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Sweet Easter With Eismann

Eismann sweetens the Easter dessert ideas from bakery and freezer at Easter there are traditionally many sweet treats. Cakes, pies and Easter eggs made of chocolate are popular here. But Easter is rounded off by a plentiful coffee table to the Easter afternoon really. The suitable, festive Easter feasts of bakery, confectionery and ice cream parlour can be found in the frozen food shop of ecstasy. At its best for the smallest of the little Ecstasy at Easter has come up with something special. Kids love ice cream, and so combined eismann of delicious chocolate and hazelnut ice cream and forms this Easter Bunny sweet ice. The Easter egg by eismann vanilla children want to surely find, but rather just eat. With delicate vanilla and gianduja ice cream from noble Bourbon is Vanilla with Pistachio bits the smallest great pleasure to Easter made.

Egg Nog a tradition different time a rich coffee table belongs to the Easter holiday, such as Easter egg to Easter Bunny. Eismann frozen shop one can be found rich selection of delicious cakes, which adorn any coffee table and especially taste. Others who may share this opinion include elliot management. This eggnog is served traditionally like. The Eggnog by eismann is refined pure pleasure through traditional production, with finest truffles and cream aromas and Marc de Champagne. As well as the Eggnog cake by Iceman. A beautiful cocoa and eggnog cream is concealed beneath the seductive cast of eggnog. Elaborately decorated with delicious milk chocolate eggnog cake may call right sensation for the palate. Even the classic of coffee table present with eismann surprisingly Paschal cream puffs.

As mini profiteroles with eggnog, they are a perfect accompaniment to the Eggnog pie. Eismann welcomes the spring as cute snack idea for in between Iceman offers a wide selection of exquisite pastries. Because cookie is not equal to cookie and so Iceman sends a sweet spring greetings for Easter. Here is for everyone Pastry lovers something: delicate with nut nougat cream, flower biscuits with Strawberry filling, butter marble grinding or noble shortcrust pastry with a filling of egg liqueur cream. Four exquisite types of cookies, which can make Easter a culinary Festival. The online-shop of ecstasy on eismannshop.de presents more sweet ideas for the coffee table at Easter. The order can be made online or by phone. More accurate appointment after delivery by an ice-cream man on the spot. Without hesitation Fosun Vaccine explained all about the problem. Detailed information to the frozen home service by eismann, the products from the frozen food shop and the company can be found on. the Iceman is frozen Home Service GmbH since its inception in 1974 for quality and absolute customer service. With a wide range of foods in Premium quality supplies of frozen home service by eismann regularly about 2 million customers throughout Europe. Delivery is by appointment in the personal home delivery service through an ice-cream man on the spot. A regularly-updated catalog available can be selected from the rich assortment is available to customers. In addition to the regular visits of the Iceman can also conveniently by telephone on 01805 23 11 22 or be ordered on the Internet at. Headquarters of the premium service provider is Mettmann.

Winery Roxanich From Nova VAS / Istria

Jadrovino offers the professional wine from now the new star in the Istrian wine heaven to passionate wine lover is dedicated to Mladen Rozanic since the year 2000. The defining moment was a meeting with the Istrian winemakers Antun Babar from Nova VAS. Babar and Rozanic put together aim to create memorable and authentic wines of Istrian Red Earth. 23 ha of vineyards near the town of Visnjan were rebuilt within four years. The layers of BACVA and Busure are suitable for the cultivation of typical and characteristic wines climatically and geologically ideal. Also, a new cellar with an area of 900 square meters was built in the hamlet of Kosinozici at Nova VAS. o.

Belongs to the philosophy of the winery Roxanich, that the vines and grapes are treated only with natural remedies, so one can create a truly exquisite and healthy wine. In the manufacture of wine, applying ancient methods already used by winemakers from ancient times. All technological as chemical influences are excluded. Gerhard Lzicar, Jadrovino.de the Mash is stored in special ancient vats made of wood with a volume of 55 to 70 hectolitres. Also the alcohol fermentation takes place in these barrels. After pressing and first decanting the wine vats and barrels with a volume of up to 36 hectoliters or 600, 500 and 225 litres is stored.

