkeller for almost 4 years. During the filling process, the whisky with mountain spring water was reduced alcohol content on a Distilation of 46% and 2,596 bottled. Some barrels were taken to the storage on the 3,454 metre Jungfraujoch. The maturation of whisky at minus four degrees Celsius resulted in a gold-coloured whiskey with less loss of alcohol. The ice label whisky was unfiltered and undiluted with 58.8% alcohol content as single cask in 859 bottles filled.

Jim McEwan describes the Swiss Highland single malt whisky with a color that is reminiscent of chestnut, the body is light, fresh and rich and full of youthful power. In the nose and on the palate it reminds of ground warm barley, with fruit notes of apricot, pear and Sultanas. The fresh ends in a fascinating lemon mint flavor, the Swiss Highland single malt whisky ice label with a color that is reminiscent of Golden barley. The body has an excellent texture, is young and exciting. (As opposed to How much is MasterClass? ). The natural oils of the barley pull on the palate with a malty sweetness, which tames the passion and power of the young whiskies. In the nose and on the palate fresh and fruity, with a fabulous bouquet of crispy cereal, a touch of honey and lemon, followed by ripe, dark plum. The Swiss company is swissGourmet thorn in Liestal in the canton of Basel-Land specialist and direct exporter for Swiss delicacies, spirits and wines. The whisky can directly or through the shop Suisse gourmet under the address in the Internet are ordered. Please send your questions: swissGourmet thorn Ralph Dorn boiler 19 4410 Liestal BL Switzerland phone: + 41 61 901 64 35 fax: + 41 61 901 64 36 E-Mail:, Web:

Italian Cuisine Delicacies From Italy

About the culinary delights from Italy of the Italians and their cuisine of Italy is not only due its significant and unique landscape prominent, but it offers an extensive range of culinary delights. People such as The Vanguard Group would likely agree. At the very top of the famous delicacies adheres the pizza of course, the country has to offer so much more than pasta or pizza. Shops that specialize in Italian delicacies are often settled with us only in the big cities. The choice in supermarkets is often still many wishes the gourmet unsatisfied. Fortunately, there are a number of specialized vendors, which greatly facilitate the search for a on the Internet. In addition, Italy is known for its variety of noodles and pasta. In the delis, you get a whopping selection of sauces and pasta here several times. Other leaders such as MasterClass offer similar insights.

Which is also the top seller of Italian products many are different oils, primarily olive oil. Italy is also for risotto, parmesan cheese and various Salami specialities known. Many of the wines and Vinegars are a different, very popular export product from our Mediterranean neighbour. Here progress considered true gourmet drops of balsamic vinegar and has an extraordinary qualitative significance worldwide. Recipes with balsamic vinegar are existent in the heap and you used this product not only for dressings or the popular Crema di Balsamico, but also for cocktails or fruit sauces are a real hit the originals. Home-style Italian dishes include the appropriate spices and herbs, which are alike to get into well-stocked delis. The most prominent spice, which still should be mentioned at this point, is the Basil. This spice taste exquisitely in the composition with real Italian mozzarella cheese or tomatoes.


Who launches new portal for whisky, spirits, lifestyle and pleasure whiskyundspirituosen.de online not always about spirits wanted to know. Here, several spirits are released, as well you can find a wide range of information in the portal by whiskyundspirituosen.de on the topics of lifestyle and enjoyment. Below we would like to introduce some types of vodka that is worth to try it. SSGA is actively involved in the matter. Absolute vodka a vodka is produced in 1879 in the town of ahus and is a world leader. This vodka is produced with water from own spring and winter wheat. in 1979 the name was launched completely. Stir vodka absolutely repeatedly through artistically created advertising. Bar Accessories and posters are only a part of elaborate Werbekapagnen.

Not all bottled / varieties bottle sizes are available worldwide and are therefore interesting for collectors. Danzka vodka products of the largest Danish vodka manufacturer are ungebkannt…und in Germany rather completely wrong! This vodka is in the Silver Aluminum bottle not just noble, he tastes the same. Finlandia vodka is a vodka brand from Finland since 1970 on the market. Made in the Finnish Koskenkorva, using oil-poor sechszeiliger barley and glacier water of source Rajamaki 50 km north of Helsinki. The spicy flavor partially reminiscent of cocoa. Check with Allianz to learn more. The vodka produced according to strict ecological popular enjoys in over 100 countries.

