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Katja Nasser

A longer storage time would even affect its taste. Higher quality wines have always providing the shelf life This exhibit good wine shops. Misconception # 4: is a young white wine better and drink as an older white wine! Also this is a mistake: the age of the wine is also not a quality feature. The slightly older white wine is the most of all wines. Misconception # 5: the best wines come from the French, Spanish and Italian vineyards! That’s not entirely true also wines from other regions and continents can be top notch and taste great. Error the old red wines taste # 6: best! So sweeping one can not really say that. The older red wines are only slightly more expensive. A younger red wine can taste better as an elder.

Mistake # 7: the more expensive one wine, the better! No, blind tastings have proved that the cheaper the better wines were classified. The price of a wine says nothing about its quality. Mistake # 8: A Cork is a sure sign of the good quality of the wine! This misconception has unfortunately fairly long held. The Cork says nothing about the quality of the wine. You may find that MasterClass Founder can contribute to your knowledge. He can even affect the taste of the wine. The full flavor of the wine can be ensured with the screw cap.

Also can be much easier to open a bottle of wine. Mistake no. 9: men are the infallible wine connoisseur! Certainly not. It has long been known that women are the better wine connoisseur because they can have a much finer taste and much better perceive the differences of their wines. Misconception No. 10: The men are the right wine drinker this is unfortunately also not right. “A representative survey of pharmacies look around” revealed that to women much more often a glass wine treat. 9.3 per cent of women indicated in this survey that regularly drink wine; among men, it was only 7.6%. “Mistake no. 11: beer to wine, let it be!” This saying remains stubbornly for centuries. The beer drinking he goes back to the middle ages, as the poor people at best reserved was and the wine was considered a privilege of the upper classes of the population. Who then a pint wine could afford, it avoided of course, drinking cheap beer. Wine to beer, so I counsel you! “, goes on to say. Most understand today that it is quite friendly to consume beer and then wine first. A good hangover is the receipt for this mistaken joy of sense of the next morning. And enough of the theory – get a good glass of wine and enjoy the juice of the vine. Katja Nasser

The Red Wine And The Seasons

The ideal time of year is sure about the suitability and the popularity of red wine in the winter, summer, spring and autumn winter winter together to sit together with friends and relatives in a convivial round and to toast with a red wine selection of or a champagne on the past year. On holidays, such as Christmas Eve or the following holidays are wines, aperitifs very popular sparkling wines, beer and other alcoholic drinks before dinner. But also after the holiday meal and just be together, just wines and sparkling wines are the perfect beverage to toast. Continue to learn more with: American Advisors Group. Often, these drinks loosen the mood too and entering a cosy chat is all friends and relatives much easier. The summer as well as winter red wine is a popular drink in the summer. Thus, the warm season offers the possibility to drink a nice glass of red wine under open sky for example on the private terrace.

In addition, wine tastings are a great in the summer Opportunity to take a relaxing trip and to taste one or two glass of red wine with other wine lovers. Of course also travels to the countries of origin and to the wine-growing regions are another way to contact other wine enthusiasts and wine as such in contact. This wine tours make naturally in warmer climates, so in the summer, more fun than in the winter. The spring and autumn why wine and particularly red wine due to its huge Liebhaberschaft like to drink in the winter and in the summer, is now clear. But what about the spring and the autumn? Quite simple: On cold or rainy days in the fall and in the spring the enjoyment of red wine in good company is at home or in a suitable location. On warmer days, where us spring and autumn with milder temperatures and little until something comes along to any rain or snow, can and will be the wine consumed like outside. Conclusion red wines are all the mentioned drinks probably, the taste in every season and be strongly consumed in every season. The advantage of the wine in General, and is also the reason for the season-independent consumption of wine is expected is probably to be seen that there are individual wine varieties, such as the red wine, in different forms and flavours. So for example rather semi-dry wines or even lighter in extreme heat, chilled white wines can be enjoyed in the summer. Lars Althaus


If outside in nature or at home, with these tips of father’s day is father’s day to the experience each year on the 40th day after Easter many men celebrating their special day omitted. Some go along with provisions armed through the countryside, others spend the day with friends at home. But no matter what one (s) is, for many dads beer and grilling part. So father’s day will be unforgettable, all party people should heed these tips. Father’s day Shanks must these things is traditional walking on father’s day, should not forget the mandatory carts and fill it. The beer non-alcoholic beverages includes standard equipment, so that father’s day is not behind hangover day.