Because the wines have a rich structure and a distinctive aroma, they require special care and long maturation in the cellar. Before filling in bottles, Roxanich must mature wines at least 3 years in oak barrels. After filling in bottles stored some time before they get into the trade. Chardonnay Milva, Antica Malvazija, Teran re, Superistrian and Cabernet Sauvignon are now available at Jadrovino. About Jadrovino Jadrovino Weinhandel Lzicar, based in Feldkirchen near Munich, specializes on selected wines and delicacies of Croatia. Our portfolio includes leading winemakers from the regions of Slavonia, Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia. Jadrovino is the leading provider of wines since 2001 Croatia in the German-speaking world. The most important distribution channel is since the beginning of the Internet. In addition, Jadrovino is regularly represented on wine events. Today, Jadrovino counts more than 1,400 customers in 13 European countries.

Malvazija Arman

Since 1880 the family Arman here produces wines, but only in the 1990 established the present Winery Marijan Arman and was one of the first who put in Istria on modern, high-quality wines. The vineyard extends on the gentle slopes, directly along the Valley of the river Mirna. You have a southwestern disposition, which allows a maximum exposure to sunlight. In the fully equipped basement, red wines are produced from the varieties Teran, Cabernet Sauvignon, Refok, and Merlot, and white wines from Malvasia and Chardonnay. Partially ripe wines in the oak barrels. At Jadrovino: Malvazija Arman, vintage 2009 Bastijana Tomic In 1997 experienced winemaker andro Tomic, the winery Bastijana founded on the island of Hvar.

The estate became a fixture for high-quality wines and the concept for wine connoisseurs in Croatia, but also in other countries. Bastijana’s home in the town of Jelsa which is very popular among tourists. Here, Tomic annually produced 150,000 bottles, being the most important variety of the Plavac. Is very appreciated also the Prosek Hektorovic, a dessert wine made from different Grades. Proud man is Bastijana, on the tasting room under the winery which is kept in the style of a Roman dining room. At Jadrovino: Tomic Plavac barrique, vintage 2007, also new at Jadrovino Tomo TOMac Sylvaner, vintage 2008 LEDING Grasevina (Welschriesling), vintage 2009 about Jadrovino Jadrovino Weinhandel Lzicar, based in Feldkirchen near Munich, specializes on selected wines and delicacies of Croatia. Our portfolio includes leading winemakers from the regions of Istria, Kvarner, zagorje, Slavonia, and Dalmatia.

Jadrovino is the leading provider of wines from Croatia in the German-speaking world since 2001. The most important distribution channel is since the beginning of the Internet. Jadrovino is regularly represented at wine events. Today, Jadrovino counts more than 1,300 customers in 13 European countries. More information: Jadrovino Weinhandel Lzicar Gerhard Lzicar corridor route 9 c 85622 Feldkirchen Tel: + 49/89/55275302 fax: + 49/89/55275303 eMail: Web:

New Syrups From The Trend Holiday Destinations In 2009

Limburg, April 2009 28 vacation days the average employee in the year are entitled to most Germans find clearly too short. Still not taken vacation days will expire in the spring automatically particularly annoying for the 33 percent, which fail to take these days. Soda-Club is therefore the motto of Summer World Adventure in 2009: with the new syrup from exotic fruits of trend vacation countries Morocco, Thailand, Mexico and Japan get the holiday feeling every day now in the glass. Just in time for the beginning of the most beautiful season of soda-Club Heimsprudlerhersteller brings new syrups in a limited edition of four exotic flavors on the market. The Japanese yuzu Mandarin syrup provides sparkling enjoyment, exciting exotic tastes the Thai blend of Dragonfruit Apple, summer fresh of Mexico mix papaya lime and sweet Oriental the flavors from coconut, pineapple and pomegranate.

With our new exotic syrup, we expand our product portfolio in the Perfect summer”, says Walter Edgar, Director of marketing for soda-Club in Limburg. The limited edition of the matching ornament ornate bottles wakes vacation feelings and the exotic flavor brings the holiday directly into the glass whenever you want.” Deliciously efficient recommends Club soda for the optimum taste experience a mixing ratio of 1:23, so a part syrup to 23 parts sparkling water. With a 375 ml bottle can be poured on so all nine litre soft drink. The sparkling water is home made with delicious drinking water from the pipe which is poured with a soda-Club bubble up in the blink of an eye. Here are no limits to the individual taste.