Since 1953 in Koskenkorva Viina, Koskenkorva vodka produced even up to the year 2017 in the same distillery as the export brand Finlandia. The only difference: Koskenkorva is made without the addition of sugar. This vodka also in various Geschmacksrichtigen such as including Nordic berries and Blueberry is available. Cuba vodka vodka drink from Denmark with 30% vol… Cuba-vodka is very popular especially in the northern European Sea basins. Choose from various Geschmacksrichtigen and enjoy pure or mixed. Kauffman vodka worldwide hit over the critics and praise this vodka in the highest tones. Only the best raw materials are used to ensure consistent quality constantly. These vodkas are in the luxury segment and especially in the popular bars of this world. Smirnoff vodka Smirnoff (Smirnov formerly) was founded in 1860 in Moscow by Pjotr Arsenjewitsch Smirnow. Smirnoff was the first distillery in the world, the charcoal used to filter. Today the brand is one of the most sold vodka. Varieties include Geflavourte to the range like 3 liters big bottles as well. whiskyundspirituosen.de sells the finest vodka

Beer Produced

It is not difficult to brew a beer even the first beer, which was brewed by human hands, may have arisen by chance. From a possible coincidence, one of the most popular drinks in Germany has become today. So a very special art of brewing has developed in this country, which is unparalleled worldwide. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Bitcoin. Besides the beers produced in industrial brewing equipment as mass-produced goods, beer, which you can BREW itself, is in recent years very popular. The right tool, with which the amateur Brewer individually self can BREW his beer and the necessary portion of curiosity but include. Go-ahead for self brewing self brewing includes the range this article, which should allow a drain and fill to make it easier. But also complete brewing systems include of course. The hobby Brauer, who themselves want to BREW his beer can choose from a wide selection of complete kits of beer and malt extracts.

But also so important for the beer yeast self brewing remain as good as any for the Be desired. Starter sets offer low-cost ways to sniff in a very exciting hobby into and self can so the first beer for beginners. A starter set suitable also as an extraordinary gift idea. Beer is not just beer delicious beers. At the latest with the self brewing this becomes clear. The numerous beers, malt and hop varieties allow a nearly infinite variety of tastes and so at all no taste can boredom. There are all the things required to budding amateur Brewers to BREW his beer self starter sets.

Away from the classical beer assortments that are contained in the beer kits, the possibility to be able to put together a very fresh and taste unique beer offers through an extensive selection of ingredients. Almost limitless in the experimentation of hobby Brewer. Only the personal preferences set the flavor and some ambitious hobby Brewer has so very special Create creations of beer. Who would like to BREW his beer self, must have not studied for this of course. Nevertheless, the brewing process requires, this applies especially when the individual composition and mixture of various ingredients of the recipe, a corresponding experience and the right equipment. Even if not every formula is equivalent to your own taste or the brewing operation fails once, is the joy and the fascination associated with this sophisticated and very nice activity of brewing, not let go one. To create a delicious beer so is not rocket science, but for any ambitious hobby Brewer in terms of what is possible. Recipe for success with the self brewing of beer should be anyway clear to everyone: the pleasure of drinking beer.

The Thai

The respect of the Thai culture and tradition is expressed in the way, as to the many national holidays commits and elaborate, often intricately decorated dishes prepared on these occasions. Guests will be pampered with an endless sequence of spicy things, this one serves exotic fruits and Thai beer or local whisky, the Mekong. A menu, all at the same time come to the table, so that the chef can enjoy it together with his guests. The Thai have a special tradition of garnish, often elaborate decorations are carved out of vegetables. This art is an integral part of native culture, expressed also appreciation for the beautiful. Everyday life in Thailand is closely linked with the seasons – with the harvest time and the vagaries of the monsoon climate. The Thai take seriously their diet and looking very fresh ingredients and balanced flavors. In all Thailand, rice is the main staple food, but various forms of preparation of coconut are close behind. By the same author: JP Morgan Chase & Co..