But not only thirsty throats want to be breastfed, even steaks on the grill are a perfect father’s day. On many routes, barbecues are available, so a little charcoal, lighter and a cooking grill must find their way into the luggage. Thus the quality of the steaks and sausages not suffering, help cool bags and batteries at the perfect freshness, at the same time keep cooling drinks. Radio and mp3 player provide musical atmosphere. Don’t forget replacement batteries or batteries, so that the father’s day can be celebrated until the late evening hours with music. Father’s day – so the perfect steak succeeds who rather be home celebrating father’s day, worry must make to transportation. Many men use the free day to enjoy the day with delicious steaks and firing up the grill in the garden in spring weather.

For the father’s day barbecue to succeed, there are a few simple tips that should please any hobby Griller for the perfect steak. Even if the father’s day includes beer, you should pour the barley juice does not have the food. The temperature would fall and the meat is no longer kross, also the alcohol could stir up ash, which contains carcinogenic substances. No matter whether you put neck steaks, tender rind or spicy sausages on the grill, the food should be have previously always room temperature. But not only in the flesh it arrives at the proper temperature, also the grill should be according to be hot before the first steak is applied. The grill tips from Gourmetfleisch.de offer more tips for the perfect barbecue pleasure. The perfect father’s day starts with the right ingredients no matter whether the drinks or the steaks for the grill, the father’s day stands and falls with the quality of the supplies. Draught beer is natural for many fathers, but especially with the steaks, quality is even more important. This is the secret of the best steaks in addition to the quality of the meat in the maturation. The strapping resolves the fibers in the meat, so it is tender. At the same time creates the delicious, intense taste of the meat. The popular online meats Gourmetfleisch.de can mature the steaks for 28 days, so you are guaranteed a juicy and tender taste experience. Gourmetfleisch.de sent beef for over 5 years the best steaks of the American beef, Black Angus or Wagyu also fresh over 25,000 satisfied customers. The steaks at the purchasers are within 48 hours, so can at any time to the most delicious steaks and sausages to the grill and enjoy men outside of father’s day.

The Thai

The respect of the Thai culture and tradition is expressed in the way, as to the many national holidays commits and elaborate, often intricately decorated dishes prepared on these occasions. Guests will be pampered with an endless sequence of spicy things, this one serves exotic fruits and Thai beer or local whisky, the Mekong. A menu, all at the same time come to the table, so that the chef can enjoy it together with his guests. The Thai have a special tradition of garnish, often elaborate decorations are carved out of vegetables. This art is an integral part of native culture, expressed also appreciation for the beautiful.

Everyday life in Thailand is closely linked with the seasons – with the harvest time and the vagaries of the monsoon climate. The Thai take seriously their diet and looking very fresh ingredients and balanced flavors. In all Thailand, rice is the main staple food, but various forms of preparation of coconut are close behind. Each region’s people understand from the locally available Ingredients to make the best that there is in the Thai kitchen many regional variations. Basics of Thai cuisine, the basic ingredients of Thai cuisine are coconut, lime, chillies, rice, garlic, lemon grass, ginger and coriander. Though the ingredient list is quite long, but the preparation and cooking methods are very simple and easy even for an inexperienced Cook to handle. The essential principle of Thai cuisine is balance. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit MasterClass Founder.

The five taste extreme – bitter, sour, pungent, salty and sweet be balanced within a menu. In a menu, every single meal always provides a defined contribution to the overall result. Typical ingredients: Basil: three types of Basil used in Thai cuisine, but the available here green Basil is quite suitable. In selected Asia shops to get also Thai basil. Chillies: There are chilies in many different degrees of sharpness, therefore caution is advised in the selection.