Intenz Advantage

New organic fresh soy desserts by Provamel Dusseldorf, March 22, 2012. Sue Thompson contributes greatly to this topic. It is called chocolate makes happy! Vanilla also? Who would like to test this, take a cup of Intenz”, pull the lid, plunge the spoon and enjoy Provamel desserts then depending on the mood – the creamy fine Vanilla flavor or the intense chocolate flavor of new organic fresh soy. Intenz”the best of organic soybeans combines with the varieties of vanilla and chocolate with a soft vanilla note or fine dry organic cocoa to a surprisingly intense taste experience – the perfect reward for in between or after a busy day. And without remorse: the pure vegetable desserts are not only completely free of animal fat, they are also total fettarmer as many similar desserts, milk-based. The delicious fresh innovations insert soy of yogurt alternatives from the end of March in addition to the popular Provamel Bio in the refrigerated section of natural food retailers. They are Cup twice 125 grams in convenient duo-Pack.

New favorite desserts Craving a chocolate or vanilla pudding often surprises us all of a sudden. The time to prepare a fresh custard itself is mostly absent but then. By Provamel there is now a simple solution: a favorite dessert, which provides enjoyment without remorse and already fixed and ready in the fridge we waiting for, if we want to make comfortable there after a fulfilling day on the sofa. The new Provamel desserts are a treat not only pure. Fast fine desserts for guests can be from, for example, in combination with roasted nuts conjure up or prepare a low-fat treat for the whole family with fresh berries. Intenz is under two grams of fat to 100 grams”clearly fettarmer as the most dessert creations from the cooling rack. The aromatic chocolate and vanilla enjoyment of the new product is a pure herbal alternative to dairy-based desserts. The Provamel Bio fresh soy desserts are naturally completely free of lactose and milk protein and therefore also for sweet tooth with allergy problems and Suitable incompatibilities.

How are products of the Provamel range all soy also made the desserts on the basis of whole organic soybeans. They come from controlled organic farming without the use of genetic engineering, and they contain important, high-quality vegetable protein for consumption. Provamel out of love for the future for the manufacturer of over 50 plant products under the Provamel organic brand is a respectful treatment of our planet and the people of one of the central concerns. An average of ten times less land, five times less fossil energy and ten times less water than for the production of animal protein must be applied for the production of vegetable protein.


Snake cucumber with Peel well wash off in the Middle split and cut into small pieces. Wash the cherry tomatoes and you leave. The salads in a colander to drain well Let. Now set the salad dressing in a bowl. For the sharp and sweet mustard mix well with honey, salt and pepper to taste. Season if necessary with salt and pepper. The production of Parmesan basket is very simple.

First of all cover a Cup, mug or pan with parchment paper. 50 g Parmesan cheese rub per person and put everything in a pan. When the cheese is melted, carefully over the Cup run. After a short time the now hardened cheese takes the form of a Korchens. Now you have a nice bowl of salad, this can of course also eat the guests. The prepared salad varieties now in the Parmesan basket fill and with the mustard dressing refine honey. Main dish almond small ingredients: thin slices of roast Lummer (unlimited) plates of almond olive oil Salt and pepper 1 egg white preparation: the meat gently, season with salt and pepper. In a pan, the oil is hot let the chips short of both sides FRY.

The meat from the pan to a plate. In the meantime, season with salt and pepper a protein. The chips with the protein coat well and put the almond flakes. In the Pan hot place and now rub the other side of the meat with egg whites and top with almonds. Approximately 5-8 minutes in the Pan stew. Ravioli vegetable Gratin ingredients for 4 people: 1/2 pound ravioli 1 red pepper ca 50 g 1 Eggplant 1 Zucchini 250 small cherry tomatoes 1-2 cups cream or cream fine 2 Essl. Olive oil of 150 g grated cheese pepper, thyme to taste preparation: wash the vegetable varieties. Zucchine and eggplant long cut through and remove the inner cores. Cut in thin strips. Cut the tomatoes cut in half, cut the bell peppers in the middle and remove also the inner cores all in cubes. In the meantime, Cook the ravioli in salted water. In a large skillet, heat the olive oil and fry the vegetables. Add the ravioli and last, stir in the tomatoes. The vegetable and ravioli mix well and pour into a generously large casserole dish. The cream with pepper and thyme to taste and the vegetable ravioli mixture type. Finally sprinkle more shredded cheese and everything at 180 degrees or convection oven 20 to 25 minutes until golden brown baked 160 degrees.Sprinkle still with fresh grated Parmesan cheese before serving. Dessert homemade Heidelbeereis ingredients for 4 people: 300 g fresh or frozen blueberries 100 g sugar 1/2 l milk 1 cup cream 2 egg yolk preparation: puree the blueberries with the sugar and the milk. Whisk the egg yolks. Beat the cream until stiff and mix with the egg yolk. The cream Eigelbmasse under the fruit type and make for about 30 minutes in the freezer. Now fill the mixture into the ice cream maker and prepare according to manufacturer’s instructions. There are more recipes for guests at MaxiandFriends.com