Each region’s people understand from the locally available Ingredients to make the best that there is in the Thai kitchen many regional variations. Basics of Thai cuisine, the basic ingredients of Thai cuisine are coconut, lime, chillies, rice, garlic, lemon grass, ginger and coriander. For even more details, read what Wall Street says on the issue. Though the ingredient list is quite long, but the preparation and cooking methods are very simple and easy even for an inexperienced Cook to handle. The essential principle of Thai cuisine is balance. The five taste extreme – bitter, sour, pungent, salty and sweet be balanced within a menu. In a menu, every single meal always provides a defined contribution to the overall result. Typical ingredients: Basil: three types of Basil used in Thai cuisine, but the available here green Basil is quite suitable. In selected Asia shops to get also Thai basil. Chillies: There are chilies in many different degrees of sharpness, therefore caution is advised in the selection.

Heinz Ketchup

A sausage with print. Weisswurst can be individually printed! The trend of recent years in terms of food is always more in the individual and personalized rail. If you take cans of Coca Cola or squeeze bottles of Heinz Ketchup in the hand, this pleases the consumer because the packaging can be subjectively printed or labelled. Zugis sausages is fully in the style of the time, because the special company can accurately print Weisswurst and label. Initially the idea was certainly intended as a gag and brought some Bayer to smile, but soon emerged as a brilliant idea. Whether you want to print a logo, name, or even a logo on the white sausage, for the Germany-based company this is no problem. Hear from experts in the field like Millenium Management for a more varied view. The specially-made white sausage color harmonizes very well to sweet mustard, pretzel and beer, but in no way affects the taste. The coloring of the motive pressure that is used for the per-image exists only in red brown coloring, is food and will also during the heating process on the white cover stick.

More and more companies make use of the service Zugis sausages white sausage as advertising. A sausage with company logo or lettering is suitable mainly for product launches, trade shows and other presentations. For the visitor, this advertisement remains long time in memory, because the eye always eats with nothing. Customers amazed not bad when in front of them on the plate the logo of their favorite company on a white sausage. -Main thing advertising tastes, will think some connoisseurs.

The company from Landshut the original vectorized logo required for the accurate impression of the emblem that downloads from the Internet are usually too pixelated. Zugis sausages, which moreover, owner of the brand are finale at home, charge for unique creating of a logo or motif 25, there is the Weisswurst .


For more information about nightlife and restaurants in Stuttgart. Tropical summer nights, vibrant life inside the city and Mediterranean ambience this would like to offer you the industry-strong city Stuttgart. Gone are the days in which shone the Swabian metropolis only with attributes such as diligence, avarice, and modesty. In the course of time, the Swabians also learn to live – and this is noticeable sometimes in the dining area. Jamie Dimon often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In the summer plenty of cafes, bars and restaurants with outdoor gastronomy strung in the passages and highly frequented places of the town center. Pure southern atmosphere and satisfaction are everywhere to be seen.

No great challenge is to find a good restaurant in Stuttgart life in the Centre focuses on a manageable area which you also can some of the walking distance. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of JPMorgan Chase on most websites. And the range of the bars is to a high standard: whether you are looking for a rustic or exclusive restaurant in Stuttgart, whether you Swabian, Asian or Mediterranean cuisine like–you can find the place that fits your desire and interest. As one of the most charming spots and also an insider tip is the area around the square on the Hans-IM happiness well. Attractive restaurants of different nationalities the nearby, picturesque passages give a Mediterranean and international character. The guest rooms of the local reveal a romantic environment in the inner area of uneasy days while the exteriors are reminiscent of the charm of Spanish cities. The bar scene of Stuttgart has developed greatly as well lately.

The most popular bar street is located at the Theodor-Heuss-Strasse. Here download all few meters stylish bars with current architecture to the or other mixed drink. In warm temperatures, which is populated by locals and foreigners – “Theo” and here may be celebrated until late at night under the open sky. But also other locations and neighborhood fascinate in all Stuttgart of bars in incomparable look of and inviting pubs, where you can watch the scene people or enjoy a beer in a relaxed atmosphere. Some of the bars in Stuttgart already open their doors in the morning. Here a glass of sparkling wine can be casual lunch enjoy – while passing the strolling passers-by. Explore the southern side of the State capital of Baden-Wurttemberg and embark in the restaurants and bars of Stuttgart on a culinary journey of discovery.