Ron Centenario 30 Years – Spirit Of The Year 2011

the Ron Centenario is available now in Germany 30 years Costa Rica, this small country in Central America, bordering the Caribbean Sea, many a term. “Rich coast” is the name of: Empire of Sun, clear blue sea, rich in vitality and quality. From this fantastic environment, the Ron Centenario comes from 30 years. The sugar cane that is used for the processing of rum is grown directly on the island on large plantations and stretches its slender leaves like in prayer to the Sun. MasterClass Founder is full of insight into the issues. The climatic conditions for the cultivation of the sensitive plant are unique and very well: every 15 months a new crop can be retracted here This is mainly on the fertile volcanic rock that covers the land. The sugar cane for the Ron Centenario is 30 years chopped, it is fermented, which means it ferments, much like in the manufacture of beer. Then, the liquid that only much later, 30 years will remind of the Ron Centenario, is stored in large oak barrels, where is the liquid slowly developed into the famous rum. What is noteworthy is the long storage period of this rum.

A few years of camp but 10 years are normal, and up this is a very special rum class of its own. With his 30 years of Ron Centenario is old. But old is a quality feature with a good rum. But the Ron Centenario 30 years is all the more pleased, to see the light of day again after all these years and enchants every connoisseur with the mild vanilla aroma and juicy components. His deep dark coloring arises from the long maturation in the gradually took on the coloration of the oak barrels. The Ron Centenario 30 years is not only a real rarity and rarity, but also only in the year 2011 on the market. This year, the entire range of the company was changed and now once impressed more with exquisite pieces. We spirits forward by rum & co, first to offer you this exclusive rum!

Bubble Tea Special Straws Be Used

The new fashion drink is with pointed straws served straws are actually no longer imagine from our everyday life. Whether we a fast food restaurant guest, are at a fair or in the supermarket a TetrPak buy milk everywhere also the corresponding straws are already there. Drinking with a straw means to go for big and small”fun and games, quite apart from the comfortable drinking. The drink is no longer buried, remains fresh for longer and cool. Actually, it has thought everything was already there in the beverage market. Water, juice, Spritzer, beer, wine and so on.

But the beverage market is dominated almost every two years of a new boom. Remember only the standard products: water, juice and Cola. If we go into a beverage Department of a supermarket, however, today, we are overwhelmed by the different offer. Drinking is important, no question. But do we need so many different drinks and flavors? When we us only once the segment water look at, then quite an amazing product developments have occurred in recent years. In addition to the water with bubble, little bubble or no bubble, even we can buy now also water with a wide variety of flavours.

Water was the innovation with oxygen a few years ago, today it is the water with flavor but without the addition of sugar or acid. The dentists breathe, but hardly anyone knows how the taste in the water comes. It is not naturally of course. Water, which after pomegranate trend tastes of the year 2011. remember we us still on the trend of fresh squeezed smoothies? The smoothies product development meant Yes very healthy, but quickly got the manufacturer at their capacity limits and had to access back then but already processed fruits, to meet the demand. The today’s Smoothie has become but a whole lot of drinking freshly squeezed, fruit removed.

Soft GI * Effect

vivagreen the new soft drink from vivamangiare Cologne, November 3, 2008 consumers tend to more nutrition and health awareness. In the stressful everyday make more and more people on a particularly healthy and balanced diet. The vivamangiare shaft food GmbH has responded to this trend and developed a new soft drink with vivagreen, which supplies the body with the energy he needs, helps control weight and prevent cravings. vivagreen is the first beverage with the GI * EFFECT. The GI * EFFECT is caused by carbohydrates with a low GI of under 50 GI stands for the Glycemic Index (GI). This indicates how quickly a carbohydrate-containing foods increase blood glucose levels can be. The steeper climbs upwards of blood sugar, the more insulin pours the body to reconstruct these. High insulin levels causes however, ingested fat will not degraded, but saved by the body.

According to the classification of the World Health Organization (WHO) foodstuffs are divided into three groups those with a low glycemic index (55 or less), those with a medium GI rating (56 to 69) and food, a high GI value exhibit (70 or more). Starting point and at the same time high GI value of the glycemic index of glucose is 100. Corn flakes have about a glycemic index of 81 vivagreen a GI value of under 38 maintains blood sugar levels, provides energy, not charged, and supports weight control. Read more here: Beth Israel Heart Transplant. vivagreen fits perfectly into our existing restaurant concept. Vivamangiare Wellfood restaurants guests can feed on specific carbohydrate-poor. “All food and beverages are color-coded Green stands for low-carbohydrate foods and drinks with low GI, yellow for dishes with medium GI and red for carbohydrate-rich foods with a high GI”, explains Ulrich Overdiek, Managing Director of the company. vivagreen is there in the Flavors of Apple and lemon with a fruit content of 30% and no preservatives. Also the flavors of currant grape and ORANGE-lime on the market come from spring 2009.