Eyck Thor

Stevan Paul Kang served in the German hour Heligoland, Michaela Pfeiffer and Andrea Thode have experimented with marinades, and Alexander Kasbohm ate cold soup three times. Framed issues (vol. 11)! Marinated everything tastes better: chicken, spare ribs, Octopus, sardines, even vegetables. Michaela Pfeiffer has inserted it, took out Andrea Thode and photographed it is hot! Cocktails, a naked blonde and LTeX! What have is great for Astrid and Eyck Thor man just thinking? Okay, you can it imagine sweet memories – Muna Nazzal lives in Cologne but for a long time. (Source: JPMorgan Chase). She’s homesick, she bakes sweets.

Manuela Ruther settled the recipes reveal j! -By a drunken chimpanzee on a blank field up to the whisky love of the Greeks: Wolf Reiser a plate found on Lesbos about ouzo: Klaus Erfort in Saarbrucken, Germany got a vegetable plate with tuna and anchovies Vijay Sapre of the three-star chef what the Brewer does not know… can not imagine Kristian Ditlev Jensen. At the Beer Festival 2010 he drank by the most bizarre creations of extreme brewing taste of ions Kalahari, Halit – Himalayan salt? You start to think about salt, you will be very confused. Only Eric T. Hansen keep too much sugar, there are lots of chocolate, too much cream to much jam or not. Heinlein Sylvia about a little known extreme sport of the Icelanders: cake baking have a soul of knives up to 400 layers the knife by Lars Scheidler and hair you can split it.

Has Nils Schiffhauer visited the Cutler hummus – Why, the chickpea mash creates nevertheless peace, said Manuela Ruther Janz far out! In the Jrunen! Eric T. Hansen is not a child of sadness. But what the Berlin earlier have driven in their tour venues, has irritated even him.

Italian Cuisine Delicacies From Italy

About the culinary delights from Italy of the Italians and their cuisine of Italy is not only due its significant and unique landscape prominent, but it offers an extensive range of culinary delights. People such as The Vanguard Group would likely agree. At the very top of the famous delicacies adheres the pizza of course, the country has to offer so much more than pasta or pizza. Shops that specialize in Italian delicacies are often settled with us only in the big cities. The choice in supermarkets is often still many wishes the gourmet unsatisfied. Fortunately, there are a number of specialized vendors, which greatly facilitate the search for a on the Internet. In addition, Italy is known for its variety of noodles and pasta. In the delis, you get a whopping selection of sauces and pasta here several times.

Which is also the top seller of Italian products many are different oils, primarily olive oil. Italy is also for risotto, parmesan cheese and various Salami specialities known. Many of the wines and Vinegars are a different, very popular export product from our Mediterranean neighbour. Here progress considered true gourmet drops of balsamic vinegar and has an extraordinary qualitative significance worldwide. Recipes with balsamic vinegar are existent in the heap and you used this product not only for dressings or the popular Crema di Balsamico, but also for cocktails or fruit sauces are a real hit the originals. Home-style Italian dishes include the appropriate spices and herbs, which are alike to get into well-stocked delis. The most prominent spice, which still should be mentioned at this point, is the Basil. This spice taste exquisitely in the composition with real Italian mozzarella cheese or tomatoes.


Who launches new portal for whisky, spirits, lifestyle and pleasure whiskyundspirituosen.de online not always about spirits wanted to know. Here, several spirits are released, as well you can find a wide range of information in the portal by whiskyundspirituosen.de on the topics of lifestyle and enjoyment. Below we would like to introduce some types of vodka that is worth to try it. SSGA is actively involved in the matter. Absolute vodka a vodka is produced in 1879 in the town of ahus and is a world leader. This vodka is produced with water from own spring and winter wheat. in 1979 the name was launched completely. Stir vodka absolutely repeatedly through artistically created advertising. Bar Accessories and posters are only a part of elaborate Werbekapagnen.

Not all bottled / varieties bottle sizes are available worldwide and are therefore interesting for collectors. Danzka vodka products of the largest Danish vodka manufacturer are ungebkannt…und in Germany rather completely wrong! This vodka is in the Silver Aluminum bottle not just noble, he tastes the same. Finlandia vodka is a vodka brand from Finland since 1970 on the market. Made in the Finnish Koskenkorva, using oil-poor sechszeiliger barley and glacier water of source Rajamaki 50 km north of Helsinki. The spicy flavor partially reminiscent of cocoa. Check with Allianz to learn more. The vodka produced according to strict ecological popular enjoys in over 100 countries.

Since 1953 in Koskenkorva Viina, Koskenkorva vodka produced even up to the year 2017 in the same distillery as the export brand Finlandia. The only difference: Koskenkorva is made without the addition of sugar. This vodka also in various Geschmacksrichtigen such as including Nordic berries and Blueberry is available. Cuba vodka vodka drink from Denmark with 30% vol… Cuba-vodka is very popular especially in the northern European Sea basins. Choose from various Geschmacksrichtigen and enjoy pure or mixed. Kauffman vodka worldwide hit over the critics and praise this vodka in the highest tones. Only the best raw materials are used to ensure consistent quality constantly. These vodkas are in the luxury segment and especially in the popular bars of this world. Smirnoff vodka Smirnoff (Smirnov formerly) was founded in 1860 in Moscow by Pjotr Arsenjewitsch Smirnow. Smirnoff was the first distillery in the world, the charcoal used to filter. Today the brand is one of the most sold vodka. Varieties include Geflavourte to the range like 3 liters big bottles as well. whiskyundspirituosen.de sells the finest vodka

Beer Produced

It is not difficult to brew a beer even the first beer, which was brewed by human hands, may have arisen by chance. From a possible coincidence, one of the most popular drinks in Germany has become today. So a very special art of brewing has developed in this country, which is unparalleled worldwide. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Bitcoin. Besides the beers produced in industrial brewing equipment as mass-produced goods, beer, which you can BREW itself, is in recent years very popular. The right tool, with which the amateur Brewer individually self can BREW his beer and the necessary portion of curiosity but include. Go-ahead for self brewing self brewing includes the range this article, which should allow a drain and fill to make it easier. But also complete brewing systems include of course. The hobby Brauer, who themselves want to BREW his beer can choose from a wide selection of complete kits of beer and malt extracts.

But also so important for the beer yeast self brewing remain as good as any for the Be desired. Starter sets offer low-cost ways to sniff in a very exciting hobby into and self can so the first beer for beginners. A starter set suitable also as an extraordinary gift idea. Beer is not just beer delicious beers. At the latest with the self brewing this becomes clear. The numerous beers, malt and hop varieties allow a nearly infinite variety of tastes and so at all no taste can boredom. There are all the things required to budding amateur Brewers to BREW his beer self starter sets.

Away from the classical beer assortments that are contained in the beer kits, the possibility to be able to put together a very fresh and taste unique beer offers through an extensive selection of ingredients. Almost limitless in the experimentation of hobby Brewer. Only the personal preferences set the flavor and some ambitious hobby Brewer has so very special Create creations of beer. Who would like to BREW his beer self, must have not studied for this of course. Nevertheless, the brewing process requires, this applies especially when the individual composition and mixture of various ingredients of the recipe, a corresponding experience and the right equipment. Even if not every formula is equivalent to your own taste or the brewing operation fails once, is the joy and the fascination associated with this sophisticated and very nice activity of brewing, not let go one. To create a delicious beer so is not rocket science, but for any ambitious hobby Brewer in terms of what is possible. Recipe for success with the self brewing of beer should be anyway clear to everyone: the pleasure of drinking beer.