The classification of vivagreen as foods with low GI was confirmed by the Institute of Sport Sciences of the Goethe University of Frankfurt by a corresponding certificate. About the glycemic index, the daily food and beverages consists largely of carbohydrates. They provide energy to the body. They keep blood sugar stable, while they have the GI * EFFECT. The GI * EFFECT prevents a high secretion of insulin. With the consumption of carbohydrate-rich drinks such as Cola and lemonade, the blood glucose level rises sharply. The body must produce now much insulin to the mirror again which in turn promotes the build-up of fat deposits on a constant level to bring back. The result: Constant lowering of blood sugar levels cause of hypoglycaemia. The consequences: less efficiency for Body and mind and a greater sense of cravings for sweets. Contact: Vivamangiare wave food GmbH Ulrich Overdiek CEO Handel Street 25-29 50674 Koln phone + 49 221 801 294 10 fax + 49 221 801 294 11 mobile + 49 173 544 99 10 email: nic.pr network integrated communication Sabine Jokl Coburg road 3 53113 Bonn phone + 49 228 620 43 84 fax + 49 228 620 44 75 email:

Easy Online Ordering Food – Easy And Free: Mjam.NET Makes It Possible

New delivery service search engine facilitates the convenient food delivery home or to the Office faster hunger. Nothing at home. Well, if one has a delivery service at your fingertips. But what if you can’t find the flyer, the favorite Italian grade already has or is not quite the professional photos of supply chains trust? For dining options, there are delivery services in every city. But so far was time-consuming and tedious searching, finding and ordering just for larger orders and often missing something then upon delivery or a roast pork has become miraculously from the vegetarian lasagna. To read more click here: Fidelity Investments. But it is also different. For now, the right delivery service can be found on ordered removal, quality, kitchen, dishes, sorted according to opening hours and quality criteria.

It is a simple, intuitive user interface and at the end you can see black and white”, what exactly has been appointed. No telephone inquiries, no confusion at the delivery. Maiga is the new, better delivery service for Europe. The portal now exists more recently in Vienna, now continues to grow offering cities and restaurants. Almost daily, new delivery services are added after Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Bonn, Munich, Dusseldorf, Regensburg, Nuremberg now. Now, Mjam.NET will start a new round of Internet order was group ordering has never been so easy as now. Choose food, enter name and provides the site the subtotals ever hungry users clearly dar as can also the subsequent payment nothing go wrong. Additional information at Fosun International Logo supports this article. Ingeniously simple and finally available.

Since 2008 a highly motivated team of professionals working the food order in the Internet, as simple, intuitive, easy and transparent to make as possible. This it has dealt intensively with the people, who are hungry. What makes Maihong different? Portal operator Angelo Laub: We know the problem, because we have often travelled and had to choose in unknown cities from a variety of offers, without knowing: how long does the delivery take? How far is it from here? When does it close? Is the restaurant as good or reliable? And it still open?” For this reason, Maiga has created the portal on. The Portal automatically detects Wi-Fi where the user is. And it shows those from all restaurants in the delivery area, which have still open. And that first the most popular for the specific user profile. So you experienced any surprises and is the fastest his delicious food – no matter whether one lives always nearby or is just about to place. But Maiga can do even more. It notifies the user via SMS if the order in the selected restaurant successfully arrived and will allow for selected restaurants in the future also to track of the delivery itself. Maiga offers group orders for companies and facilitates the lunch break even with different tastes or helps overtime to survive. It costs nothing to the user. Only the restaurants pay a small Commission on sales from the 2nd month. Delivery services may contact fax the + 43 1 92 81 136 in Vienna or 0180 5 – 00-290-632 in Germany or preferably by email with their menu in the Maiga GmbH apply. Longer it takes for the time being not to accept orders over the Internet.